Monday, May 19, 2008


Hi Everyone,
How are y’all doing?
So sorry I have been MIA.
I was in South Africa for a lil bit and had little no internet access…on the bright side, my trip was really fab!
Last week, work has been crazzzy! I actually started writing this blog post last week but havent had time to continue until now. I was in my office soooo late all through last week. Crazy!

So what have you been up to? I can’t wait for ‘summer’. The months of June, July and August are my favs. Something exciting always jumps off.
So how was your weekend? Mine was soooooo good!

MADE Magazine held an event last week. Here are some photos.

Ini Edo and her date - Sarah Ofili

Ikechukwu & Naeto C - Sasha P - Obi Asika

Felix Okoye - Sokari Biggs - Model, Titi Adelagun

Mimi Akintobi - Tosyn Bucknor - Noble Igwe

Sike Idowu - Onohi Iremiren - Bisola Kamson

Archie Ezenagu - Matthew Mensah - Ugo Okoye

Tokunboh Benson & Funke Ogunde - Bimbo & Seyi Oladapo

Nwando Ozobia - GT Guitarman - Olisa Adibua

Kehinde Okunoren - Yemi Adebonojo - Gbenga Ashiru & Mark Slade

DJ Sose - Ruby Dabbour - Bimbo Ashiru


Other Guests

Photo Credit: Purefoto

Best Dressed Ladies
Lola Maja - Joke Ladoja

Both ladies hit opposite sides of the style spectrum, Lola went for the classic but sexy little black dress by Yemi O while Joke went for the quirky choice with bold choices in cut, colour and accessories. Uber fab!
Congrats to comedian, Basketmouth (Bright Okpocha), he's now a daddy! His girlfriend, Elsie Uzoma gave birth to a baby boy earlier this month. The baby's name is reportedly Jason.

That's it for today.
Tomorrow, promise!


Anonymous said...

I am first!

I am pweety and my name is Wummi!


Adaure said...

been like forever since i made top

littleangel4christ said...

Love ur choice for best dressed...
Loved d black dress
And hw was ur trip? Glad 2 hv u

Ifeoma-adiagwuagwu said...

Bella, you are so right about the best dressed ladies.

Anonymous said...

Ikechukwuuuuuuuuu... Nnaeto C. Obi Asika.

Arewa! said...

yayy!! i'm 6th!!! glad you're back Ms Bella.

BrownSugar said...

Yippee! Top ten ... Was getting worried Bella! How u doin? Yes, yes, definitely feeling that black dress! Uber fab!!

BrownSugar said...
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chioma said...

Dayum, Bella... everytime i read your blog, I just wanna catch the very next flight back to naija land, Allah.
Welcome bck and keep it coming....

chayoma said...

love the black dress. good choice.

BrownSugar said...

I'm amazed at myself! Excited and scrambling to type so fast as to make it to the top ten. Lol! Oh well, it's for a worthy cause!
And I'm feeling the "Unrulies" very much!!

Anonymous said...

... the black dress was right thurrr. And the 2nd one? The B.O.M.B, I am loving it.

shop liquorice said...

joke ladoja was def one of our favorites too! we had a post up about this last week.

welcome back, bella!

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Love the Kosibah Dress
Loveeeee Made Magazine! Do you know how to get it in Yankee?
Oh and I have the hots for Naeto C...think I said this on your blog already,lol

Olu said...
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Biodun said...

Hey Bella, can I please get ur e-mail addy, I need to ask you a question. Take care!

Waffarian said...

The black dress is beautiful but that your other

@Olu: slippers ke? Those heels are hot men!

Fausset said...

judging from the pictures, i dont think the ladoja dress desrves best dressed but i guess thats ur choice...the other black dress was nice tho

UNRULY INC said...

NAETO C looks hot...
as always

We think Tosyn and Noble look ab-fab,
but then again, we are biased!

Just so you know,
LOLA of the UNRULIES is a a JBL dress, and Chris (editor of MADE MAG), is in a CLOTHSENSE original

LOLA (best dressed female) Maja's BLACK dress was designed by YEMI OSUNKOYA and is from the YEMI O couture line

And lets do a shameless plug of Tosyns blog!
To read Tosyns take on fashion on the MADE night, pls go to her blog!

Glamfabfashion said...

The black dress worn by one chosen the best dressed is quite lovely.

Anonymous said...

What's with Nigerian musicians/actors/celebreties having kids outside wedlock?


loving the outfits you singled out on the best dressed ladies. Nice post as usual

Anonymous said...

@ hellish.. why hate?

Eny said...

lol @ heliish............but yeah realy what do those 'celebrities' do? cos i have no clue(seriously)!

I realy cant complain on the outfits in this post to be honest...........most of them (90%) were on point and good to look at! Ini Edo looks realy fly! So did the other gurls ......... i realy dont have any complaints about their weaves this time(normally, i do, lol). Naija gurls rawk!!!!!! hehe.

Make sure you fulfil your promise bella....cos i'l be back 2morrow, lol!

Chameleon said...

im sorry to say but basketmouth looks deranged in that picture.

are his eyes usually so wide?

lol@ hellish.... i feel u tho!

Chameleon said...

oh and bella....... follwin on from the repeatin baffs post, pls u need to do one abt wearing an outfit and seeing someone wearing the same thing! that personally is my worst nightmare.

Anonymous said...

oh my!!JOKE was best dressed- aint nothing new there... Shes always had that 'thing'...

Anonymous said...

bella that ur secong pick no make am waffarian said mba!!!lol...

i have the same post up on my page sef!!!

why did u disapear and leave us high and dry!!!

how are you

Yemi Osunkoya said...

Wow Bella, I'm so flattered you picked my Yemi O Black dress as one of your 'best dressed' choices.I have the beautiful Lola Maja to thank for that.

FashionCritic said...

Joke is definitely the best dressed.

The other woman is drop dead gorgy with a MAD shape but that dress is TOO TIGHT (peep the bust). Don't see why she would be there...

Again, the guys dressed WAY better than the girls!
Gbenga Ashiru was the best dressed male! Is he single?

Lola Maja said...

Hi Bella,

I second Yemi's comments, i'm totally flatterd that I made your "Best Dressed" list.

But to be honest, I wouldn't have been able to make it through the night interviewing the guests on the red carpet and hostessing with Olisa without the confidence that Yemi's dress gave me.

FashionCritic commented on the bust area of the dress.. just to respond, unfortunately the person who helped me dress didn't lace up the corset correctly and every time I laughed i had over flow.. even more unfortunate.. I laugh an awful lot.. :o)

Love your blog, love your style.


Anonymous said...

P Square is on Point!!!!!!!!!

sheeka said...

Congrats to basketmouth but hope hes does the right thing and marries his baby mama!

undressed! said...

RUKIIIIIIIIIII......wooo haay, definetely love the pink dress, a true contender for best dressed, as always!!!