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This is a special edition of Aunty Bella because it features a problem sent to me by a fellow blogger (I cant name names...sorry!)
Thanks so much to my guest bloggers! I really appreciate their input....please show them luv
This guest blogging series will go on until Tuesday next week.....

Hey Aunty Bella and readers,

I graduated with a masters degree and found the job of my dreams with an investment bank.
On the other hand, my boyfriend graduated a couple of years ago and has been looking for a permanent job since then.
He has been temping with various agencies for a while now but nothing constant.
Ever since he got the news of my job offer, his attitude has been very sour. He is obviously not happy for me.
His excuse is that we will be getting married soon and a job with an investment bank will be too time-consuming and tasking on our relationship.
Bella, what do I do? I hate to say this but I believe that he is jealous. I will now be making much more money than him and this is a big blow to his ego. He is also sad that after all these years of job hunting, he has nothing while within months, I secured a top job.
He is actually a great guy and I cannot begin to list the things he has done for me both emotionally and mentally.
PLEASE. Let me know how I can save my relationship. I have tried to convince him for weeks and it is just straining our relationship.
Do I reject the job offer? Do I break u with him?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Today, my dearie Adaure is blogging! I luv her piece. Its so inspiring! Please show her some luv! is my mum's birthday so its extra-special....she instilled my luv of books so Adaure's piece is so perfect for today!

Celebrating Nigeria's Women Writers
By Adaure

By now you all know that I love books, especially those written by Africans. It pleases me to walk into a room and find a title by an African on a book shelf. I am most excited when it's one by a Nigerian, particularly a woman. Nigerian women have proven themselves to be great story tellers. You see and hear them in action every day. From the kitchen to the office and school, the market place to the river bank, the beer parlor-canteen to the hair and nail salon. They are telling all sorts of stories be it about love, money, sex, religion or tradition. It is no wonder there are more Nigerian women blogging, and that number keeps growing daily. We have even coined a distinctly Nigerian hobby called gisting, not to be confused with gossiping. While men have dominated the literary and publishing field, some women have certainly made their mark, both in the past and present. The 21 century has also seen a new wave of Nigerian women writers many of whom are young, possess a freshness that had been lacking and are fearless in the approach. Today's post is celebrating these women, past and present, who are giving a voice to Nigerian women. Perhaps their stories will inspire you to let your voice be heard and read as well.

The Trailblazers

Mabel Segun
This 76 year old veteran radio broadcaster, teacher and athlete is still waxing strong. Mabel Segun is one of the first writers of Nigerian childrens books and the first Nigerian woman to play Table Tennis. Visit her website to learn more about her.

Below is a clip from MNET's Studio 53. Nigerian presenter IK sat down for a one-on-one with the literary legend. We also get to meet her daughter who is closely following in her mother’s footsteps.

Buchi Emecheta
I am sure many of you at some point in your University years read one or two books by Buchi Emecheta. At UNC Chapel Hill alone, 8 of her titles were used in various classes. Buchi Emecheta is practically the Chinua Achebe of Nigerian women writers. Her most popular novels include Second Class Citizen, The Bride Price. The Slave Girl, The Joys of Motherhood and The Rape of Shavi ( I remember once when we were shopping for books at Unilag bookstore and I picked that one up and got a konk from my dad. Apparently the title of the book was too corrupt for my young mind (I still haven't read it!)

Flora Nwapa (1931-1993)
Best known for her 1966 novel Efuru, Flora Nwapawas not afraid to use mythical elements from traditional folk tales such as 'Mammywater'. Nwapa is Nigeria's first (if not Africa's first according to some bios) woman to publish in English. Chinua Achebe was the one who sent her manuscript for Efuru to the publishers after he reviewed it. In 1982 she was awarded one of Nigeria's highest honors, the OON (Order of Niger). Because of her achievements she was also conferred the title, Ogbuefi in her hometown of Oguta. That title is usually reserved for men. Some of her titles include Idu (1970), This is Lagos and other Stories (1971), Wives at War and Other Stories (1980)

Zulu Sofola
Does anyone remember those children’s plays that came on during Telefest way back in the day (whatever happened to Telefest). I saw the performance of Zulu Sofola's 'Wedlock of the Gods' and absolutely swear that next to Ola Rotimi, she is my most favorite Nigerian playwright. King Emene was another one of her works that is widely read in Nigerian schools.

