Monday, August 25, 2008


Hey Everyone,
What's good? How was your weekend? Hope u had fun.
Meanwhile, Big Brother Africa 3 has started!!!!!
The kickoff was held yesterday in Jozi.
Naeto C and Ikechukwu performed 'Kini Big Deal' and 'Wind Am Well'.
Even though they were both obviously lip-synching, they did well! I was feeling the swag more than the performances. The hoodies and scarves - Jozi Style!
Anyway, check out the profiles of all the housemates...

I still have a big question mark as per the Nigerian rep. Sorry but off the bat, dont think he will win...Hope I am proven wrong tho but as per first impressions...hmmmm

BTW, the Angolan guy (Ricco) and Latoya (TZ) have already had a mini hookup! within 12 hours of being in the house!

Name: Uti Nwachukwu
Age: 25
City of Residence: Lagos
Student and model Uti, who appeared in a multi-national billboard ad in 2007, holds a 2-year diploma in Computer Science and Education from the University of Nigeria.

He previously applied to be on Big Brother Africa but was delayed to the audition because of an exam. The one-time bank employee appeared on the Nigerian reality series Next Movie Star, which he finished as the runner-up, before being selected for Big Brother Africa 3.

Listing his mom and dad as his heroes, Uti says the best advice he's received from a friend was, 'happiness is a state of mind and it usually begins with a choice.' A fan of Chelsea Football Club, he dislikes, 'people going through my stuff, liars, manual labour and arrogant people.'

His favourite quote ('those who dare to fail miserably are the ones who often succeed greatly') echoes his belief in life and he says people describe him as a 'cocktail of personalities.' Outgoing and talkative, Uti confesses that he has mood swings sometimes.

Describing Nigerians as happy, confident, smart and fun to be with, Uti says Ofunneka was his favourite housemate on Big Brother Africa 2, not just because she was Nigerian, but because she was smart and 'held her own in the house'.

Asked why audiences should watch him on Big Brother, Uti says, 'I think I'm an entertaining person so I think the audience will relate to me on a number of issues.' His message to viewers is to 'please let the best man or woman win.' If he wins Big Brother Africa, Uti says he'll do his part to help the disadvantaged and then he'd invest.

Name: Sheila Patricia Kwamboka
Age: 23
City of Residence: Nairobi
Twenty-three year old Sheila from Kenya is a former television reporter who's currently pursuing a degree in international relations. Outspoken and an extrovert, she describes herself as a 'people person' and is proud of the fact that she accepts her faults.

When asked, she reveals her bad habit is that she sometimes makes jokes at other people's expense.

Asked about the best advice she's ever been given and Sheila reveals that her teachers at school always told her 'you have potential.' If she won USD 100 000, Sheila would spend it on buying her parents a home and starting a marketing firm.


Name: Tawana Lebani
Age: 31
City of Residence: Gaborone
Tawana Lebani holds a BSc Honors degree, is a qualified microbiologist from the University of Port Elizabeth in South Africa and currently manages her own goat farm.

She entered Big Brother Africa for the experience because she finds it "an opportunity to learn something new." Tawana encourages audiences to watch her on the show because she never plans everything, 'so everything will be a surprise.

Asked for her motto she says that 'if you do something, be prepared to lay claim to it.' And asked what she would teach the world if given the chance and the 31-year old says it would be forgiveness.

Saying that she deals with stress by cleaning, Tawana's message to viewers is to 'watch and listen with an open mind and don't judge too much.' The Formula One fan says that the best advice she ever got was from her sister who said, 'Stop selling yourself short and being afraid of taking chances.'

Revealing a bad habit, Tawana says that she sometimes speaks before she thinks.

Name: Ricardo David Ferreira Venancio
Age: 21
City of Residence: Luanda
Energetic Ricco Venancio has lived in four countries, on two continents and is always on the go! Born in Angola, he moved with his family to Lisbon in Portugal where he spent 15 years before heading to Manchester in the UK for two years.

After that he headed to Johannesburg for a year before returning to Angola last year where he is currently living and working as a bank employee. Passionate about his family, Ricco says that they are his heroes and that if he wins Big Brother Africa, his prize money would go to his mom's project.

