Thursday, August 31, 2006


One of my goals when I started this blog was to expand my fashion horizon beyond the regular designers we see and hear about everyday. I luv to feature budding designers who are fab but not neccesarily well-known by most Nigerians and other Africans...We did that with the Bella Naija Africa Fashion Week and also when I blogged about Eboka and Blokes 'n' Divas at this year's Cape Town Fashion Week......Here is another budding designer at add to your fashion repertoire....ENJOY

In a few short years, Jewel by Lisa has grown from a bejewelled accessory seller to a stellar fashion label. The creative director of the label, Lisa Folawiyo is credited as one of the trendsetters who revamped Ankara and reintroduced it to us as the ‘must-have’ fabric…She is well-known for her ability to garnish Ankara designs with delicate jewels, crystals and sequins to create unique and wearable pieces….
Here are some pictures from her recent fashion show held in Lagos……

The Designer - Lisa

Contact Details for Jewel By Lisa:

6, Ribadu Road, off Awolowo Road, S/W Ikoyi, Lagos-Nigeria

What do u guys think?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


So donchi tagged me…never done anything like this before…so its worth a try…enjoy…

Ambitious……Whenever something good happens, people tell me 'oh am not surprised…u've always been ambitious…'
I agree wit I'm so glad that my actions have started matching my ambition..
Runner up: adventurous, a.h girl (my sec. school...loved it)

Bella…..means beautiful in Italian!

Competitive…..I am uber-competitive…I dunno y…maybe because I used to run track in secondary school…I don't think its negative tho….just drives me to success

Daddy's girl….yup…I am very much a daddy's girl…my dad rocks!!!

Energetic…I'm very energetic…especially after some scoops of ice cream…lol…don't ask!

Forgetful….I tend to remember LOADS of random things and forget important stuff like people's birthdays, where I left my phone and MY NUMBER!!! Yes, got a new phone number over a month ago and I don't know it….
Runners-up: fashionista, flirty, fabulous....

God-fearing….I am very happy that I have a very strong relationship wit God and seek him in whatever I do…e.g blogging..seriously…lol
Runner-up: Globe-trotter….I hate planes to luv to travel, Giddy…..I am always giddy with excitement even by the littlest things like clothes etc…

Homebody….Believe it or not I prefer chillin' at home wit friends and family to going out all night

Interesting…..Very interesting chica….I always have the hottest gist…

Joker…..I joke around A LOT! I crack dry jokes and can be very sarcastic too….sorry….

K… The letter K is the eleventh letter in the Latin alphabet…I am clearly lost for words

Leo…..I don't believe in all this astrology stuff but I like the fact that Halle Berry and co are fellow Leos….

Mummy's girl…I luv my mum…we are total BFF (Best Friends Forever)…lol

Nigerian....As amplifyd said.."Naija until I die'
Runner Up: Naughty….yes o…I am naughty and mischievous

O…oh oh!

Picky.....I am very picky with food, friends etc…
Runner-up: I can be a perfectionist....i read over things so many times....i recheck everything...i guess it it can be a pain

Quirky...wit all the randomness in my life...I can be described as quirky

Resourceful.....make the best out of what I have in any situation.....
Runner-up: respectful explanation needed

Tomboy….I was kinda a tomboy when I was younger (below 10)….noone believes me cause I'm such a girly girl now!

U….my name…

Vivacious…whatever that means…..
Runner up: Vibrant

Witty...I like to think

Xed.....I have nothing to write...hmm....I like saying 'xed'…e.g..'please I've xed that guy off, he was sooo annoying'

Young.......I am young in reality and 'at heart'

Zesty......i dunno couldnt think of another Z-word

Don chi…please don't give me work like this again o……..
I tag….Adaure et Yetty

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


First was Big Brother Africa, then Project Fame and recently, Big Brother Nigeria…
Well, its time for Survivor Africa!!!!
12 People have been chosen from all around Africa and starting September 3rd 2006, they will begin their 21 day journey vying for the US$100,000 prize…..
Survivor Africa being shot by MNET on Pearl Island, Panama……

