Thursday, November 08, 2007


Hello Everyone,
Just wanted to thank everyone for your support since I started this blog.
Its really been an amazing experience!
A couple of days ago, I clicked on my sitemeter, I hardly check this thing but I wanted to see how things were going and alas what did I spot -
We've reached the 1,000,000 milestone!!!
I cant believe it but I feel really blessed.
Anyways, the purpose of this post is to invite y'all to be part of the BellaNaija Team.
Together we can take it to the next level.
I am seeking editors for fashion, music, scene or a blend of everything!
The BellaNaija style is more about quality than quantity so you should be prepared to deliver at least one HOT post a week.
- The fashion editor should be prepared to seek fashion photos, find new Nigerian/African design talent, conduct interviews etc...
- The Pop Culture (TV, Music, Books) editor should be prepared to interview top Nigerian musicians, find the latest songs and videos, find out about the latest TV shows etc...
- The Scene editor will be ideally based in Lagos, Nigeria. Be prepared to attend top notch events (not such a hard one), label photos of 'celebs', interview inspiring women etc...
There is no financial pay for these positions and they are for the blog (not a magazine) but there will be perks plus you will have the option of being part of something BIGGER in the near future. Dedication, passion, drive and commitment are a must!!!
This is also a good opportunity to promote your fashion label etc...I am also open to other ideas for positions so if you think I am missing something, pitch the idea!
I also welcome any occasional contributors who want to pitch in now and then. You will get full credit for your efforts!
Just send me an email - tell me more about yourself, perhaps a link to your website/blog, documents & photos of your recent work etc...