The Angolan believes that 'what goes around comes around' and that people have got to 'fight for their dreams.'

Asked how he relaxes, Ricco says, 'I was born relaxed!' But he does confess that he's a bit disorganized and can be lazy.

Name: Munyaradzi Chidzonga
Age: 22
City of Residence: Harare
22-year-old acting school graduate Munya is passionate about acting, film, television and the creative process. Determined and focused, this ambitious Zimbabwean wants to act and produce a short film soon and launch a production company.

Munya believes he was chosen to participate on Big Brother Africa because he has charm, enthusiasm, confidence and is likeable. He says that his special talent is his ability to read people though he admits to sometimes over analyzing situations and being tactless and moody. He also reveals that he's an attention seeker and his message to Big Brother audiences is to 'sit back and enjoy the ride'.

Citing his father as his hero for being 'the epitome of a gentleman', Munya believes in the Voltaire quote, 'There is no problem that can withstand the assault of sustained thought.'

Name: Takondwa Nkonjera
Age: 25
City of Residence: Lusaka
A rapper, Ndola born TK says that he's always been real and he always will be. The 25-year-old says that the achievement that he's most proud of is his first album because he did it against all the odds.

Describing himself as charismatic, he says that sometimes he can be insulting. He also says that it doesn't matter what you tell people to do because they only do what they want to do.

Asked about his most embarrassing moment and the Zambian says it was when he was booed off stage in high school.

If he wins Big Brother, TK plans to use the money to release a new album, set up a studio, open a school with his mother and have a party!


Name: Thamsanqa Prusent
City of Residence: Johannesburg
An entrepreneur by profession, Thami is currently studying a degree in economics and learning Mandarin Chinese at the University of South Africa.

An ardent rugby fan and player, he also holds a certificate in Rugby Theory and Practice and attended the South African Institute of Rugby at Rand Afrikaans University before moving on to the University of Pretoria.

Aspiring to become a millionaire this year, the 26-year-old says that if he wins Big Brother Africa, he'll spend the money on a trip to Asia, South America and visiting African destinations.

Recognizing his bad habits, Thami says that he is opinionated and 'hardly ever wrong' and says his special talent is 'pretending to listen.'

Name: Morris Herbert Mugisha
Age: 29
City of Residence: Kampala
A photographer and model, Morris holds a Bachelor of Arts degree as well as diplomas in Performing Arts and Media Studies.

A father of one (a daughter), Morris is straight-forward about his dislikes of racism, war mongering, hypocrisy and failure. Most proud of the fact that he obtained a scholarship to finish his studies, the 29-year-old is aiming to pursue a Masters Degree soon.

Morris says audiences should tune in to watch him on Big Brother because he's team orientated and he plans to use the series to 'elevate myself more in terms of my profession to tap into the international market.'

Name: Wilhelmina Abu-Andani
Age: 27
City of Residence: Accra
A personal assistant to the CEO of an engineering firm, Ghana's Mimi is an extrovert who is not afraid to speak her mind and dislikes opportunists and hypocrites. She describes herself as a bit complicated and says that entering Big Brother has already changed her life.

Asked about her strategy, she says, 'My strategy in the house will be very complicated because I'm going to be partly myself and partly not, so you can't really tell you know. Just watch out!'

She says if she could teach the world one thing, it would be, to 'mind their own business and stick to their lanes (no crossing).'


Name: Latoya Lyakurwa
Age: 21
City of Residence: Arusha
21-year-old secretary Latoya from Tanzania describes herself as an extrovert because she likes people and loves to have fun. She says that she thinks she was chosen for Big Brother Africa because she has what it takes and says that she is the 'right ingredient to spice up the house.'

The bubbly Latoya loves to shop, and enjoys dancing.

Asked about her favourite memory, Latoya says that it was time spent with her first love. Close to her family, she says that if she wins USD 100 000 she'll use it on them.


Name: Lucille Naobes
Age: 21
City of Residence: Windhoek
Namibia's Lucille Naobes is proudly Namibian and says that Namibians are always ready to help. She entered Big Brother Africa for the experience of it and says that audiences should watch her on the show because she 'will surely make someone laugh or cry.'