Here is a look at the survivors…As usual Nigeria is well represented with 3 competitors……

image hosted by
Ario (Ariomawha) Okenabirhie
Age - 32
Computer Science Graduate – Former Banker
Interview Video Profile

image hosted by
Nike (Olanike) Gbolahan
Age - 24
Mass Communication Graduate – Tobacco Company Protocol Officer
Interview Video Profile

image hosted by
Yaga (Yagazie) Chuwumerje

Age - 23
Recent Mechanical Engineering Graduate
Interview Video Profile

The other competitors are Tebby Gasennelwe (24) from Botswana, Meti Yilma (27) from Ethiopia, Nana Sarpong (30) from Ghana, Derrick Assetto (29) from Kenya, Frieda Karipi (29) from Namibia, Jeremiah Zulu (26), from Zambia, Lloyd Kalipinde from Zambia, Leonard Mapuranga (24) from Zimbabwe Chipo Nzonzo (35) from Zimbabwe

The host of the show is Anthony Oseyemi is of Nigerian ancestry but was born and raised in the UK

On the side note, he had NEVER been to Africa until very recently when he visited SA…
Here are some excerpts from his interview:
What makes you qualified to host a pan-African reality show?
It's quite interesting...originally I am African but I come from a completely westernised perspective of Africa and Africans
How are you preparing yourself?
I've just been doing quite a bit of reading; I've been looking at different countries in Africa.

For the rest of his interview, Click HERE

Click HERE for the official Survivor Africa – Panama website.
* in case u r wondering, there are no south african contestants 'cause they have their separate Survivor SA
Anyway, the show should be fun…I hope one of the Nigerian girls win!
What do u guys think about Survivor Africa, the contestants, the presenter?

Monday, August 28, 2006


I exclusively broke the news of John Legend ‘s relationship with Nigerian model, Tayo Otiti back in July - see HERE
Well they have broken up!
Their relationship was extremely intense but short……
Apparently, one of the reasons why John broke-up with Tayo in July was due to the fact that Tayo’s agent excessively publicized the relationship because she saw it as a good opportunity for Tayo to get more showbiz exposure…
Anyway here is a pic of JL and his new babe- Brazilian model, Danielle Abreu…
”Eyah” to Tayo…


Friday, August 25, 2006


Hey Everyone!!!!
How was your week? I won’t lie, my week was long! Lots and lots of work...Seriously, Thank God its Friday! Its time for some bellanaija weekend luv....Let's Go!!!

Here are some random clicks....
Click HERE to vote for the Nigerian musical stars nominated for this year’s Channel O African Music Video Awards…Nominees include Dare Art-Alade, Lagbaja, D’Banj, 2Face Idibia, Mode 9, Sauce Kid and DJ Jimmy Jatt……Vote now and support our Nigerian talent…

Some newly discovered buzzworthy Nigerian blogs...
BGT Live
Young wife and mother…This blog takes you through the life and times of BGT…as she experiences life as a young Nigerian wife and mother (she got married at 21)…she and her husband’s story is worth a read! Click HERE and HERE for Part 1 and 2 of the story…Gripping stuff o!

Absolut Island
Paris Hilton…..Lagos Style……This is a blog about a young chick having fun in Lagos…Lots of stories about days and nights out at Saipan, Bacchus, The Palms, La Casa, Churasco’s, Pichalomondo……Infact, all the Lagos hot spots....check it out

Here are some very HOT random hits……
2Face IdibiaFor Instance
Finally! 2Face’s new song……Kind of different, socially conscious song! I actually like it but don’t think it’ll have the same impact as African Queen and Ole…His new album should be out by September…I’m sure it’ll be packed with some surefire hits! Make sure u buy the album when it hits stores!

Amplifyd Feat EldeeNaija Until I Die
Hot, Hot, Hot song! Wow! Amplifyd is really bringing the heat on this one….I’ll say it once again…their music is LIVE….I will definitely buy their album whenever it comes out!

