Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Hi Everyone!
Soooooo it’s already midweek – ‘hump day’ as some call it.
How is your week so far? Hope all is going well.
My week has been cool so far actually. Thank God.

This past weekend I hung out with one of my very good friends, so throughout the weekend, she kept on mentioning a wedding that she has to attend this weekend. Each time she brought it up, she kept on getting upset. I was seriously wondering what all the trouble was about until she asked me if she could ‘repeat’ an outfit she that she’s worn to a previous event. I just started laughing but it led us to a longer discussion…..

The rest of this post was written with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek! You should read with the same flavour! Enjoy…

So what do you guys think about repeating outfits?
It might seem like a trivial question but its getting serious!
Especially now when we are at the age when lots of our friends, sisters, brothers etc…are getting married. Plus you know the ‘event mania’ in Nigeria. From Turquoise Ball to ThisDay Awards to the Future Awards to Deola Sagoe’s fashion show…everyday another event and you are expected to give them a brand new outfit each time! It ain’t easy!

It’s as if there is an unwritten rule about ‘repeating’
You might roll your eyes and say ‘ohhh that is so high school!’ but how many times have you been on facebook looking at Cornelia’s wedding pictures, then you spot Lara and you are like ‘ahhhh isn’t that the same outfit Lara wore to Jummai’s wedding 2 weeks ago, why is she wearing it again now?, eyah I heard her dad lost the election, maybe money is tight’
Or you are click to and she puts pictures up of the 3 times you have rocked the outfit (lol…oops I won’t do that again! Ok maybe)

Okay, I am not really talking about shoes or jeans or tees or even bags (especially all you bagaholics – after spending 1500 $s or £s on a bag, if you like wear it once! The joke is on you!). The point of contention is mainly dresses.
So would you wear the same dress you wore for one wedding to another?
Should there be a time gap between when you first rock an outfit and when you ‘rerock’ it?
Give us your opinions; I know many of us have wardrobes full of gorgeous dresses that we feel we cannot wear again.

So here are some tips from my friend who inspired this topic, let’s call her Mrs O
Mrs O’s 5 tips for ‘ReRocking’

Get your pens and paper ready!

  • Avoid taking photos – when you see a camera run! You know you have plans of ‘rerocking’ that dress so you don’t need evidence spoiling your show
  • No facebook! – If by some chance, you managed to get caught on film/memory card, warn the over-zealous photographer not to put it on facebook.
    Some readymade excuses at your disposal include ‘ohh I don’t want to be so out there’ ‘my pastor said I shouldn’t put my photos on facebook’ etc…
    If someone insists on putting it up, sharply untag yourself and delete them from your friend’s list. lol
  • Accessorize – Ok so you are ‘rerocking’, accessorize differently. You mustn’t pair the dress with the same shoes, bag, belt as before. Ah ah…it aint that serious
  • Wear the outfit to an event with a different ‘crowd’ – So you wore the outfit to your mom’s 50th birthday party with all the oldies, you can ‘rerock’ at your friend’s jewellery exhibition. You can also try the geographical ‘rerock’ Yes o, so you rocked it in Lagos, there is still Accra, Jozi, London, Maryland etc…rerock!
  • Finally, this one is very important! When you are ‘rerocking’, please rock the outfit with confidence! You see people looking timid because they are ‘scared’ someone will ‘catch’ them wearing the outfit again! Hells no, were they in your office when you were working for your money? Nope. Therefore ‘rerock’ with swagger!

For some inspiration, here are some celeb rerockers!
Photo Credit: concrete loop

That’s it!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Hope you had a great weekend!
This is going to be a really crazy week for me.
So while I try to gather my thoughts for long enough to blog, here are my fave naij songs of the moment!

Most are new tracks that everyone is buzzing about.
While there are a few that you might never have heard but have a listen and let me know what you think!
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The Tracks
D’Banj – Gbono Fe Le
Hot Song!!! Don’t hate me cause I’m hotter than u!

9ice Ft 2Face – Street Credibility
The talent is untouchable. Vid has been filmed and is coming soon

Naeto C – Kini Big Deal
This is the song!!!!! Luv it! Vid filmed and coming soon

Ikechukwu Ft Don Jazzy & D’Banj – Wind Am WellVIDEO
Glad to see Ikechukwu getting his shine

Rooftop MCs Ft Cobhams – LagimoVIDEO
Luvs it!