A fan of reality TV, Lucille also enjoys the hit television series Ugly Betty. Having studied Travel and Tourism, she'd love to visit Monaco and lists a trip to London as one of the favourite experiences, specifically seeing Big Ben and the London Eye.

Asked for describe her most embarrassing moment, Lucille is open and says, 'Almost everyday I embarrass myself!' She reveals that the best advice she was ever given was by a friend who said that 'hate in your heart will only consume you.' Proud of her achievement of hiking the Fish River Canyon, Lucille says that sometimes she is selfish and "may do anything to get what is mine."

A fan of musicians FreshlyGround and Malaika, Lucille says that her favourite movie is the quirky classic Moulin Rouge which stars one of her favourite actresses Nicole Kidman. Lucille is also an avid reader who says that reading is one way that she relaxes. Her favourite book is the emotional Angela's Ashes.


Name: Hazel Warren
Age: 25
City of Residence: Lilongwe
Personal assistant Hazel Warren holds an advanced Diploma in Travel Tourism and Hospitality and has worked at the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics for the past 4 years.

Enterprising by nature, Hazel also runs a bridal business and entered Big Brother Africa to experience something different and for the possibility of winning the big prize.

She lists her special talent as cooking and says that if there was one thing she could teach the world, it would be patience.
If she won USD 100 000, Hazel says she'll probably spend it on property.

Click here for an article on BB past housemates - HERE
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Are you going to be watching this season? any early faves?

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Nigerian billionaire businessman Aliko Dangote’s daughter Halima tied the knot with Sulaiman Sani Bello this past weekend in Kano, Nigeria.
The young couple reportedly met at university in the UK.
The wedding festivities were spread over several days and was coordinated by Eventful owned by Yewande Zaccheus

All the best to the couple!!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Hey Y'all,
How are you doing? No one ever answers my 'how are you doing' questions..but I'll keep on asking!
My weekend was good actually....hung out with friends, went out and all that.
Its summer and as seems to be a pattern with me, I have some major decisions to make!
I pray it all works out.
Anyway, here is a Rundown.
Here is the cover of the new MADE mag featuring Raz Adoti, Modupe Ozolua, Munachi Abii etc.. Check on it
The new Genevieve Mag featuring Ndidi Edozien on the cover.
Please vote for your fav Nigerian artistes for the Channel O Awards.
You can vote online on / or via text as below

Ikechukwu.....Wind am well
(SMS vote, send 1A to +27839208400)

(SMS vote, send 2E to +27839208400)

IGHO......9ja Boyz
(SMS vote, send 3A to +27839208400)

P Square .....Do Me
(SMS vote, send 4B to +27839208400)

Baba Dee.....Blaze
(SMS vote, send 6D to +27839208400)

Tu Face....True Love
(SMS vote, send 8D to +27839208400)

Ikechukwu.....Wind am well
(SMS vote, send 11B to +27839208400)

Faze....Loving you everyday
(SMS vote, send 11C to +27839208400)

D'Banj....Move your body
(SMS vote, send 11D to +27839208400)

M Trill...Bounce

Naeto C.....U Know my P
(SMS vote, send 9B to +27839208400)

KC Presh......Sengemenge
(SMS vote, send 9A to +27839208400)

Ikechukwu.....Wind am well
(SMS vote, send 13E to +27839208400)

P Square .....Do Me
(SMS vote, send 13B to +27839208400)
Congrats to comedian, Basketmouth!
He held a joint celebration for his baby dedication (for his cute baby, Jason) and his house warming ceremony about a week ago. Family and friends including fellow comedians, actors and actresses were present at the event in Lekki where he dedicated his 2 new houses. Its so nice to see it paying off for someone who pursued their passion.

