Friday, March 23, 2007


Model Of The Week – The gorgeous and ageless Iman rockin’ Rachel Roy at the Rachel Roy collection launch at Saks…Luv it!
Thanks to YBF for the pic

Hey Everyone,
How was your week? My week was so-so because I am still trying to make my ‘big’ decision and it’s not getting any easier…oh well, Jesus take the wheel!
I really appreciate everyone that visits this blog, thanks so much for the comments and support. If you have any constructive criticism, advice or ideas, please email me at or leave a comment. MUAH~
So sorry this is late…. Work has been rather hectic lately…
Hmmm, I think I need to visit an island somewhere…LOL
Oh by the way, have you ever visited It’s a fab site but they are trying to revamp and relaunch it so if you are interested in contributing articles to SimplyForUs – Politics, Fashion, Music, Career, Whatever!~ Just email me your article and ideas to
Please put Simply For Us in the Subject Line.

Oh Gosh, there is sooo much I wish I could write on this blog but I just cant …my life is just like a soap opera…always something super-dramatic going on! LOL
Anyways, this is Weekend Luv – The Better Late Than Never Edition

Mr. FineBoy’s Blog
LMAO! This blog is part of the Coalition Of Blogs Trying To Get Me Fired From Work (abbrev. COBTTGMFFW…lol) When I click on this blog, I find myself laughing out loud! Anyways, you really NEED to visit this blog ASAP…. Plus dude is really fine…don’t ask me how I know! LOL

Mrs. Somebody’s Blog
I just love this blog! Mrs.Somebody’s blog is a must read!

What’s Hot
Funmi Iyanda attended the Hip Hop World Magazine Awards - HERE
Funmi looks gorgeous!!!!, Tana - I'm proud of u, D'Banj Infact I give up...I am officially a kokolet

The Blogger Bachelorettes and winner are revealed - HERE
Adaure is 3 away from 30…please go show her some luv, she is really going a great job @ Silverbird - HERE
Read all about Dammie A's fabulous NY! I'm hating - HERE
Nigerian actor, Francis Agu (remember him from Checkmate?) is Dead. RIP - HERE
Toni Payne is back with lots of gist of her adventures in Nigeria, hope u r feeling better girl! - HERE
Help Ene via Boorish Male's blog - I hope we can rally and support - HERE
Chude debates Amazing Grace – Fact or Fiction… - HERE
Apparently, Sanaa Lathan and Nigerian NFLer Wale Ogunleye are dating...I love Sanaa but I cant help being mad at her because that Wale dude is just too ......

The Hits
2Face – Real Love
I love love love this song! Lord knows that I didn’t think 2Face could do it again but this song proves me wrong…. I lovvvvvvve it! Check on it….You have to BUY this album!

Baba Dee ft Sound Sultan & 2Face – Sodi E
Baba Dee, his brother Sound Sultan and 2Face…..Love it! Very fab blend…the nostalgic sample with the modern Nigerian touch! U need to check on it!
I think there might be a problem with the audio quality...I'll try to fix it and reupload but its still worth listening to

Dr.Alban - Hello Africa
LOL…memories…'Hello Africa tell me how u doing?' LMAO

Anyways, have a great weekend!
Take care and have fun! I will definitely be out doing something fun…I have a hot date tonite..One of my co-workers saw me in the elevator and was like 'Bella, u have a date tonight, right? it written on my' Anyways, Miss TC (u know who u r), don’t hate! haahhahah



Dammie said...

I am FIRSTTT, YaY, must be a fabulous weekend!!

Iman is soooo freaking gorgeousss, MY GAWD!!!

You've been raving about this fineboy's blog...i'm off to check it!!!

Sanaa, and her guy look superhottttt.....i hope they follow it throughhh....anyhoo...going to click on the 1billion links u have up there......

XxHave a fab weekendxX

Anonymous said...

hi bella,i just started reading ur blog and i most say LOVIN IT ! am addicted now,honestly. i didnt know nigeria was becoming a hot spot like this. I am half nigerian and although i do go to nigeria often but i've never seen this side of it so this is really interesting to me. anyway i was curious about ur blog,do u get any benefits from it? do u actually live in naija?
well,thanks for filling us in.Oh! i just started my own shoe line,if ur interested i'll send u infor on website starting date,working on it now.take care!
best wishes; X

bibi said...

who is tana, i think we'll have to share dbanj oo. his pic has been my laptop wallpaper all week...i guess that makes me a

Bella Naija said...

Hey Dammie, you are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Thanks Anon, I don't get benefits, but please email me your shoeline info @ i'm defo interested.

@ Bibi, Tana is a TV presenter {Channel O}. She's a really sweet girl.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Have a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

hahan, i mst give u props oh for keepin on my pc for ages without winking. its from ur post to one link, from 1 link to the other.

liking the naija pics, them dey show say dem sef dey there with the red carpet and all. They shld have changed the colour of the carpet at least to make it not seem as if they'r

girl, keep reping us, its naija 4 laif no mata what jere.

Anonymous said...

omg i cant believe francis is dead.....may his soul rest in peace...oh u have a fab blog bella.lovin everytin

damsel in the desert said...

sad to hear about Francis Agu... RIP.

My bro did the close-up sponsored post-award-winners exit interviews at the awards. He was really excited about it. He said he had a lot of fun.

I told him to give a shout out to 2face for me if he got to interview him. Well, he said 2face just boned his side and decided to talk to his girl co-host.

I'm still trying to decide if 2face should go on my shit list for that...

Anonymous said...

what was Frances Agu`s role in Checkmate...i cant seem to remember him....

