Friday, March 30, 2007


Model of the Week: Ijeoma Onuosa

My dear bloggers and readers, what’s good?
I was looking around for some material to put on this week’s edition of Weekend Luv and what did I find? Basically, nada! What’s going on? Anyways, I hope that next week isn’t the same…..I promise that everything I blog next week will be hot and exclusive….I have already started putting all the posts together!
So how was your week? Mine was just alright really.
Anyways, here is Weekend Luv – The Mini Edition

The Blog
Bobby’s Blog
My darling, Bobby has got a hot blog…U know this blog will have u laughing out loud then thinking about some of the issues discussed. It’s a fun blog, an all around great read!

Spectrum Women
I luuuuuuuuuuv this blog! World fashion, beauties, projects…
Very eclectic, uber fab!

The Clicks
Biodun is baccck with some pics too – HERE
Mimi Mag’s Blog has some exclusive pics from the SSAFW - HERE
Toni Payne is interviewed by the Sun Newspaper - HERE
Charly Boy’s wife Lady Di shares her story – she proposed to him..really? - HERE

The Hits
Konga – Baby Konga
It’s a funny song! I don’t know what its about but I know its really popular even though the Nigerian Broadcast Corporation has BANNED it! Lol (We just love banning things in Nigeria!!!)

Kwabena Kwabena Ft Kontihene – Aso
I love this song! I believe it is a Ghanian song (right?)…It’s a smoking HOT tune…check on it!

P-Square – Omoge Mi/Bobi Mi (The Female Response)
LOL…this is the female response to the P-Square song, Omoge Mi…I quite like it…nice to see Nigerian flipping the script

That's it! Have a great weekend. Ciao

Thursday, March 29, 2007

MBGN 2007

It seems that this week is the beauty pageant week.
The Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant took place in Lagos last night.
Here is an exclusive look at the winner of the contest as well as the other contestants.
The winner is 19-year old Miss Imo - Munachi Nwankwo
Congrats to her!

Other winners include Miss Anire Afejuku (MBGN Model), Erica Ekundaye (MBGN ECOWAS), Sakana Dikko (MBGN Tourism), and Ebinabo-Potts Johnson (MBGN Universe).
Eyakunse Inyang (Cross River) as Miss Photogenic; Best Traditional Costume was presented to Titi Adelakun, who represented Lagos State. Jennifer Onose of Abuja got Miss Amity Award.
However, what appeared to many as the best award, apart from the one earned by the overall winner, was a million Naira cheque presented to Miss Goodness Udom of Akwa Ibom State by the management of La Casera. The company was given the opportunity to choose any of the girls they deemed fit as Miss La Casera.

All The Contestants
MISS ABUJA (Miss Amity) - Onose Jennifer
MISS ADAMAWA - Chibueze Yvonne
MISS AKWA IBOM (Miss La Casera N1 million prize)- Goodness Udo.E
MISS ANAMBRA - Chinedu Odukpe

MISS BAYELSA - Ibinabo Potts Johnson (1st runner up - Miss MBGN Universe)

MISS BORNO - Titilayo Ademoluti
MISS CROSS RIVER (Miss Photogenic) - Eyakuse Inyang

MISS DELTA - Karen Young
MISS EBONYI - Precious Osa-Edoh

MISS EDO - Erika Okundayo (3rd runner up - Miss MBGN Ecowas)

MISS ENUGU - Sandra Iwu
MISS EKITI - Christine Arodiogbu

MISS GOMBE - Udokwu Chisom

MISS IMO - Munachi Nwankwo (Overall Winner - MBGN World)

MISS KWARA - Bello Adeola
MISS LAGOS (Best Traditional Costume) - Titilayo Adelagun

MISS NASARAWA - Taiwo Adeyinka
MISS NIGER - Eseoghene Iwhiwhu

MISS OGUN - Anire Afejuku (4th runner up, MBGN Model)

MISS ONDO - Okorie Chinasa
MISS OYO - Bola Fawole

MISS PLATEAU (2nd runner up, Miss MBGN Tourism) - Sakana Dikku

MISS RIVERS - Isabel Ashipa
MISS TARABA - Sandra Ejibas

MISS YOBE - Chioma Ukah

Contestants' Glamour Shots


THE EVENT (photos courtesy purefoto)

Tosin Dekalu ~ Foluso Olowude ~ Juliet Haggermann
Francisca Owumi ~ Abiola Bashorun (MBGN 2006) ~ Stella Damasus Aboderin

Sokari Briggs ~ Cecil Hammond
Big Brother Nigeria contestants

So what do you think of the winner? The other contestants? Does Munachi have a chance at the Miss World crown? I will have some more pics and info up later.
By the way, the ThisDay Style covering the ThisDay Awards is online now - check on it - HERE. Have a fab day!!