Others include Zainab Alkali who wrote 'Stillborn' and Helen Ovbiagele of the Pacesetter fame. I swear there has to be a cult following for her book 'Evbu My Love'. Does any one also remember reading 'Sisi' by Yemi Sikuade.

The Newbies

Sefi Atta
This QCOG (Queen's College Old Girl) quit her day job to become a writer and definitely tells a great story in her debut novel 'Everything Good Will Come'. She is definitely one to watch out for and get inspired by.
Read my article about Sefi Atta in the May Issue of NE Online
Listen to Sefi Atta on Wome's Hour on BBC Radio 4

Her follow up title 'Swallow' is coming out soon. Look out for it.

Chimamanda Adichie
This Yale University graduate student is bound to have more titles gracing bookshelves. Here debut novel 'Purple Hibiscus' was a pleasure to read. I am currently reading her second book 'Half of A Yellow Sun' and it is fantastic. I am actually taking my time on it because I want to save it for my flight and the drive to the village.

In case you missed it, here's my article on Adichie on NE Online

Hear Chimamanda discuss her new novel on Open Book , a BBC Radio program that aired in August.

Helen Oyeyemi
Helen Oyeyemi wrote her first novel when she was 16. Now 20 this barely legal Cambridge graduate doesn't need anyone to employ her because she is a prolific writer. Two of her plays have already been performed at the University and her second novel 'The Opposite House' is expected to be released in 2007.

Listen to this NPR program about Helen's book Icarus Girl

Abidemi Sanusi
I have not read Abidemi Sanusi yet but from what I have read about her book Kemi's Journal, I am interested in checking her out. You can too by visiting her blog.

Click here to read samples of God Has Daughters Too and Zacks Story. She happens to be one of the writers listed with Cassava Republic Press which is co-owned by Jeremy 'j-dub' Weate of Naija Blog and his partner, Bibi Bakare-Yusuf.

Another writer to look out for is Unoma Nguemo-Azuah whose book Sky-High Flames just won the Association of Nigerian Authors Flora Nwapa Award for women writers. See event article

Now here's the home work.
Did I miss anyone and have you read any good books or manuscripts lately? Do you guys think there is still a reading culture in Nigeria or has Nollywood totally destroyed it?
Do you think Nigerian kids of today have an appreciation for the classic titles or could even become good writers if they don't read?

Speaking of young Nigerian writers, I will now shamelessly plug my 8 year old cousin Patrick Emerem who just recently had a launch party for his first book title 'Zak's Adventures and Other Stories'. I'll let you know when it gets on Amazon.

It's been real. Hope I served a purpose in your life today. Now go buy a book and give to someone for Christmas.

Monday, November 27, 2006


My friend TC is the first guest blogger!
Please show her some luv....
If you dont know what I'm talking about see - HERE

Now a lot of you are familiar with Glamour magazine's Do's and Dont's; ETV's & US weekly Fashion Police, Life & Style's Oops, What not to wear and most recently ThisDay Style's Hits & Misses and the infamous 'you should have stayed at home.' Ive always wanted to do someting like this but needed the outlet so thanks Bella Naija!!!

DISCLAIMER: Sticking to the fashion theme, this is my look at major fashion faux pas that I see so many Nigerian girls making. It's all very tongue-in-cheek so if you are guilty of any of the ‘crimes’ mentioned below, don't take it personal…

The Just Say NO List

Excessive or Wrong Makeup
Makeup is not a mask! It is supposed to enhance your natural beauty…I see so many girls with way too much very obvious makeup…Another issue is using the wrong foundation or powder colour…that will just make you look like a masquerade…lol Finally - your eyebrows!!! It's not the cutest thing to shave all of yours and then pencil it in all willy nilly..getting all creative with the colors and all please take it a little easy.
Visit a MAC counter to get the right colour and a free makeup lesson…

