Friday, September 22, 2006


Hey people!!!
How’s it going? Thank God It's Friday!!!!! So what have you guys been up to? My week was cool
First thing, I finally registered the bellanaija website …YAY! U don’t even know what happened…..I wanted to register it a few months ago but a cybersquatter hijacked the .com…I was sooooo disappointed…anyways, I actually prayed about it and checked it today and viola it was available…so whenever you want to visit, you can go to
Hope u guys enjoyed bellanaija this week…. Hopefully, next week will be even better! Thanks to all the people who emailed and left comments…it’s much appreciated!
Anyways, let’s unleash our weekend update!

TaureanMinx tells us about Nigerian teenagers emulating Paris Hilton…sad - HERE
Nigerian musician, African China was falsely accused then found innocent in the UK– HERE and HERE
Remember to vote for Miss Nigeria World, Abiola Bashorun at the Miss World Contest - HERE

Zai Princesa’s Blog
Miss Zai’s Blog is juicy…the way she weaves through her stories is enthralling
Abby’s Blog
Explore the life of a young Nigerian lady trying to get into Med School…very interesting
Naija Bloke’s Blog
Packed with the latest Nigerian jokes and titbits…always a fun read

Lemar – It’s Not That Easy- Audio - Video
Lemar Obika is a UK artist though his parents are Nigerian…those in the UK are well acquainted with him from Fame Academy…here is his new song that’s getting mad airplay on Nigerian radio…
*Bonus Track – Lemar - Time To Grow - English Version - English/French Version…Absolutely Beautiful Song!!!!!

Sasha – Emi Le Gan - Audio
Classic track of the week…Sasha is hot like fiyah! This is her only ever solo single (hard to believe…huh) Hopefully she will release her album soon cause I can’t wait! This is a great song……check it out!

Sauce Kid – Gbasibe - Audio
We talked about Sauce Kid earlier this week….here is another hit from him…it’s hot!

By the way did anyone watch the Grey’s Anatomy Season 3 premiere? Utterly great! Wow…I love that show…I actually got to watch episode 2 as well…

Anyways…let us know what u think!
Have a great weekend


Angie said...

oopps!!! First again..
I love that old school pic bella...i m really feeling it, wish i cld have a pic of myself that looks like dat(b4 and during
Anyway my week was fine...a bit boring though cos had almost nothing to do at work. But by God's special grace shld be having a job switch very soon to something better(both career and pay wise).
I totally enjoyed bellanaija this week.
Hope y'll had a wonderful week too

dipotepede said...

Hi bella,

You only changed the domain name and retained the site!

What's the objective?

Icy said...

Angie...errrr I'm about to take that 1st title off your hands lol! Bella see wetin u don cause o hmp!
Lamar I've been hooked on for 3 yrs he's really good. I gotta say interviewing Sauce for Nigerian Entertainment was errr wuuss the word interesting.... all the ebonics triped me I won't even lie lol!

Sasha is just talented wut con we say naw.

Congrats on registering yaaaaay.. Now design a full website holla at me hahahaha yes o I'm soliciting Bellanaija business ur shit is hot lol
Have a lovely wkd babz!

LondonBuki said...

I'm so jealous of you guy's over there... Grey's Anatomy is still on the 2nd season here so we have a long wait!

Lemar is good and he did not even win the reality show, Fame Academy, he was on... he's done very well.

Have a fab weekend.

Angie said...

I hav playing Sasha and Lemar's songs over and over again on my PC since i downloaded it. tanx bella!!!
I m sure my co-workers will soon start complaining but till then....

ABBEY said...

miss bella...thanks for the link!

Parazone Super Bleach said...

What a great picture! are those some randome peeps? or people that you know? Very nice!

Will have to down loand my slice of "weekend love" (said wit a sexy voice) When I get home. Have a great weekend Bells and everybody!

nosa101 said...

The template is baaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!!!!


Dammie said...

LoL, Is that Oluchi?!?!........and YaY! on the .com!!!...

Have a lovely weekend!!


mona said...

Thanks babe u always represent have a good weekend xxx

mona said...

Come baack...I've re-re-blogged lolol

zaiprincesa said...

uuuhh,....*Sniff* Thanks for the shout out, bonita. You are TOO KEWL!!!Congrats on registering ur site...HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND!

zaiprincesa said...

oooh, and GREY'S ANATOMY SEASON PREMIER WAS OFF THE CHAIN!!! TURNED OFF MY FONE FOR THAT WHOLE HOUR...and then i tivo'd so in love with Mcdreamy....!Ciaodic

Ehi said...

hey girl,
Congrats on the .com; yes Grey's was great I lurvve that show.
Bellanaija was fun this week as always...keep it up.
Have a lovely weekend

Anonymous said...

emi le gan is my jam!
thks a mill

Anonymous said...

oh yeah she's also got another solo...adara which is really hot too.

Anna said...

I am so in love with oluchi's pic. that sepia tone is amazing.

On a more serious note people, i think coporal pushnishment should be intensified to control all these brainless, oversexualised teenages. who in their right state of mind will taped themsleves shagging? eiii african children of today !!!!
Parent... do not spear the road!!!!!oooo
Gosh, i could not even hug a dude when i was around that age. (err.... figuratively)

i think i am getting too personal with this. enough!

Bella what's poppin? i hear you were accidently kissed this oyibo lad? is it true?

Anonymous said...

LMAO @ Anna's comment
Yes O! do not spear the road!!!!!oooo
those kids are crazy! anyway, great blog BN. loves it!

Anonymous said...

I love ur blog. Ur doing a great job!! I was wondering if u have Konkon below because I love that song. Thanks

Bella Naija said...

Thanks for the luv...
I'll put up Konkon below on Friday

Anonymous said...

yup!Sasha really needs to drop an album..i mean she sings emi ma legan at every event she is asked to perform at!
Lemar is off d hook,and to think he didnt even win famed acedemy

Anonymous said...

Naija music is moving o..Now u can go to a party and they are blasting only 9ja gbedu...i really like p-Squared ...who has seen temptation video by them