Miss Chi Chi said...

Sanaa is sooooooooooooo lucky! That Wale is all types of fine.

~CeeJay~ said...

Iman is freaking gorgeous!!!! the tani chic is fine though i don't know who she is. and as for Dbanj, I am still trying to figure out what people like about his music. Maybe its just me.

Well done Bella. I would say you should be one of the most popular naija bloggers in blog history, lol. X

Anonymous said...

First of all Bella, God bless you for that 2Face track. It is simply awesome!!
I have absolute respect for him

mba5 said...

Always a good read....

Mba5 (formerly known as Ababoy)

Confused Naija Girl said...

BN thanks for the sodi e track. I have been looking for that song forever!!!
great work as always.

ABBEY said...

franscis agu is dead?! the name is familiar but I can't remember the face. What was his character on check mate? May his soul RIP.

Iman looks beautiful as usual!

Nice Post.

Favoured Girl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Favoured Girl said...

Iman looks so good. She must have some wonderful genes. Thanks for the 2Face song. Girl, your blog keeps me current. D'banj is hot too, he should keep doing his thing.

Meanwhile have a fab date Bella. Come and tell us about it in your next post!

tatafo! said...

See Sanaa and Wale looking too cute!!! Loving Iman and the awards coverage, some very 'stealable' looks lol. And damn! they managed to invite Diana Ross?! That's what's up!

Oh ehen Bella I hope that your date was with your boo and you're not stepping out on the fella ;)

Have a blessed weekend!

Jaycee said...

Sanaaaaa L. & Wala Ogunleye dating???? LOLLLLL....hmmm...that's juicy!!!! Lolll @ being jealous...awww..LUCKY SANAAA...I hope he teaches her romance 101 (naija style...)

As always...I LOVEEEEEEEE ur weekend editions, now lemme go and watch idols west africa before I leave...

Vickii said...

I'm so out of touch with Nigerian happenigs, it's only thanks to your blog that I can add the occasional comment to a converation and then when people look at me in surprise, look back like 'and? Am I not Nigerian too?' ... lol, keep up the good work.

Sanaa and her guy look cute together.

Anonymous said...

Francis agu played Benny boy Haatrup in Checkmate.

Anonymous said...

You guys should go over to Theres some drama over there about Dan Foster, read the comments!!!

chidi said...

i've been trying to remember who francis Agu is but i can't. Has he acted in any popular 9ja movie?
I've been checking out Mrs Somebody's blog & i feel her blog is amazing. Bella, i think you should also check out Nijawifes blog. Its all about a nigerian wife, her inlaws & what has been happening in her married freinds lives. You won't beleive things like this still go on in this century.

mystoriesmytestimonies said...

may his(francis agu) soul rest in perfect peace

bella have a blessed weekend

Mr.Fineboy said...

Wow, Wale Ogunleye and Sanaa Lathan?? Correct guy!
BTW I love your blog Bella! And thanks for showing a brotha love! That was sweet. Have a great week!

Kpakpando said...

Mehn D'Banj looks like such a tout, but I seriously like that about him... the bobo is trying to destroy me with his little sexy self.

Sanaa berra check her crazy self and leave our naija broda alone before she damages him.

beninmwangi said...

Wow, your blog is too hot to touch! I'm in! I love the post on Iman.

Have you ever been to G. Kofi Anan's blog called Anansi Chronicles? I think that your two blogs complement each other very well.

bimbylads said...

see me o.. i need to visit naija real soon! kai.. who is wale ? who is sanna? anyhoo, both of them are fine !!

Francis AGu is dead? sad sad :( may his soul RIP ( amen)

iman.. iman.. i beef her.. i do beef her.. how someone be soo fine like that?
Mrs somebody and MR fineboy are my latest addictions.. after u BELLA!!

have a fab week!

Mona said...

Thanks for all the useful info dear xx

Chude! said...

Oh Damsel your brother was the guy at the Gordon Spark lobby? Cool. 2face isnt usually like that o. He's really humble so something must have been up. E da kun.

Kpakpando, there's no need for us to fight it anymore o. All the guys are kokomasters, the girls are kokolets and those who fight it to much are mamalets. Long Live Dbanj!

The whole hate comments thing in Linda's blog is so unfair. So wicked and unfair. I felt so sorry for her especialy cos it was my first time on her blog.

Shame about Francis Agu. Especially cos things were rather rough in the final days I hear.

Abeg Dimples e da kun (have mercy) I can't shoot my mouth off any more than I have!

Thanks Bella for showing continuing love... And it's yet another post for all Bella Naija addicts!

Anonymous said...

Wale will soon dump Sanaa's tired ass... i can't stand the old hag... not contect with almsot breaking up Denzel's marriage... now she is cradle rocking too... shio!

Kpakpando said...

Chude, I'm sorry I have to put up some kind of fight, see as the razz bobo's swagger is hypnotizing me.

Pearl said...

Isn't Mr. Nigeria in Tosin Martins ''olomi'' music video? if he's one of the dancers then some transformation has taken place. Looking at other contenders for mr World, it seems like he stands a chance. Re: Dakore and Lou Akande I think they're flauting their relationship a lil more than want to keep some exclusivity as a 'naija celeb' couple. Okay your dating but keep it on the down low.These press people are known to make and surely break...and noo i'm not hating, just sayin'

damsel in the desert said...

Not too sure if he was at the Gordon Spark's lobby... All I know is that the segment was sponsored by Close Up and he had to wear a Close Up t-shirt.

I've always known 2-face to be humble... maybe something was up...

I still love him