Friday, September 29, 2006


Hey people!!!
How r u guys doing? Oh I’m sooo relaxed and happy right now…I didn’t go to work yesterday so I got a catch up on my sleep, lounge around my house, chat endlessly on the phone etc…it felt sooo good!
So what have u been up to? Let us know…
Hope u guys enjoyed this week… week is going to be pure fiyah! lol…I am expecting some ‘exclusives’…so it should be good…
Anyway, lets get started with ‘Weekend Luv – The Buzz Edition’…by the way, u r welcome to have a piece of the ‘B Cake’!

Buzz Clicks
Check out Mona’s nollywood premiere and list of hot bachelors & bachelorettes - HERE
- Naijagal tells us about the Gulder Ultimate Search (bootleg survivor…lol) – HERE
- Check out pictures from the Nigerian Entertainment Awards - HERE
- Yoruba actress, Hassanat Akinwande Taiwo (popularly known as Yetunde Wunmi) arrested for drug trafficking - HERE
- Nigerian actor, JT Tom West is dead…RIP - HERE

Buzz Blogs
Bijouxoxo’s Blog
I really luv this blog…she writes about her life, challenges and successes…very inspiring chica…check it out
Smoothvibes’ Blog
She is such a sweetie! I have known her for years! Her blog is lots of fun…very bubbly filled with loads of pics…its worth a read!
Overwhelmed Naija Babe’s Blog
Her writing definitely keeps u very interested. Here is her 3 part series on the Nigerian guys she had dated…u have to read this! Part 1Part 2Part 3

Buzz Tracks
This week, let’s explore some buzz worthy music from all around Africa…
VIP - Ahomka WoMu - Audio
This is hot Ghanian group, VIP’s most popular track to date…it's a hot song! Check on it…the video features Ghanaian actress, Suzy Williams who died in an unfortunate car crash

Kaysha – One Love – Audio
I have a huge crush on Kaysha! I luv his French accent (French accents r going to get me in trouble one of these days)…anyway, he is originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo but is based in Paris…this is such a simple romantic song!

Faze - Faze Alone - Audio
Faze from the Plantashaun Boyz……This song has been around for like a year…I was really hoping to hear more from Faze cause he is really talented…anyone this is another great one for the your collection…

***I really encourage you to support Nigerian and African artistes by purchasing their albums legally……There are so many hot albums out now to fit every musical palette…Eldee, Jazzman Olofin, Banky, Dare etc…

That’s it! Have a great weekend! Thanks to my friend, Miss M who is coming into town…I am going to be going out! So should be fun…
On a completely random note…check out something that make me laugh so hard…it hurt…..I am a Beyonce ‘stan’ when I saw these pics of her, I just had to chuckle…here are pics of Bee…completely plastered…HERE…LMOA!

F.Y.I: For those of you in and around the Lagos metropolis -
On Saturday, September 30 2006, ‘The Hennessey Show’ will be held at Saipan on the 3rd and 4th Floors, Dream Plaza, 7, Bishop Aboyade Cole Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. It’s hosted by Ikechukwu and should be loads of fun…If u go, come back on Monday and let us know how it went.

Much luv

Thursday, September 28, 2006


Here is another edition of ‘Aunty Bella’
If you don’t know what it’s about read HERE
Miss M who shared her issue the last time says a huge ‘Thanks’ to everyone who advised her.
She said she has decided to go ahead with her wedding. I wish her all the best!
Now to today’s edition -

Dear Aunty Bella,

Here is my story. I just moved to the states some months ago. I recently started my MBA but moved here some months early to settle down. I have a girlfriend back in Nigeria and we dated for about 7 years. I met her during my 100 level at university and we have been together since then. Before I left Nigeria, I proposed to her, introduced myself to her parents and made it known that I will be back next year to marry her. I even told my parents and they are making preparations. My fiancée is a sweet girl, I was her first boyfriend and I know she will make a good wife.
Bella, here is my problem; I met this other girl when I arrived in Boston. At first I thought we could be just friends – that did not work. I thought it was just a fling – it is deeper than that. I am in love with her. I no longer answer my fiancée’s calls or emails. I heard from some friends that she is quite depressed due to my new attitude but I can’t help myself, I have never felt the way I feel about my new girlfriend.
I am wondering, what do I do now?
How do I break this news to my fiancée? She stuck by me for 7 years.
How do I tell our parents?
I am very confused. This situation is even distracting me from my MBA studies.
I know I am partially at fault but please help me.

‘Mr Torn’ from Boston

I totally am very unimpressed with ‘Mr Torn’. Honestly, this makes me angry.
On the bright side, I think its better that he tells his Nigerian fiancée now instead of wasting her time!

Anyway, what do you guys think? Do you have any advise for ‘Mr Torn’?

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


You’ve probably never heard of them but that’s about to change!
These young Nigerians in Diaspora are doing great things in various corners of the world through music.
Many are of mixed heritage but one thing is certain, they are proud of their Nigerian roots…
Through music they are transcending borders and disproving stereotypes…I present the Rising Soulstars! ENJOY!