Very Revealing Clothing
Overly revealing clothing is not sexy! Sorry to disappoint u…I have loads of guy friends (very fine ones lol) and I asked them this question – when a girl reveals nearly everything…is it sexy? The unanimous response was if it's overdone, it makes the girl looks very tacky and cheap. Nuff said. One misdirected wind or any excessive dancing/movement can cause this fyne babe a 'Janet' i.e Janet Jackson's infamous SuperBowl wardrobe malfunction.
Aim for the grown and sexy look rather than the Akin Adesola & Sanusi Fafunwa at midnight…

Designer Logo Riot
So you love Dior or Louis Vuitton…Oh you have the hot new LV Monogram Perforation Speedy bag and then you decide to get the belt as well and you see the shoes and they were so cute! So you buy them and wear them all together… Right? Wrong!You do not have to pile all your designer items on at once. Infact, it cheapens the whole look. Limit it to one obvious (e.g. monogrammed items or items with large logos) designer item per outfit. You are not a walking billboard you know…

I know some people are not going to like this one but its true. Please we are in 2006, you don't have to match your shoes with your bag.I see so many people who wear for example, a black dress with green shoes, a green belt, green bag and green headband…No!

Repeating The Exact Same Outfit
We aren't all J-Lo so often times, you are not going to wear your clothes once then throw it away. The problem repeating the exact same outfit! Just say no! Let me explain…So you wear your crispy white shirt with a pink and silver waist belt, then your dark wash skinny jeans with some slinky silver heels and a multi-coloured metallic clutch. You look fab! You see guys drooling, girls admiring your look, you get loads of compliments! You feel great! Then you repeat the exact same outfit in 3 months…NO! lol
Why not break-up the pieces, combine them with other items in your closet to create fresh new outfits…

Trends By Force
So skinny jeans are in. Waist belts are on the Vogue hot list. You must wear them by…Nooooo! You don't have to follow all the latest trends…it's not for everyone…Skinny jeans might fit Nkechi but not suit Ify…dress to suit your body…another thing, don't pile on too many trends at once – a puffsleeved top with a high-waisted skirt and leggings…no no no!

Another thing is wearing the wrong size of clothing, so you are size 10 at your fav store Jane Norman, you've worn size 10 for years so you go to Mango and try on the size 10 top you luv, it takes you 10 minutes to zip it up, infact you nearly ruin the zipper…eventually u wear it, you cant breathe! I think that should tell you something! Ummm…try a bigger size! Often as women, we are scared to try the bigger size, it means we have grown fat…right? Wrong… You wouldn't want to look like you borrowed your junior sister's clothes…just go with clothes that fit you, don't be obsessed with sizes.

Please don't be caught with a poorly-done weave or cheap-looking wig. Full stop lol
lol...Its true tho...I see soo many girls making these mistakes over and over again...
…on the real, make sure you have good friends who will not be afraid to tell you when you are not looking like your fab self… If that isnt possible, why not get a stylist? Consult Bobby or head Downtown and get your 'do' hooked up!

The Naija Freeze
OK, i know its not snowing in Lagos, maybe in Jos but are knee-high boots, leather pants, leather jackets etc really a neccesity?? I once wore these wicked pair of suede knee high boots to a party in JS 3 and i felt really cool with myself but not in 2006 abeg, i always wonder if the babes have socks on or if their feet are just a-sweatin and a-sufferin' in them boots!

And on a final note, this dude on the right is guilty of something - i just don't know what it is yet! He's a fashion judge tho' so maybe an exception to the rule.

I would have loved to do some FASHION YES's but there's not enough time! Maybe next time :) Please let me know what you think about today's post - By no means am i a fashion stylist or critic (well not a professional one) but these are my opinions and as for the pictures - if anyone is offended by the pictures - i apologise in advance. I did not take them, i merely found them online and posted them on here..If by chance you appeared on today's post as well: Don't take the pictures personally - just dont be a repeat offender and all will be well! Peace and love guys...TC signing out!