Congrats to the winners and nominees of the City People Fashion & Style Awards held at the Muson Centre in Lagos Recently.
City People Fashion & Style Awards

Fashion Designer of the Year

Deola Sagoe
Folake Folarin
Valerie Davids (Kehinde Ejiogu)

Most Creative Designer of the Year
Jewel By Lisa
Ere Dappa
Tailor Made (Bunmi Ayuba)

Hottest New Designer of the Year
Jabez Prayer
MyQ (Yeside Mohammed)

Accessory Designer of the Year
Mona Matthew

Style Editor of the Year
Ruth Osime (ThisDay Style)
Bola Atta (True Love)
Aloba Abiola (Encomium Lifestyle)
Remi Diagbare (Vanguard Allure)

Fashion Writer of the Year
Tope Ojo (Daily Independent)
Funke Babs-Kufeji (ThisDay Style)
Yemisi Abbah (Vanguard Allure)

Most Creative Milliner of the Year
John 3v3
Hat Lounge (Tiwa Benson)

Most Supportive Company of the Year
First Inland Bank
Classic Beverages
Quest TV

Most Outstanding Fashion Boutique of the Year
Ruby & Pink
Soggies Couture

Most Stylish Woman of the Year
Mo Abudu
Ruth Osime
Omowunmi Akinnifesi
Vivian Chiologi
Betty Irabor

Most Outstanding Fashion Boutique of the Year (Accessories & Leather)

Most Outstanding Boutique of the Year (Accessories & Jewelery)
Accessories To Die 4

Makeup Artist of the Year
House of Henri
Bayo Haastrup

Beauty Spa of the Year
La Feminique
MB Hamam
Westpine Med-Spa

Hair Product of the Year
Gentle Touch
Sleek Hair

International Designer of the Year
Ituan Bassey
Emmy Collins
Ade Bakare

Beauty Salon of the Year
Make Me

Accessories Designer of the Year (Jewelery)
Perfect Ideas
Nadji Stones

Most Fashionable First Lady in Nigeria
Yeye Olufunke Daniel
Kemi Akala
Toyin Saraki

Hottest New Makeup Artist of the Year
Oju Oge
Beyond Faces

Lifetime Award
Mrs. Folorunsho Alakija (Rose of Sharon)
It seems like this is the summer of Nigerian Female Rappers - Check out the new vid from DJ Jimmy Jatt featuring Kemistry, Blaise, Sasha, Bouqui. The song is called 'Too Much'


That's it for now!
Much Luv, B

Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Article - Lagos City Made, Lagos City Paid

Instead of our Saturday Interviews, decided to do a Friday article
(I'm sure some of you are relieved to be spared from the achingly inappropriate interviews LOL...Dont be happy for too long, Saturday Interviews will be back :)
This is from the New York Times and is part of their 'Lagos Journal' series. I am not sure why the NYT has a Lagos Journal but its been running for over 20 years!
The article is not without its flaws, it captures only two facets of Nigerian society - the mega rich and the really poor but it articulates something worth talking about...
I love Lagos but its crazy!
Sometimes I feel like we are on an episode of 'Gossip Girl' or something even more perverse. I've met people when they first arrived/moved back to Lagos and then met up with them 2 years later and the differences are usually striking.
In many cases, the American/British accent is now more pronounced (how now?) and the attitude more haughty. I am not knocking anyone, I am an advocate of doing what works for you. I know sometimes, I need to put up a 'wall' to survive this city.
But seriously, Lagos is a character builder, its either you fall and keep trying to keep up with the Joneses or you become a better, more confident, more driven person and strive to make your mark for your own chunk of the pie.

Anyway, article below - share your thoughts.
Lagos Journal

Opulence and Chaos Meet in an African Boomtown


Published: August 12, 2008

LAGOS, Nigeria — The governor’s son sits hunched at the bar, contemplating his nearly empty bottle of Hennessy. On the dance floor, the airline director’s daughter sways back and forth to a hip-hop beat. Nearby, the star soccer player, just in from London, tries to squeeze past his growing circle of fans and hangers-on. In the center of the club, the oil magnate’s son gets on top of a table and takes a swig from a bottle of Dom PĂ©rignon.

Benedicte Kurzen for The New York Times

Inside one of the nightclubs in Lagos, Nigeria.

Benedicte Kurzen for The New York Times

A line of yachts.