New York based Musician/Engineer, Banky Wellington is definitely the most famous of the bunch. Talented and Soulful, Banky is on the verge of explosion…With his hot songs, ‘My Regret’ and ‘Don’t Wanna’, Banky is one of my favourite musicians!

Tiwa Savage
Gorgeous, humble and talented – Tiwa Savage is a Nigerian artiste based in the USA. Tiwa grew up in Nigeria and England and developed diverse influences which are obvious once u listen to any of her songs. Tiwa is truly an emerging superstar.

Nigerian/Swiss Nubya is based in Switzerland. Raised in Nigeria and Basel, Switzerland, Nubya has built a strong career over the years. She has performed as the opening act for various superstars such as Seal and Whitney Houston and hosted a national TV show in Switzerland. She recently completed a UNICEF sponsored charity trip to Nigeria’s SOS Children’s Village with German superstar, Hartmut Engler.

Based in Paris - France, 26 year-old Nigerian/German Ayo Ogunmakin has achieved amazing success. She recently released her debut album “Joyful” with Polydor/Universal France. She entered the French album charts at Number 7. Ayo’s sound is not able to be pigeonholed; it’s simply eclectic and very different. Ayo is an amazing talent and she deserves all this success!

Budding musician Adama is of British/Nigerian heritage. She was recently included on the ‘Mimi Magazine Hot 21 Young African List’. She has a very simple stripped-down yet captivating approach to music and this has allowed her build her fan base.
Naijagal Feature

This 25 year-old Nigerian/German Nneka Egbuna might not be a household name but her music career is building momentum fast! She is based in Germany but has toured all around Europe…With her soulful but radical sound, Nneka is poised to gain a dedicated fanbase and critical acclaim!
The Unforgettable Truth - Video
Cool Digest Feature
*Thanks Icy

Temitope Odunayo Abidoye simply known as Nayo is a budding Nigerian musician based in the US and UK.
Her sound is amazingly serene and soulful…the type of music that feels like a warm drink on a chilly day! Nayo is truly talented…she recently released her first video to accompany her single, ‘African Girl’…amazing music!
Mola’s Feature
Yetty Reincarnated Feature
Naijagal Feature

Born in England to a Nigerian father and British mother, Dozie spent his early years in both the UK and Nigeria, moving to the U.S. with his family when he was a teenager. Throughout this time, Dozie picked up various musical influences and inspirations. Dozie’s music a blend of modern R&B and old-school soul…it’s catchy and addictive.

Wow! They are all very talented! I am very proud of each and every one of them. One of them is really really very dear to me...u can try to guess :)
I hope their careers continue to grow and I am confident that they are the next soul superstars!
What do you guys think? Are any of these artistes ur favs? Had u heard of any of them before?
Let us know!

Monday, September 25, 2006


I am always on the lookout for African fashion that is practical yet fashionable. The type of clothes that you can get your favourite tailor to sew for you!
Here are some clothes by South African designers - Thula Sindi’s 2LA (Two-Lah), Mantsho by Palesa Mokubung, Bongiwe Walaza for Aziza Couture and Malcolm Kluk …their clothes are sooooo FAB!
Check it out!

added some more pics

Hope your weekend was cool! Mine felt way too short!
In case u missed it, check out Sunday's feature as well....
Let us know what u think about the clothes and have a fab week ahead.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


So it’s Sunday and I just decided to do something different!
Here are some of my very favourite Nigerian gospel songs and videos.
Give it a try and listen. Even if you don’t understand what they are saying, I hope that you are blessed and enriched by them.
Dedicated to Addy and anyone going through difficult situations!

Essence – Iwo Ni – Audio
Sammie Okposo – Because of You - Audio
Absolutely Beautiful Songs!

Nigerian duo Esther "E-star One" Ebigbo and Uche "Guchiano" Ozoigbo collectively known as Resonance are a Nigerian gospel group based in Enugu.
Their music is soul stirring and inspiring. They sing in Igbnglish (Igbo mixed wth
*Many thanks to Deka for emailing me these videos, please hola back and stay blessed!
Resonance - Chinwe Ike

Resonance - Nna Anyi No N'eligwe

Let us know what you think about the songs and videos!
Should I make it a regular bellanaija Sunday feature? Let us know.
Have a great day…see u on Monday!

Friday, September 22, 2006


Hey people!!!
How’s it going? Thank God It's Friday!!!!! So what have you guys been up to? My week was cool
First thing, I finally registered the bellanaija website …YAY! U don’t even know what happened…..I wanted to register it a few months ago but a cybersquatter hijacked the .com…I was sooooo disappointed…anyways, I actually prayed about it and checked it today and viola it was available…so whenever you want to visit, you can go to
Hope u guys enjoyed bellanaija this week…. Hopefully, next week will be even better! Thanks to all the people who emailed and left comments…it’s much appreciated!
Anyways, let’s unleash our weekend update!