Remedies Feat. PasumaJealousy
Classic song of the week by the Remedies (Eedris, Tony Tetuila & Eddy Montana)….This is an old song but its so funny!!!! Listen out for when the Pasuma guy says ‘Calvin Cleaaan’…lol…only in naija......

*this dullop of weekend luv is dedicated to my dear friend, B....u r a constant source of inspiration and the definition of a great man...Much luv....
Wow, this is a loooonnnngg post…It should be enough to entertain u for the whole weekend! Be good! Have a fab weekend…Ciao……

So what do y’all think about the recommended blogs, the random hits…anything…?

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Please read THIS first! Thanks!
Our first case is from a friend of mine whom I was talking to last night....
This is actually all true…sorry for making fun of your misery sweetie

Dear Aunty Bella,
There is this very FINE guy I have a HUGE crush on…after begging my friend to slyly introduce us and batting my long eyelashes at him, he eventually started ‘chasing’ me…
He started calling me…I never called back…
When I would see him I public…he would come over and give me a hug while I would give him the ‘what is your name again?’ look…
Well, after a couple of weeks….he STOPPED and yesterday I saw him with a very pretty girl and they were holding hands!!! Aunty Bella, what do I do???? I am sooo sad and distressed…
Yours sincerely, Frontin’ Don’t Pay From Lagos

Everyone, please I need ur input! Please advice Miss ‘Frontin Don’t Pay' From Lagos……Lets have fun with this!

Introducing....Aunty Bella

The other day, one of our bellanaija readers, the prolific blogger, don chi chi left a comment on one of the posts and he called me ‘Aunty Bella’…..that inspired me to start an agony aunt column on the blog……Hopefully, we can have some ‘tongue in cheek’ fun with this….
Anyway, you can send in ur problems/issues to ….don’t worry, its all anonymous….just give yourself a funky name related to your problem!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Here is a fashion spread from Folake Folarin-Coker’s Tiffany Amber. Tiffany Amber is actually my fav Nigerian label……fun & flirty fashion……just the way I like it!!!
I luv Tiffany Amber and will be featuring them in my Bella Naija Nigerian Fashion Week (Coming Soon)… I think the stylist could have made better use of these clothes to create a more fab fashion spread……the location, model and theme are all kinda ‘vanilla’ for my taste (LMAO @ the model's pose in the 4th pic)……that said, the clothes are still stunning!

Makeup: Banke Meshida
Location: Eko Le Meridian Hotel Lagos
Photographer: Michael Sosso

What do y’all think?
By the way, thanks for all the comments over the past week…from the ‘rumours’ to the very strange random facts bout yourselves….they have been highly entertaining….that’s what makes the blog more fun…..sooo bring em on!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Here are some brand new photos of Abiola Bashorun, Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) 2006. She will be representing Nigeria in this year’s Miss World pageant. The pageant takes place in Poland on the 30th of September 2006.

All the best to Abiola!!!!!!!
I hope she does better than Tienepre Alexandra Oki (MBGN 2006 1st runner-up) who represented Nigeria in this year’s Miss Universe pageant.

I am sooo LUVING that she is rockin the ankara dress!!! Repping naija in a big way!lol....I dunno y I am so excited by ankara these days.....

What do y'all think?

Monday, August 21, 2006


I usually leave the online wedding gist to naija blog sweetheart, Adaure but decided to make an exception today. President Olusegun Obasanjo aka OBJ and the late Stella Obasanjo (RIP)’s son, Olumuyiwa (Muyiwa) who is a New York-based lawyer got married to Imilse Gracia, daughter of Mr Raphael Garcia from the Dominican Republic over the weekend. Here are some pictures from their traditional and white wedding…

They look really cute and I wish them all the best in their marriage…….but a random thought just crossed my mind, why is it that politicians’ children seem to get married in abundance when they are in power/office……this is actually the 3rd Obasanjo wedding this year…..since he has been President, so many of his kids have tied the knot…The VP, Governors and Senators’ kids haven’t been left out in this wedding fever… I am just wondering…why?

I would luv to hear u comments…….so u can give us ur opinion on my question or just tell us what u think about the wedding outfits……I luv her wedding dress……..