Hey Everyone,

As I said, this week is going to be different and I really meant it!
I'm off on a lil' trip for the next week, I am going to the States - MD/DC to be exact for a week of business mixed with pleasure (hahhahhahah), I havent been on holiday since June so its about time! Anyway, I will NOT be blogging!
A couple of my friends and blogsweethearts will be guest blogging....
I can assure u that it will be on FIYAH!
So have fun and enjoy!
Everyday will feature different guest blogger...
I cant tell u who they are yet, you'll just have to pop by and see for yourself....
Please show them some luv and leave your comments!

Much Luv!

Friday, November 24, 2006


I'm so envious of all of you in the states who have a couple of days off work/school for thanksgiving!
Have fun while it lasts!

I know people in ATL and MD/DC will be going buck crazy because of all the thanksgiving parties and events!
I know the other half of y'all have gone to visit your boyfriends and girlfriends in VA, NY, Florida, Chi-Town, Michigan...even jand. Now, that's gangsta! lol.....

Here is a very short Weekend Luv.....

Oh by the way, next week is going to be DIFFERENT...I shall not let the cat out of the bag yet tho...come back on Monday to find out!

Here's Oluchi and her husband, Luca Luca outside his store on Madison Avenue in NY, a couple of days ago....
awww they are tooo cute!

Baba Alaye's Blog
What can I say? I'm feelin' it.....its funny, witty and all tht
It won't appeal to everyone, its kinda controversial...just check on it

Nomoreloss - Iyawo Asiko
Nomoreloss - Grass to Grace
I luv nomoreloss.....he is sooo talented....his last album was pure fiyah and he has a new one coming out soon...make sure u buy it! check out these from has last album!

Lord of Ajasa Feat 2 Phat - Otiya
Quite a popular song...its not bad at all...its not for everyone tho...

Tht's it folks!
Have a great thanksgiving weekend!

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Y'all know I luv fashion!
I am sooo proud of the Nigerian fashion scene....
Today's post is all about fashion...check on it!

Bola Balogun and Omoyemi Akerele of Exclusive Styling and Imaging Consultants.
They are hands down Nigeria's top stylists!
They have transformed image consultancy into a lucrative business and viable career option.
Bola was a New-York based fashion stylist for several years while Yemi is a lawyer turned stylist.They are fashion consultants to True Love Magazine and Genevieve Magazine and they also style many fab and fashionable Nigerian women. They are both utterly fab!
I won't say too much because their work speaks for itself!

Check out the previously featured True Love fashion spreads styled by Yemi - HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE
You can checkout an exclusive video of Bola and Yemi in action below!
The video is from Studio 53 and also features Kemi Adetiba, Lisa Folawiyo of Jewel by Lisa, Bobby Eke of Bobby Signature and Odion Oseni of Odion Mimonet

Do you think image consulting is a possible career?
What do you think of Yemi and Bola making Kemi over?
Let us know!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Hey everyone!!!
I have really missed you guys!!
Thanks for sticking with bellanaija
Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well…
I’m sure you are all gearing up for the holiday season……no matter where u r I know its going to be fun…
Anyway unto today’s stuff…hope you enjoy it!
Please leave your comments…Much luv MUAH


Beauty pageants are a big deal in Nigeria…
Most beauty queens become celebrities while very few become legends…forever embedded in Nigerian pop culture history….
Here are some of Nigeria’s most famous beauty queens and an update on where they are now.

Helen Prest Ajayi
Miss Nigeria 1979, Helen Prest Ajayi’s image is deeply embedded in the minds of many Nigerians (including blogger Molara Wood). She served as Miss Nigeria with grace and composure and is one of the beauty queens of note.
She represented Nigeria in various beauty pageants including the Miss World pageant. Helen is a graduate of Obafemi Awlowo University and also holds a LLB and LLM from the prestigious Kings College London. Helen writes a popular lifestyle column in ThisDay Style. She is the Creative Director of Media Business Company and

Bianca Onoh Ojukwu
Bianca is the only Nigerian beauty queen who resigned from her position (although some reports say she was forced out). She won the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria crown in 1989 and went on the win the Miss Intercontinental crown. Bianca became embroiled in controversy when it was revealed that she was dating her father’s close friend – Biafra leader - Chief Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu. It turned out to be a serious relationship as they got eventually got married. It took more than a decade but after many years of animosity, her father Chief Christian Onoh finally relented and she and Ojukwu formally married in the 2001. Bianca runs a successful cosmetics company in Enugu where she resides with Ojukwu and their twins.