Benedicte Kurzen for The New York Times

A soccer player's Ferrari outside a club.

Benedicte Kurzen for The New York Times

One of the boys who tried to sell chewing gum and cigarettes to departing nightclub patrons.


Just another Saturday night in Lagos, one of Africa’s money- and contrast-rich boomtowns. Already a city of superlatives on the continent (it has variously been deemed Africa’s most traffic-plagued, most populous and fastest-growing megacity), Lagos has a new title to add to its mantel: most expensive.

Lagos has always been one of the most powerful commercial hubs in West Africa, ever since slaves were first shipped from here to Europe and the Americas. But because of the rising price of oil, the declining United States dollar, the relocation of foreign workers from the oil-rich but kidnapping-prone Niger Delta, large privatization efforts and a mad dash for the city’s remaining plots of land, Lagos is more flush with cash and full of glitter than ever.

A recent study of the most expensive cities for expatriates by the consulting firm Mercer found that Lagos ranked 30th, making it only slightly less costly than New York but considerably more expensive than Los Angeles, Miami and Washington.

Even European cities like Stockholm and Barcelona, Spain, were found to be more affordable — and in Lagos the high prices are that much more eye-popping because the average Nigerian survives on less than $2 a day.

Evidence of vast amounts of money floating around the “islands” — two small pieces of land poking into the Atlantic that anchor the city’s economic activity and are home to banks, consulates and oil and telecommunications companies — is everywhere. Dinner for two at an average restaurant costs more than $200. A cocktail costs more than $15. A box of cereal costs $12 at a supermarket. Hotel rooms under $400 are difficult to find.

In the aisles of glistening new malls, expatriates and wealthy Nigerians often buy $10,000 watches and $5,000 cellphones. New BMWs, Mercedes-Benzes and Bentleys plod through grinding traffic, bumping over rocks and weaving around potholes.

Multimillion-dollar yachts speed up and down the creek separating the two islands. (The creek was recently determined to be too shallow for the biggest yachts, so a dredging project has been started to deepen the waterway.)

Apartment rents on the islands start at $3,000 a month, but rents of $6,000 to $7,000 a month are common here, and renters are required to pay two or three years of rent in advance.

But high prices do not always mean high quality. The city was built to accommodate fewer than 100,000 residents, but it is now home to an estimated 14 million or more, according to the state government. So no matter what your station in life is, it is impossible to avoid the city’s traffic or its lack of reliable water and electricity. Most homes and businesses on the islands run on diesel-powered generators nearly 24 hours a day, resulting in thousands of dollars in energy bills.

Tayo Emden, 33, a British-educated Ghanaian who has lived in Lagos for five years as a director for a telecommunications company, said the costs were just too high to stay.

“After living in London with colleagues, we thought Lagos would be nice and cushy, but we’re having second thoughts,” Ms. Emden said. “You used to get a lot of bang for your buck, but that’s not the case anymore.”

Several efforts have been made to create economic hubs away from the islands to reduce traffic and lessen the burden, but none have been successful. So at least three million commuters fight their way through hours of traffic to the islands every day. Many leave before 5 a.m. to beat the traffic, and many do not return home until after 10 p.m.

Moreover, most Lagosians do not enjoy the privileges of the city’s new wealth, and perhaps no economic division cuts deeper than housing. On the islands, plots of 645 square feet sell for millions of dollars, and houses built on the plots are subdivided and rented out to wealthy Nigerians or expatriates whose companies do not bargain down.

“Living in Lagos is tough, that’s the bottom line,” said Bola Sobande, the general manager of the popular Palms shopping mall. “But Nigerians are survivors. We survive against all odds. Until something else comes up, we’ll just hang in there.”

More than 70 percent of the city’s residents live in informal housing, crammed into slums with no electricity or water, according to Felix Morka, the executive director of the Social and Economic Rights Action Center, a local economic rights group.

“Only the superrich can compete in this market,” Mr. Morka said. “Most people are looking for a small plot of land where they can build a shack, or to rent space in what are known as ‘I See You, You See Me’ buildings with no facilities at all. That’s what people can afford.