TaureanMinx tells us about Nigerian teenagers emulating Paris Hilton…sad - HERE
Nigerian musician, African China was falsely accused then found innocent in the UK– HERE and HERE
Remember to vote for Miss Nigeria World, Abiola Bashorun at the Miss World Contest - HERE

Zai Princesa’s Blog
Miss Zai’s Blog is juicy…the way she weaves through her stories is enthralling
Abby’s Blog
Explore the life of a young Nigerian lady trying to get into Med School…very interesting
Naija Bloke’s Blog
Packed with the latest Nigerian jokes and titbits…always a fun read

Lemar – It’s Not That Easy- Audio - Video
Lemar Obika is a UK artist though his parents are Nigerian…those in the UK are well acquainted with him from Fame Academy…here is his new song that’s getting mad airplay on Nigerian radio…
*Bonus Track – Lemar - Time To Grow - English Version - English/French Version…Absolutely Beautiful Song!!!!!

Sasha – Emi Le Gan - Audio
Classic track of the week…Sasha is hot like fiyah! This is her only ever solo single (hard to believe…huh) Hopefully she will release her album soon cause I can’t wait! This is a great song……check it out!

Sauce Kid – Gbasibe - Audio
We talked about Sauce Kid earlier this week….here is another hit from him…it’s hot!

By the way did anyone watch the Grey’s Anatomy Season 3 premiere? Utterly great! Wow…I love that show…I actually got to watch episode 2 as well…

Anyways…let us know what u think!
Have a great weekend

Thursday, September 21, 2006


I have to give it to Ayo Animashaun’s ‘Hip Hop World’ magazine…..they keep coming back…..always unleashing something new…..The magazine has been around for about a decade and has constantly improved during that time…U guys should grab a copy whenever you can…..You can check out their myspace HERE
Check out a video from their recent ‘White Party’ held in London…hmmm…HERE
They held a well-attended awards show (Omotola, Dare Art Alade etc.. attended) some months ago and here are the pics! ENJOY!

Looks good! Great to see Nigeria celebrating our talents with events like movie premieres, concerts and awards shows…
What do you guys think?

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Adaure suggested that we do something on the NY Fashion Week which took place last week. It showcased Spring 2007 collections and was really good. All the designers really put out their best collectons in a while…
Anyway, bloggers Mari and Paris already did roundups but as usual bellanaija has got to give you the Nigerian perspective.
Nnenna Agba from ANTM featured in 2 shows while Oluchi featured in her husband Luca Orlandi’s, Luca Luca show……
Both girls looked good…check it out

Nnenna @ Jeansis by Anand Jon

Nnenna @ Imitation of Christ

Oluchi @ Luca Luca

What do you guys think?
I can see Nnenna is doing well.....modelling during fashion week is a big step....
Oluchi's husband is so cute and talented....

Anyways, let us know what you think...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


They are the new league of Nigerian musicians……driven and focused with an insatiable appetitive for music!
As you probably know, the Nigerian Musical scene is really heating up.
There are so many talented people entering the game, each with their own unique flavour.
Here are some of Nigeria’s best new male talents…ENJOY

His name is Ikechukwu!!!!!
Ikechukwu Ugonna Onunaku is on fiyah! He sings, he raps…Ikechukwu's passion for music is contagious…
Click HERE to vote for him, he is nominated for ‘Best Newcomer’ award at the Channel O Music Awards…
Click HERE for his myspace
His song ‘My name is Ikechukwu’ is strangely hypnotic & addictive…
Click HERE for the song and HERE for the video
Many have said the vid is too similar to DMX’s ‘Where the hood at’…I say ‘does I really matter?’ Anyway, I can see Naeto C repping in the video…By the way, Etomi has not 1 but 2!! Pictures of him on her photoblog – HERE and HERE…Hmmm, I detect a crush!…lol…just kidding!

Rukus is TALENTED! When you listen to his music, you can actually feel his love for the craft, not the hype…
Known as the king of the remix…Rukus always adds that extra special element to tracks…He is based in the US and is currently working on a distribution deal with Nigeria’s numero uno music label, Storm Records…
Watch out for Rukus!!!!!!
Click HERE for his myspace
Click HERE for audio of his heartfelt song, ‘I Will Remember’…
Click HERE to hear a remix of African Queen featuring Rukus and HERE for the video montage

Sauce Kid is really killin it was his song, ‘Omoge Wa Jo’ featuring Nigerian musical legend, Mike Okri…
The song introduced most Nigerians to Sauce Kid’s musical prowess…
Based in the US, he fuses American style hip-hop with the Nigerian flavour.
Click HERE for his myspace
Click HERE for an interview he did with Yetty of Nigerian Entertainment Online
Click HERE to vote for Sauce Kid he is nominated for the ‘Best Hip-Hop’ video award at the Channel O Music Awards…..
Click HERE for audio of ‘Omoge Wa Jo’ featuring Mike Okri and HERE for the video

*Special thanks to Bee O who emailed me the myspace links of many Nigerian musicians…u rock!! Thanks!

What do u guys think?
Hot or Not?
Talented? Yes/No?
Eye Candy? Y/N? lol
Let us know!!!!!