Regina Askia Williams
Regina Askia didn’t actually win the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 1989 crown but when Bianca Onoh resigned halfway through her reign, Regina took the crown.
She represented Nigeria in various international beauty pageants and proved herself to be a worthy beauty queen.
This hazel-eyed former Miss Unilag stayed in the spotlight by pursuing a career in acting. She featured in various TV shows including Fortunes and Mega Fortunes. She was also one of the pioneering actors in Nollywood.
Regina presently lives in New York where she is a prominent figure in the New York-Nigerian entertainment scene. She owns various start-up businesses including Regine Promotions. Regina is married to Ruddy Williams (a former employee of the New York Mercantile Exchange). She has three children - Stephanie Regina Hornecker (her father is a French businessman), Rudolph (Jnr) Williams and Teesa Olympia Williams.

Nike Osinowo
In 1991, Nike Osinowo was crowned as the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria. Beautiful and vivacious, Nike is a Nigerian style icon. Despite being in her 40s, Nike is always impeccably groomed with a wardrobe to die for. She founded one of Nigeria’s first spas (she eventually sold it). Nike is still very active in the Nigerian social scene, she appeared on the cover of Genevieve magazine and discussed her reasons for bucking Nigerian conventional tradition by deciding not get married or have children.
Nike is also very involved in non-profit and humanitarian initiatives.

Agbani Darego
Agbani won the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant in 2001 and went on to secure her place in history by winning the Miss World 2001 crown (she was also a Top 10 finalist n the Miss Universe 2001 pageant where Donald Trump offered her a modelling contract). She became the first black African to win the Miss World title and created a media sensation, she was given a Nigerian honor by President, Olusegun Obasanjo. Agbani is one of the few ex-beauty queens who have gone on to have a successful modeling career. She is a former L’Oreal International model and is currently signed to Next Models New York. Click HERE to see a recent photoshoot and HERE for info on her at UN Fashion For Food show.

Are they good role models?
Are beauty pageants really a path to a brighter future?
What ever happened to all the other pageant winners? Toyin Raji, Sabina Umeh etc…?
What do you think? Let us know!

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Model of the week: Roseline Amusa
Runner-Up Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2005. Now a successful model in SA

Hey everyone,
Ohhhhhh I’m so sorry this is late.
Where do I start, work has been sooooo incredibly mad!
My company is going through major changes and my group is at the centre of it so it’s been busy busy busy!
Plus I just moved so u can imagine how crazy that is!
Though, I went for some dinner thing on Tuesday…FAB
Anyway, here is weekend luv!

The Blogs
Funmi Iyanda
I just have to dedicate this one to Funmi Iyanda.
I’ve linked her blog on the bellanaija linkbar since she started but it still deserves the spotlight…
I read her post yesterday and I cried!
Wow! I luv that she has worked hard and is not a victim of her circumstance…
Utterly Fab!
For yesterday’s emotional post – HERE

Donald Duke
He gets an honourable mention. I like the fact that he has started the blog to reach out to the people. If you haven’t been to Calabar, all I have to say is you have to see it to believe it! Its CLEAN! Obudu is out of this world! Tinapa (even in the construction stage) looked amazing. Check out his blog.