Friday, August 18, 2006


Watch Deola Sagoe - Hunger For Food Fashion Show @ naijagal's blog - HERE

More from Peridot & Ruby @ low's mental floss - HERE

See the US-returnee Nigerian guy who killed his ex-commissioner/humanitarian mum…very sad and unfortunate @ the sun newspaper – HERE

Former Reality TV Star rocked by nude photo scandal…sounds like an American tabloid headline right?…Well..u r wrong! In Nigeria! @ the sun newspaper - HERE
You can find the censored views of the pics @ nairaland forum…I am not linking it cause its nasty!

Five Random Things About Me
I’m mixed race….but u can’t tell….my dad’s genes r strong o…lol
I once had a 10 hour phone convo…no joke
I hate wearing shoes…..I tend to randomly walk around barefoot
I don’t drink hot (as in temperature) beverages… tea, no coffee, no hot chocolate
I won a burger-eating contest @ uni…..3 big macs in 3 mins……serious…..u wont believe it if u see me…

Tell us one random thing about u!
Have a lovely weekend! I’ll do our weekly hot music post coming soon...

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Lanre Dabiri aka Eldee the don is Nigeria's No. 1 Producer/Rapper/Singer/Record Label Exec/Architect/Fine Boy lol....The dude has got so much talent. Eldee was introduced to us as a founding member of the Trybesmen and the head of Trybe Records....and ever since then he has been hitting us with hit song after hit song after hit song....Eldee left Nigeria for the USA some years ago and recently came back to ink a deal with Obi Asika owned Storm Records which is by far the HOTTEST music label in Nigeria right now. Eldee has a new album coming out titled "Return of the King". I'm sure it will be FIYAH!!! Y'all should make sure u buy it.
I am pre-ordering my own autographed copy right now!
Here are some of Eldee's hottest songs.....
African Chiquito (chi chi chilolo) - funny track.....i luv it for a special reason...guess..
Shake Bodi Rmx (by Trybesmen) - classic!

For his official website, click HERE
For his myspace page, click HERE
Fab chick, Icy Yetty also did something on Eldee recently, see HERE

Personally, I luv Eldee's music and the new song 'Champion'....a friend of mine was saying it sounds a lot like a Sean Paul song.....whateva.....I think it's hot!!! This is part of my series of features on Storm Records watch out for more soon....By the way, Eldee held auditions for girls (models and dancers) to feature in his new video for 'Champion' was on the 11th, 12th, 13th of August in Atlanta......Did anyone go? confess now I'm soooo curious!!!!!

What do y'all think of Eldee? His new song? Will u like to 'shake bodi' in his video

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Venantia Otto from Namibia

The 2006 Nokia Face of Africa Finale took place on Sunday, the 13th of August 2006 in Sun City, Johannesburg, South Africa.
Venantia was chosen as the 2006 Nokia Face of Africa winner, her prize includes a US$150,000 contract with global modelling powerhouse, Elite Model Management, a weekend party in the African suite at the Palace of the Lost City valued at US$12,000, courtesy of Sun International, a Nokia 8800, US$10,000 in cash from Anglo Platinum as well as an exclusive piece of jewellery worth over US$18,000 designed by Shimansky Collection (WOW!!!!!).
Venantia is the second contestant from Namibia to win the prestigious competition, Benvinda Mudenge won in 1998. Let’s hope that Venantia does better than Benvinda who was sent home from New York for being too fat.....seriously…lol…See story HERE
Here are some pics from the event. I will have more in the next couple of days. Also, much props to the fab, Kotetso who dressed one of the contestants as part of the designer showcase...the outfit was too FAB!
Main Event

After-Party & Backstage

Anyway, I think Venantia is GORGEOUS and am glad she won! I wish her all the success in NY…Could she be the next Iman, Oluchi, Alec Wek or Liya Kebede?

I will also like your feedback on how to make the site better? Please any suggestions for future features? Who or what would you like to see? I will really appreciate any feedback and suggestions. THANKS!!!