Ill Bliss – Ibo BoyVIDEO
Soundcity award winner Ill Bliss, luv this song and vid…

X-Project – Lori LeVIDEO
I hated this song when I heard it some months ago but luv it now!

Harry Best – No More Yahooze
This song cracks me up…it’s ‘the response’ …video coming soon

Wande Coal – Ololufe
My lil’ sister luvs this song sooo much! Its really sweet!

9ice – Photocopy
9ice kills it once again. Toni Payne kiss ur man for this song lol

Dare Ft 2Face & Naeto C – Carry Dey Go - VIDEO
Dare does his thing! Flexes his vocal variety. Video is fab as well

Singaholic - Oye Ike Gaagwu - VIDEO
I know most of u have never heard this…an ibo song in the midst of it all!

Mo’ Hits – Close to You
Party song!

J-Lo in Marchesa at the Oscars *** Rita Dominic at the AMAAs

Photo Credit: Niti Tabiti and

That's it for today. Listen to the playlist above and let us know what you think.
BTW, heard 2Face is expecting another baby....a new one oooo LOL. Speechless. - HERE

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Event: Yemi O - Kosibah in Chicago today

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Thursday, April 24, 2008


You know I love to see my Nigerian ladies looking beautiful and will always give them props for that. That said, sometimes I just have to pause and take a deep breath. Rather than criticizing, lets see if we can offer some tips to these ladies and guide them to fabulosity!
There is so much going on here. The long braids, the jacket, the tight-fitting dress, the lace-up sandals. Actress/TV presenter, Elfreda Rowland has a voluptuous figure and pretty face and am sure can look fab if she changed things up. First up, the dress is a no-no. There are very few girls that can pull off this dress and most of them are Size 0 models.
I would suggest, knee length dresses, nipped at the waist to highlight her assets. Good undergarments including a well fitted bra and some support garments (e.g spanx) can help bring out the best in her look.
Style Guide: Jennifer Hudson - Jennifer has a similar voluptuous body type and looks fab. She has confessed to using spanx and plays around with colours, shapes and necklines.

The makeup, the hair, the outfit (hat, jacket, laces!), the shoes - lets be honest, its a bit of a mess. That said, she is pretty and has a nice slim shape. Therefore, there are so many possible options when it comes to outfits. The main advice will be to strip off all the excess and rebuild her wardrobe and makeup from a fresh slate. For the hair, rather than a blond weave, perhaps honey brown extensions a la Jessica Alba. The makeup, red eyebrows don't look natural on anyone so scrap that. Go for a fresher look. She should let her beautiful skin glow! The clothes - as I keep saying, there are so many options!
Style Guide: Kelly Rowland and Selita Ebanks - Kelly and Selita both have similar slim figures. Small bust, flat stomach and slim hips. Yet they look feminine and fab.

Actress, Cossy Orjiakor is known for her ample bosom and clearly she is not afraid to flaunt her curves.
Its great that Cossy is confident and comfortable with her body. That said, I would advice to Cossy to do it more tastefully.
A V-Neck is neckline is actually good for big busted women but this is way too low. Plus, she is wearing a long necklace which draws further attention to her bust.
My advice - skip the necklace, try something with a higher-V, button-up shirts, wrap tops, strapless can also be a good look as long as its not hanging low on the bust.
Style Guide: Toccara - Toccara has a similar body shape - large bust, smaller waist and hips. She has evolved since she appeared on ANTM in terms of dressing to suit her body.

Photo Credits - Obsessed Hoopla, Purefoto, Bella Naija

That's it!
What do you think.
Any tips?

Monday, April 21, 2008


Hi Everyone!!!
How's it going?
So how was your weekend?! I think I overdid things this weekend 'cause I am absolutely exhausted. I went out too much, shopped too much....I basically overdid everything! but its all was fun.
I saw some of my friends that I haven't seen in ages as well!
So what did you get up to?
Sorry I haven't put up the Soundcity Photos yet, I cant seem to find good quality shots. Oh well, whenever I get them, I'll put them up.
Its time for a Rundown.

The Apprentice Africa is still on.
I already recapped the 'fired' contestants from Episodes 1 - 4 HERE.
See below for the recently fired 'apprentices'.

