Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Photography has really exploded in Nigeria!
With all the new photo studios offering professional services and the wonderful photographers we all see on shutterchance, photography among Nigerians is no longer child’s play.
My favourite photographer is Toyin ‘T.Y’ Bello nee Sokefun
She is a multi-talented young lady who was part of the group, KUSH (remember, Angels and Lets Live Together?), she also studied economics at the University of Lagos.
T.Y is one of Nigeria’s foremost photographers and is part of the prestigious 'Depth of Field' Collective

I luv her work plus she's so down-to-earth...
I also luv her bohemian style...uber fab!

Here is some of T.Y’s work and a Studio 53 feature on her.

**watch the vid, its worth it!**

Since we are on the photography tip, here are my fav photoblogs:
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That's it folks!
Let us know what u think!
I luv photo 3 so much! I'm sure all u ladies can relate...
I luv T.Y's work and style - What do you think of her?
Photography as a profession- Thumbs up or Thumbs down?


Dammie said...

OMG!...I am 1st!....and I'm sooo happyy coz i LOVEE photography!!....She's quite the guy in the suit smoking between the busses!!!


Dammie said...

.......just looked at her youtube thing..Tooo impressed!...her photographs r lovely!!

Anonymous said...

Great collection of photos. Would love to see fashion photographers.

RefinedOne said...

...Totally blownaway!!!!

just been to the website, but could not view any more of her work or the other photographs....

weldone, I am so luving this blogsite, bella :)

I like the pic with that guy smoking and the bus behind ( o! so creative)

Makes me so proud to be Nigerian!

More of this Bella (you are my cultural sis) the window into the
alternative creativity of Nigeria.

Nilla said...

I love her pictures in the video.

Is that not Mrs Omokorede in the Pushy Mum video...that voice!

Parazone Super Bleach said...

T.Y is very talented. She took some pictures of a family member of mine and I was blown to bits! I can't wait for my very own photo shoot with her some day!Photography as a profession? Absolutely!

Uzo said... as a profession. A friend of mine is pretty successful as well- Seyi Body-Lawson.

TY did some stunning pictures for a friend of mine as well when she was carrying her baby. Absolutely amazing. I have to say that Jide Alakija and Taurean Minx are mad talented as well...

confusednaijagirl said...

i have been a silent reader of your blog, its great to finally write something, niaja seems to be getting better in entertainment in general

Naijadude said...

TY can sure work wonders with the camera, my fav is the supposedly "father and son" is so good!
Nice blog you always have as ever. And that youtube video I saw it long time ago, I still cant get over it...mega-funny!

Have a blessed one!

NaijaBloke said...

Bella me I dan vex o ..u no like my photoblog( o ..
Been following Toyin's work for a minute ..shez good
Nice post sha ..
U take care

ABBEY said...

nice photos...i love the one with the hair. For some reason it makes it look like child abuse to have to go and get such pain inflicted on a child weekly. I remember back then I didn't know the names of the women that braided my hair for me, I just knew them by whose hands hurt the most and whose were the lightest.

The guy smoking behind the buses is a classic. nice one bella

Icy said...

Another outstanding post. Thanks Bella. I actually spoted Tiwa's work from an Art Gallery here in Miami! I blogged about their work then (Friday, August 18, 2006 on my blogspot blog.) And it's weird cuz now when I see certain works I can tell her signature shoooting style. Totally inspiring young woman. That footage was great.. Thanks bella for awa daily entertainment Bread.. RAWK ON MAMA!

Vera Ezimora said...

Photography as a job/career? Two thumbs wayyyyyy up!! I wish I could do it too, but I hardly have the patience. Hmmmm, maybe some day I will, right? Hehehehe

T.Y.'s photography is marvellous! And I do agree with you that I can relate 2 that 3rd picture. I can't really say that I have missed the pain...although I do miss having the pretty hair, but dang!

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah photography is a profession! Saw TY two days ago in a gallery across the street from my office and she was rolling in a niiiiiiicccceee black range rover sport.
photography pays i tell you :)

Dimples said...

Totally agree a profession men!!! But it’s fair to say after some sort of degree or qualification has to be in the background somewhere (especially if u have Naija parents)
I’ve seen some of TY’s work in Thisday In style magazine and it’s really good….well done girl…still remember when she use to sing as a UNILAG student in Rock Solid(arm of House of the Rock)..way way B4 the KUSH days…

Anyways nice to see my dear dear friends Asiko and Alakija getting the thumbs up now these 2 guys are good examples infact… YES they have the passion of the art of photography..but between the two one has a masters and the other a that is sense.

Have a FAB Christmas all

Mona said...

I thot u werent goin2 big up awon shutterchancers - nice one ;o) that TY babe is really good...I'm also shouting out for my friend Tosin Oshinowo, she had something at terrakulture 2 years ago like a photo gallery thing, unfortunately she's not on shutterchance cos she's so busy she's an architect but she's really good lol - gosh I'm an a$$ kisser sha

Well done babyyy, I'm such a lazy blogger - naij is fun lol xxx

Calabar Gal said...
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Calabar Gal said...

Bella - you are a darling as always!!! I've followed TY's progress from KUSH and to her photography work and I love her work absolutely!! She is a living testimony that one shouldnt limit his or her talents to one field only!! She really is an exemplary artist!!!
I discovered shuterchance through Etomi and Onada's photoblogs and I'm discovering new things everyday through them!! Shutter Chance has improved my own photogrphy skills a lot too as well as enlightened me about the photography tools out there. I always make it a point of duty to have a look at all the naija photoblogs on shutterchance and the pictures are lovely and unique!!

Just like you bella - you open our eyes to so many things in this world!! Thanks for being there and have a merry xmas and a prosperous new year ahead!!!

@Naijabloke: I am going to have a look at ur photoblog this very moment!!! LOL!! Maybe I'll find something to yab u about from there and dish out the yabis the way u dish out yabis to the rest of us all.

Koketso said...

Good for her! I love her style. Her work is really amazing. I am also one person who is always and has always loved taking pictures. Theres always so much to capture. Gotta love it.

zaiprincesa said...

ooohh...thnx for tha shoutout bella...even though ive been a lazy photographer lately...focusing more on my paintings..But im a shutterchance very talented people. Happy Holidays.....

Onada said...

ty?? definately a thumbs up! she is very talented.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

This has everything to do with talent and she has it in buckets. I have tried to my hand in photography and have chosen to stay where Im good at.LOL.

Elsie said...

Hi Bella, great post today. T.Y's photos are lovely and she's very creative. I think you can make a good living out of pretty much anything (within reason of course :) as long as youre exceptionally good at it and have a real passion for it, which she obviously does. I agree with dimples though, best if youve got a degree or qualifications behind you, just in case.

Thanks for visiting the photoblog, im glad you like it. I really enjoy yours too and visit often -although i think we're both guilty of not commenting :)

Have a lovely christmas..