“The oil companies can afford to rent out huge complexes for all their staff,” Mr. Morka said, “so why would a landlord want to rent out to the Nigerian teacher who barely is even assured of a salary at the end of the month?”

Because of widespread corruption, the vast amounts of money coming in rarely trickle down in Nigeria. Still, more and more people stream into the city every day, drawn by the prospect of wealth absent from most of the rest of Nigeria.

“People are moving to Lagos because you can find work, you don’t need to know anybody or have anything,” said Francisco Abosede, the state minister for public planning.

Early on a Sunday morning, as the rich and famous begin to stumble out of clubs and into the hazy light, they are quickly surrounded by dozens of young boys acting as informal parking attendants or hawking chewing gum, mints and phone cards. The boys are paid little mind, but if they are lucky, a small bill may be handed to them from behind the narrow slit of a tinted window of a departing BMW.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Hey Everyone,
How's it going? How is your week so far....Mine has been 'eventful'....its just been one of those weeks when I'm just like 'Jesus Take The Wheel' cause I really cant hack this stress and decisions on my own.
Anyways, its all good. Most of it is sorted now! I am still enjoying my lil break. Feels so good not to be working 24/7!
So its been a long time since we have had Aunty Bella on the blog. Please send any Aunty Bella issues to bellanaija @ For those who dont know, this is our agony aunt column. So if you have any issues, share them anonymously with Bella Naija readers. You will be amazed by the fab advice u will receive. Also if you are interested in submitting a story to BN Prose. Please send to bellanaija @ as well. This is for short stories which are completely fictional or heavily embellished.
For previous Aunty Bella features, click below - HERE


Dear Aunty Bella,

I started dating my boyfriend about 6 months ago.
He is in his early thirties and doing well career wise and financially. I am 31, have a masters degree and a stable job, emotionally mature with a strong sense of self. I'm sure you know where this is heading.
Our relationship has been going very well. We click, get along well, I have met his friends and his younger sisters and all is well.
Now to the issue, I know it is early days (we have only dated for 6 months after all) but my boyfriend has made it clear that he does not see himself getting married for at least the next 5 years. I have asked why and he has just said that he is not ready and that is the minimum time he needs. You know those early relationships questions like how many children do you want to have, when do you see yourself getting married etc...
During that time, he said that he wanted to make his view clear to me so it wouldn't seem like he is misleading me.
He has now turned it into a mantra.
I find that even when we are having general conversations, he repeats it. I will give you an example, we attended a birthday party for one of his friend's young children and as I was cooing over the cute child, he mentioned again that he doesn't see himself becoming a father for a long time.
I am confused as per what to do. I am not desperate to get married ASAP but will like to be in a relationship that is clearly heading in that direction. Women's Lib aside, there is a family history of infertility so the sooner I get married and start trying, the better for me but I am not desperate. I was previously in a very long term relationship (6 years) that did not work out. Long story but I was bold enough to break it off but I am now very weary.
I am wondering that all this about him not wanting to get married in the next couple of years translates into him not wanting to get married to ME!

Everything else in my current relationship is fine except this.

Miss Time

Monday, August 11, 2008


Hi Everyone,
How's it going? How was your weekend? Mine was sooo boring. I barely got up to anything whatsoever! I'm not sure if its 'old age' but I am now certifiably boring but it feels so nice to relax after so many months so working etc... I'm not even complaining :)
So what did you get up to? To be completely honest, I did get up to one thing! I saw the 'Dark Knight' this weekend....woooot! That movie is amazing! If you haven't seen it please run down to the cinema STAT. I cant believe that I have still not seen the Sex & the City movie. I am a major SATC stan so I am quite distraught that I havent seen it. I'll just have to wait for the DVD to be released because I cant ruin my viewing experience with a pirated copy. Its been so hard trying to dodge all the photos and spoilers about the movie from the internet & friends. I hope its worth it!
Anyway, lets start the rundown!