Week 5 - Akatu Ochai - Nigeria

Week 6 - Joyce Mbaya - Kenya

Week 7 - Bekeme Masade - Nigeria

Week 8 - Oscar Kamukama - Uganda

You can watch video recaps on the site - HERE

Handbag Designer, Onna Ehrlich is on the cover of this month's True Love WA Magazine while Femi Oke covers Genevieve Mag. Make sure you pick up the mags from the newsstands or better still subscribe.

One of my fave actresses from Sister, Sister and The Game, Tia Mowry and her actor beau, Cory Hardrict tied the knot this weekend. Sister Sister was my fave show in my early teens while the Game is my current fave. Congrats to her! What do you think of her dress.

What's New Mag is now bi-weekly. Watch out for the mag on the newsstands (or while you are stuck in the traffic).

Newly crowned, Miss MBGN Universe, Stephanie Oforka gave an interview to the Punch Newspaper this weekend. I think she has really good chances for Miss Universe.

P-Square's Peter Okoye is going to be a daddy. His girlfriend, Lola Omotayo has confirmed she is pregnant. She was at the SMVAs with Peter and I thought her boobies looked rather preggers lol. Anyways, all the best to them! I pray that they have a healthy and cute baby.
Photo courtesy - Niyi Tabiti

Awww, Kanye West and his fiance, designer Alexis Phifer have officially broken up. That's so sad! But I'm sure its good news for all the other wannabe Mrs Kanye Wests out there. - HERE

That's it for today.
Have a great week.

Monday, April 14, 2008


Hi Everyone!
So how was your weekend?
Mine was alright but I cant even remember most of it because it feels sooooo distant already.
Anyways, the inaugral edition of the Soundcity Video Music Awards (SMVA) took place on Friday, 11th April 2008. Here is a rundown of the event.

As seems to be the tradition with Nigerian events, the awards show started late, really late!
Anyways, the event eventually kicked off with D'Banj and Ashionye introducing themselves as the host and hostess for the night.
The first award to be presented was the Best Male Video award - the presenters were John Fashanu and Munachi Abii. There was a really funny moment here - John Fashanu asked the crowd 'Munachi, most beautiful woman in the world, deal or no deal' and the entire crowd shouted 'NO DEAL!' lol...anyways, Munachi handled it very well and laughed it off. The award for Best Male Video went to DJ Jimmy Jatt - Stylee

There were so many breaks and interludes during this show but Ashionye, D'Banj and Cool FM DJ, Freeze did a good job of keeping the atmosphere buzzing. I have to say that I was impressed by all 3 of them. They were funny and entertaining. I was really curious to see how Ashionye would hold her own as an awards host but I feel she did a good job.

The rest of the awards and performances were as follows:
Best Female Video presented by Lady Di and D1 Adeneye
Winner: Kween - Jebele ...she looked really pretty and was genuinely excited.

Infiniti performed Olori Oko

Best Choreography presented by 'King' Soul E & 'Queen' Ure - these 2 are really excited about their fame! See them claiming royalty lol king & queen of love
Winner: Faze - Kpo Kpo di Kpo

Fresh Video presented by Dola Bamgboye and Lanre Da Silva Ajayi
Winner: Mo Hits All Starts - Booty Call

Storm All Stars performed
Sasha in a pink dress performed 'Long Thing' with Pype
Naeto C performed 'Kini Big Deal'
Ikechukwu killed it with 'Wind Am Well' along with Don Jazzy

Then the man they have been buzzing about Nas arrived on stage! The crowd went beserk!

He presented the award for Best Hip Hop Video/African Video of the Year. Surprise, surprise, the nominees' videos didnt was quite embarrassing. I'm so happy for 'Dat Ibo Boy' Ill Bliss, he's been on the grind for a while, nice to see him rewarded.
Winner: Ill Bliss - You Go Wound

Tic Tac performed - I wasnt feelin it

Best New Artist Video presented by Dare Art Alade and Mo Abudu (Mo looked amazing in a short black shift dress)
Winner: Asa - Fire on the Mountain

Nas was presented with the 2008 Hip Hop Legend Award by Charlie Boy, Elajoe and Mode 9.

Nas performed a medley of hits - At this point, the crowd was crazy! everyone was on their feet, singing etc... Nas seemed really excited as well and ended the performance by promising the crowd that 'when he moves to Nigeria, we are invited to his house to visit'...Nas are you sure? lol

The Remedies (Eddy Remedy, Tony Tetuila & Eedris Abdulkarim) reunited for a performance

Best Cinematography presented by Kenny Ogungbe
Winner: P-Square - Do Me
They brought their whole village with them to pick up the award on stage! there had to be about 20 people justling for space.