Peep These!
Here is Oluchi Onweagba Orlandi at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The event will be shown on CBS on the 5th of November…This is her 3rd VS Fashion Show… Also check out some pics of Oluchi at the afterparty with fellow VS model, Adriana Lima
**please dont click on the pics if you are allergic to women modelling lingerie**

Oluchi was not alone this time…
Rising model Ajuma from Kenya participated too! Good to see VS repping different kinds of beauty…

Here is Nnenna Agba at the 9th Annual Chocolate Fashion Show which took place in NYC…she actually modelled for Traver Rains and Richie Rich of Heatherette. FAB! Also, Nnenna at Eva Marcelle Pigford's Launch Party for her new BET-J TV Show ‘My Model is Better Than Yours’

Here are some casual pics of Face of Africa 2006, Venantia Otto…She’s a natural beauty…

Hits and Vids
Banky – My Regret - Audio
Banky! Talented dude! Need I say more? Icy and BGT have gushed about him, I featured him in Rising Soulstars feature and admire him so much! Check out this song…..I introduced this song to my friend, Miss O more than a year ago and this is still her fav jam. HOT!
You have to buy his album....its a must-have!

P-Square – Temptation - Audio
Here are P-Square’s new vids…
I’m lovin them!
Unforts they lost the MTV Europe Best African Act award. They still rock!


Your Name


Awilo – Cache Cache - Audio
I luv this song…
I usually don’t like this genre of music but I just fell in luv with this song……there are 2 videos for this one…one is a very cute animated vid (luv it but its not online)…here is the other vid...its kinda tacky but you can see it here.

Bonus Track
Lagbaja – Gra Gra - Audio
Aww this reminds me of secondary school when going to see Lagbaja at Motherlan’ was the hotness…
Lagbaja is sooo talented!

By the way, my sister NV and very close sweetheart T’s birthdays were last week!
You both rock! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Have a great weekend!Please leave your comments…I’ll be back on Monday…MUAH

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Hello Aunty Bella,

I need to get this issue off my chest immediately.
I have decided to get breast augmentation after many years of low self-confidence, teasing and insecurity. Some people might find this funny, silly or trivial but is very important to me. I am crippled my shyness and at 25, I have never been in a relationship.
When I was a teenager and I waited and waited for my breasts to grow with no avail.
I would get teased incessantly at school and come home crying. All the other girls were growing while I was left behind. I have tried push-up bras and all the other tricks. They don’t work. I just look awkward and disproportionate.
Aunty Bella, I recently found out that the NHS offers free breast augmentation if a psychiatrist can prove your physique has affected your psychologically and socially. I have passed this stage and had been given a date for the operation. I have even chosen the size, type and all the other details.
Now to my present predicament, on the day of the surgery, I couldn’t bring myself to go. I started having second thoughts. Is this really necessary, how will I explain to my parents, what will people say?
People, please help me. What should I do.

Miss B-Dilemma

Wow...I dont know what to say.
I really feel for her. She obviously has self image issues.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Hey Everyone,
Ah ah...u guys really massacred my South African menswear was too funny.
Thanks sooo much for your honesty tho...

Anyway, with all the sex talk on various Nigerian blogs, I thought that I would throw in my own 2 cents....
I need to emphasize the importance of protecting yourself no matter what kind of activity you are involving yourself in.....
HIV is ravaging the African continent and the African-American community.....don't be a statistic! Use protection at all times.....
Taking a chance without a condom is really not worth the risk...
Remember though, the safest form of contraception is abstinence...

Enough of my PSA, MTV Base Africa has a new show that tackles a lot of the vital issues affecting African youth.....Its called MTV Uncensored
I really luv this show!
You can watch all the episodes on the web - HERE

The roving reporter of the show is Karima Ronke Onitiri...
She had a fab True Love cover feature....Check it out!

Karima looks gorgeous in this shoot...
She is also a very enterprising young lady as she also owns an accessories line called Soul Skin...
Check it out and let us know what you think!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I feature a lot of African women's fashion but often the guys feel left out.
Today, its all about the MEN!
Check out some Hot African Fashion for the Gentlemen....ummm and its also a good opportunity for us ladies to oogle some eye

Designer: Sun Godd

Designer: The Holmes Brothers

Designer: Amanda Laird Cherry

Designer: House of Ole

Soooo what do you think?
Hot or Not?
Ladies, would you like your man to wear any of these?
Gentlemen, would you rock any of these?

Let us know what you think.....