Ex-Model/magazine editor/modelling agency entrepreneur/blogger extraordinaire, Linda Ikeji held her annual 'Style Night' event last week. There was music, fashion, comedy and all that. Congrats to Linda! Keep doing your thing! Check out the pics below

Linda Ikeji & MBGN Model/Runway Coach, Juliet Hagerman
Linda Ikeji & singer, Segun Obe

Actress, Rita Dominic & TV Presenter, Michelle Dede
Singer, Faze

BBA2 runner-up, Ofunneka
Rapper, MI
Singer, Djinee

Comedian, Omobaba (dude is sooo funny!)
Singer, Obiwon
Miss La Casera, Itohan Igbinovia
Maven Hairstylist, Bobby Eke of Bobby's Signature

Media personality, Denrele

High concept fashion!
MTV Africa to host 1st Music Awards (MAMAs) in Nigeria!

On Saturday, November 22, 2008, Abuja, Nigeria will host other African countries and the entertainment world at the maiden edition of MTV Africa Music Awards a.k.a MAMA ’08. The info was relayed to pressmen, industry impresarios and some Nigerian artistes by the Vice President and Managing Director MTV Base, Mr. Alex Okosi on August 6, 2008 at the Transcorp Hilton, Hotel, Abuja.

The choice of Nigeria for MAMA Awards, which is being held in partnership with Zain Network (former Celtel), is inspired by the load of talented artistes sprouting from this part of the world - Jarmoe Silas

- Fab Idea....Hope the event lives up to the hype!


August/Sept True Love - Featuring Cover Girl, Kel. Kel is an up and coming rapper making an impact with her song/video, Waa Wa Alright

***Leila Fowler SALE***
The LeilaFowler Store is going on sale from the 14th of August to the 21st of August.
Items will be from 10% to 40% off!
215B Etim Iyang Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos
01-7410018, 01-8978656
The clothes and accessories at Leila Fowler are so lush...hurry down!

That's it! As always have a blessed week!

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Household of God Church Pastor & Former Presidential Candidate, Reverend Kris Okotie tied the knot today in a traditional ceremony in Lagos. He married Stephanie Henshaw who is also a member of his Household of God ministry.
The wedding took place today, 7th August 2008 at the bride’s family house in Ikoyi, Lagos. The court ceremony will take place tomorrow, 8th August 2008 and the festivities will round off with a thanksgiving service at the Household of God Church on Sunday, 10th August 2008.

All the best to the couple!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Yes, yes...I know I'm late but better late than never sooooo fileee!
As you have probably heard, D'Banj released his eagerly anticipated new album 'The Entertainer' on the 25th and 26th of July 2008.
Both events were held at the Expo Center, Ocean View Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria.
Along with the album release, D'Banj also launched his charitable foundation aptly named 'The Koko Foundation'.
Both events drew large crowds including politicians, actors/actresses, musicians and fans.
Here are photos from the events - Check out D'Banj, Nollywood stars and all the other stylish guests along with my fav fashion picks!

D'Banj with Ex-Gov, Bola Tinubu & current Lagos Gov, Babatunde Fashola
D'Banj's Parents. They must be so proud of him!Freeze, D'Banj & Basketmouth

Bella Naija's Faves

Actress Bimbo Akintola looked stunning in her halter neck floor length black dress. The dress is uber-flattering to Bimbo's voluptuous figure. She pulled off this look perfectly.
I'm feeling this look. The flowy Zara dress, accessorized with the chandelier earrings, nice makeup and hair. I would have paired it with a different coloured clutch but that's just me. She looks fab! This look is very appropriate for the event, not too formal, not too casual, just right. I love the billowy fabric, the vibrant colour and the contrast of the yellow and black.
I really like the conservative yet trendy look. The pink (Not sure if its MyQ or LDA) top paired with the matching headwrap and well-fitted jeans. Actress, Susan Peters rocks the dress really well. How many ladies can wear a tight fitted mini dress in a bright colour and still look glam? Not many. So many points for that. For those who want to brave this look, I would recommend soft makeup and simple accessories.The Stars

Actress, Stella Damasus-AboderinActresses, Uche Jumbo & Rukky Sanda I'm feeling Rukky's dressRapper, Sasha in FCUK Adaeze Igwe, MBGN World 2008
The Guests

That's it!~Feedback? Have u heard the CD? What do u think of the launch?