Best Video presented by Mai Atafo and Ebube Nwagbo
Winner: P-Square - Do Me

Best R&B Video
Winner: TY Bello - Greenland
She looked gorgeous in a fab red strapless maxi dress accessorized with a blue beaded necklace

Jimmy Jatt and Rita Dominic presented the Best Group Video Award
Winner: Infiniti - Olori Oko

Viewers Choice Award
Winner: TY Bello - Greenland
She thanked everyone! Seemed really touched to have received the award.

Mo Hits Crew (D'Banj, Wande Coal & D'Prince) performed
Close to You
Booty Call

P-Square performed
Roll it
No One Like You
Do Me
Their dancing was rather hectic

Alariwo and Tara Fela Durotoye (she looked gorgeous!) presented the Best Direction Award
Winner: Yemi Amao - Olori Oko (Infiniti)

Best Special Effects and Editing
Winner: Gbenga Salu - Aye Ole (Infiniti)

DJ Jimmy Jatt, Elajoe and Mode 9 performed Stylee

The final performance of the night was by SA Band, FreshlyGround. They were introduced by Ramsey Noah and Gbemi Olateru Olagbegi
Quite quirky. Luved it but many people had left at that point so I hope they werent discouraged!
That's it! The show ended at about 1.40AM!!!

Overall, the awards were entertaining, great choice of performers and hosts but the logistical issues almost ruined it. D'Banj and Ashionye looked good. D'Banj wore designs by Emmy Collins. Ashionye was styled by Ifeoma Williams and wore designs by Deola Sagoe and Lanre DaSilva Ajayi. Congrats to the winners and all the best to the SoundCity crew.

The Bella Naija team's best dressed dude of the nite? Naeto C

Thursday, April 10, 2008


There are so many fab events this weekend!

DEOLA SAGOE is launching the new Menswear collection; M2 on Friday the 11th of April at Jade's Palace, Adeola Odeku, VI
To request your invite, though its quite late now!
Join the Deola Sagoe group on facebook - HERE

SOUNDCITY Music Video Awards
Shell Hall, MUSON Centre
11th April from 4PM to 11PM

Lagos Premiere of Onna Ehrlich Handbags
Sunday, 13th April 2008

Adeave studios and Icy Public Relations will host 7 artists in an exclusive art event in Miami as they showcase their work in a week long exhibition from Saturday, April 12 to April 19 presented at and in association with Undercurrent Arts 2563 North Miami Avenue Miami, FL. The Opening reception on Saturday, April 12 is expected to have over 300 people in attendance.
Check out the site - HERE

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I get questions all the time about why I started this blog and what I tell people is that I wanted to highlight and celebrate young Nigerian women who are doing fabulous things and in turn encourage others to pursue their ambitions.

The Leila Fowler store celebrated its launch event last week and the buzz has been incredible.
During several conversations I have had over the past week, the name Leila Fowler has come up so many times. Now I see why!

Leila Fowler is what I like to call a ‘fashion destination’, a boutique clothing and jewellery retailer based in Lagos. From the twinkling lights that adorn the ceiling to the framed personal photographs that line the shelves and of course, the fab clothes and jewellery. You don’t get the feeling that you are in yet another store, instead, you feel as though you are in your dream closet.

It is a project launched by Funke Fowler and in her words, ‘I wanted a boutique which reflected the effort and thought that had been put into it and also made each client feel special each time they walked through the door. It was very important for me to have an eclectic mix of designers that represent various styles and trends from places both near and far not forgetting to showcase work from very talented homegrown designers. I have heard it said that sometimes that special outfit adds a little something extra to our special moments and occasions, hopefully many of these special moments and occasions will be shared in beautiful pieces found in the store’

Check out the photos from the launch and be sure to visit Leila Fowler when you are in Lagos. Visit the Leila Fowler Site - HERE Guests included Mrs. Leila Fowler, Moyo and Bode Makanjuola, Michelle Udezue (Bobby Taylor PR, Snr. PR consultant), Lamide Lawson, Nina Agwuna, Muka Nwokedi etc..

I'm sooo proud! I luv the interior. Good luck to Funke.
Be Inspired!