Monday, August 11, 2008


Hi Everyone,
How's it going? How was your weekend? Mine was sooo boring. I barely got up to anything whatsoever! I'm not sure if its 'old age' but I am now certifiably boring but it feels so nice to relax after so many months so working etc... I'm not even complaining :)
So what did you get up to? To be completely honest, I did get up to one thing! I saw the 'Dark Knight' this weekend....woooot! That movie is amazing! If you haven't seen it please run down to the cinema STAT. I cant believe that I have still not seen the Sex & the City movie. I am a major SATC stan so I am quite distraught that I havent seen it. I'll just have to wait for the DVD to be released because I cant ruin my viewing experience with a pirated copy. Its been so hard trying to dodge all the photos and spoilers about the movie from the internet & friends. I hope its worth it!
Anyway, lets start the rundown!

Ex-Model/magazine editor/modelling agency entrepreneur/blogger extraordinaire, Linda Ikeji held her annual 'Style Night' event last week. There was music, fashion, comedy and all that. Congrats to Linda! Keep doing your thing! Check out the pics below

Linda Ikeji & MBGN Model/Runway Coach, Juliet Hagerman
Linda Ikeji & singer, Segun Obe

Actress, Rita Dominic & TV Presenter, Michelle Dede
Singer, Faze

BBA2 runner-up, Ofunneka
Rapper, MI
Singer, Djinee

Comedian, Omobaba (dude is sooo funny!)
Singer, Obiwon
Miss La Casera, Itohan Igbinovia
Maven Hairstylist, Bobby Eke of Bobby's Signature

Media personality, Denrele

High concept fashion!
MTV Africa to host 1st Music Awards (MAMAs) in Nigeria!

On Saturday, November 22, 2008, Abuja, Nigeria will host other African countries and the entertainment world at the maiden edition of MTV Africa Music Awards a.k.a MAMA ’08. The info was relayed to pressmen, industry impresarios and some Nigerian artistes by the Vice President and Managing Director MTV Base, Mr. Alex Okosi on August 6, 2008 at the Transcorp Hilton, Hotel, Abuja.

The choice of Nigeria for MAMA Awards, which is being held in partnership with Zain Network (former Celtel), is inspired by the load of talented artistes sprouting from this part of the world - Jarmoe Silas

- Fab Idea....Hope the event lives up to the hype!


August/Sept True Love - Featuring Cover Girl, Kel. Kel is an up and coming rapper making an impact with her song/video, Waa Wa Alright

***Leila Fowler SALE***
The LeilaFowler Store is going on sale from the 14th of August to the 21st of August.
Items will be from 10% to 40% off!
215B Etim Iyang Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos
01-7410018, 01-8978656
The clothes and accessories at Leila Fowler are so lush...hurry down!

That's it! As always have a blessed week!


BrownSugar said...

Too good to be true!!!! Numero Uno!!!

Anonymous said...

Bella mami...did u attend the event, chica.

Sisi Blu said...

Daz ryt!!!

Bella Naija said...

@brownsugar - yup 1st!!

@anonymous - nope I didnt but wish her all the best tho

Bella Naija said...

@sisi blu - thot i was 3rd darn


nice photos from the style event. x

Anonymous said...

Ha does our darling sash, have competition!

Anonymous said...

very happy for linda..heard d show was a success..bella you r waa wa

Anonymous said...

will people please get over this 1st or last thing. makes this blog comments very annoying to read.

Anonymous said...

gerrout anon above me...its all for fun.....nice post linda....

chetablog said...

Bella you must be here to interview for a job with THISDAY STYLE since it is going to be a full blown internatinal magazine now. They need you!

Anonymous said...

I love love Linda, & I look forward to her going places..


Anonymous said...

Whts up?Snc mes a nu coma,thnk i wd jst take ma tym,c hw it goes,then berth wt ma fire.

le nubia said...

congrats to linda, the show was a sucess! as for kel..i dnt knw yet...i think she's a grower though

p.s..i'm new here so u guys cud visit my blog and show a newbie some love!

Anonymous said...

I definitely prefer kel's sound to Sashas.

Anonymous said...

men!!thats d ugliest true love cover yet!!not the girl o!!but the layout and clour and everything!!

when u said leila fowler was on SALE!!i was like what!!i thot u meant the store was going to be sold!!LOL...

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous!!sasha deosny have competiton!!why do people always have to put to succesful women against each other and turn it into a competition!!!beyonce HATES rihanna..linday lohan & Hillary duff....dis one and dat onelater they will say woomen always beef each other

Anonymous said...

anonymous 3 21 and 5 31!!!GOSH HATERS!!!GEEZ!!

Bobby Taylor Consulting said...

Kel is heavily talented. I am one of her biggest fans. She is some kinduh fresh...and her lyrics are very on point. Plus she has an amazing Management Team as well (Osagie and co).

Awww Leila Fowler Store Sale. Yum! How i wish i was back in Las Gidi.

Anonymous said...

I first heard about Kel when she did a collab with IllBliss. She's pretty good, nice to see more up and coming rapping ladies.

Uzo said...

Nice to have the music awards here...So Miss La Casera..need to understand that one...