Friday, May 25, 2007


Photo of the Week: Genevieve Nnaji @ the Ade Bakare Exhibition/Competition.She looks f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s from head to toe!

Hey Everyone,
How are you guys doing? I had the most amazing week even though I am now suffering for whole body hurts and my voice is halfway gone! I went for a concert last night and all I can say is WOW! I sang along, I screamed, I jumped around, I danced! Woot woot…Good times…
Meanwhile, I am really hoping to have a very chilled, laid-back weekend but we’ll see how it goes because one of my friends is having a BBQ this weekend.
So many changes are coming through for me in the next couple of weeks (those who know…know LOL)…and I am sooo excited. Also, wanted to send a big kiss to my dear NY/NJ friend, O. Each day I value our friendship more, u r the epitome of a phenomenal person…random I know but I just wanted to let u know! MUAH!
On to other things, its just sinking in that I am going to be a bridesmaid (Maid of Honour for that matter) for the very first time next year…I am so blessed to be part of your wedding, Miss E!!!!!
It’s been a while since I’ve done Weekend Luv but here goes…

Wow, there are soooo many new blogs…I don’t think I can keep up!
Oh well, here are one of my new favs and one of my all-time favs.
Stella Damasus Aboderin’s Blog
I’m lovin it already....
Nigerican’s Blog
This is one of my all-time favs, just felt the need to shout it out!

Laspapi and several well-respected Nigerian literary giants will be editing a Nigerian Bloggers Book…Interested? Click HERE
OBJ’s 70th B-Day Pics - HERE
Discussions on OBJ’s 70th B-Day Pics on Waffarian’s Blog , Laspapi’s Blog and Grandiose Parlor
Taurean Minx answers 60 questions - HERE
Fellow blogger, Abbey is now an Ivy-League Med School student (well…in a couple of months)…so happy for u girl - HERE
Sad news on Nigerian/American musician rapper, Naira. May God grant her family strength and fortitude. Please keep her in your prayers. Things like this put life in perspective - HERE
Uzo asks ‘Would you go out/marry someone who doesn't have a first degree?" - HERE
Beyonce's vacay pics...wooot I am on my way to the gym - HERE
New D’Banj Interview – HERE
Excerpt: “I would say my "Kokoletes" love me and I love them. I am their Koko master. They cannot love somebody else other than the Koko master. My "Babyletes, Kokoletes, Mamaletes" showed me love right from the first time they heard me” LMAO
"I have met people and they told me, Jesus is the Koko for them. I have met people when I went to London and came back and they say picnic is the Koko for them. Picnic is not sex." LMAO Part 2
Party Addicts Events
– For More

Bollie – U May Kiss The Bride
I luv this song! It just makes me giggle…It’s a Ghanaian jam but most of the Ghanaian I know really dislike it! Anyways, U May Kiss the Bride MUAHHHHHHHHH

Seven featuring Jimmy Allen – Nigerian Girl
A Nigerian spin on the song ‘Liberian Girl’…they did a good job with it.

Lexy Dooo - Baby Ske Ske
This is an old song but I luv it! I haven’t heard any other song by Lexy Dooo tho…Lexy where u @?

Wedding Updates
Bisi and Ofon's Wedding Photos - HERE
Titi and Kole - HERE
Ope and Efe - HERE
God bless their marriages, if you want me to remove the link. Email:

Quote of the Week
Let them hate so long as they fear (Oderint Dum Metuant)
Lucius Accius, Fragment (170 BC - 86 BC)

Have a blessed and safe weekend!
Have fun!



mystoriesmytestimonies said...

i am first!!!!!!!!!
abeg dont mind those yeye people..
ur blog rocks!!!!!!!!...
have a blessed weekend...
i hope i am first ooooo

Anonymous said...

So I'm first, what do I get? Bella been waiting for you to post all day! You rock!

Anonymous said...

I'm second! Bella you rock!

Zena said...

Love your Blog Dear,
Haven't been able to stop reading everything.

Inuke Omotola Davis said...

yea me fifth.
Genevieve looks nice.

Anonymous said...

I must say she looks stunning! The picture is a bit blurry though.

TaureanMinx said...

Thanks for the sharrouttt lol. That Dbanj is something else! lol. He needs more words in that vocab oh.

Blogworld used to be so free and easy..sigh

Dammie said...

Genevieve looks hot!!

...still can't get over that murder. WoW, what r the odds :(

...Ohh I think, that's the 1st book signing event party addicts is having, should be nice & different!....

I lovee U may kiss the bride muahh :)

:) @ ur comment of the day. I don't even have the energy to giggle or laugh. R.I.P to Mrs Adedeji.

XxHave a fab weekendxX

cha cha said...

yeeee top 5...first

Miss Timi said...

Congrats on ur friends wedding. You know i have to be in ur train when urs rolls around right?
Im off to go and visit some wedding websites! Thanks Bella! for giving me lots to do on company time:D

cha cha said...

bisiz weddin frm d pictures was da ish..newayz so sorri about naira..wot a sad dbanj..his tewww mad .
gene realli does look amazing..tank God for Lux nice posst as usual bella..big up.!!!

Anonymous said...

top 20...i tried now

Anonymous said...

i loved geneives(wo,however the name is spelt) dress

yinka Bee said...

heheheeeeeeee-na wa o!!!!
just looked through Bisiand ofon's site for the pics- all i can say is NAWIZZY
so so classy,she looked very tapping and the whole thing looked well coordinated....must use JWevents for my wedding,insha allah!
that was off the HOOK!!
sorry if i seem so excited,now i want to see what she'll do for damisandtoyin since she's toyin's sister....patiently waiting(yes i'm gonna be a guest at that wedding)

Yetty said...

oh well im top 15...that an improvement....bisi and ofons wedding looks really @ d story on stella blog

catwalq said...

love ur blog
Genevieve looks lovely. I have always thgought her pretty but not that great an actress.

divalicious said...

NOOOOO...dbanj did not just say he was going to lift his kokolets up...wiat for this .."in Jesus name"
i love dbanj pa!

Anonymous said...

i missed judge mathis bc of you.....loved the bisi n ofon wedding photos cld`nt get enough of them...when is yours....!!!! wish i cld do one myself put me in prayers so that my baby daddy can oblige me....can you believe it`s friday already i`m so out of here on sunday!!!!
ms Bush

Dimples said...

Nice one Bella!!!....Keep up the good work as usual!!

Have a FAB weekend ahead..we have a long bank holiday weekend to enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

Bella i so admire you for ur up to date infos and beautiful pics you post on here. I hope you dont mind me sharing it- cos everyone wants to see all those beautiful photos of ppl back home you post on here.

Might i add - Genevieve looks absolutely utterly fantabulously stunning. Very Classy.

true supermodel said...

I need to print that picture so I can go to the store and copy that look.

Anonymous said...

BLESS THE LORD FOR COMMENT MODERATION! i am ridiculously excited!

what happened to naira? the link is about someone else. or maybe i'm just confusing myself. can someone clarify, please? thanks :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

bella very interesting blog as usual.

Since u know so much about Naija and whats going on can u help? or anyone reading this who can.
I am in the UK and have a BIG! wedding to go for and need someone to make my outfit. any ideas?


TaureanMinx said...

Get in touch with Peridot and

Nilla said...

Genevieve's dress is lovely!

Love your quote of the week.....just read your previous post.

Have a wonderful weekend too!!

ABBEY said...

awww thanks for the support bella!! all I can say is thank GOD, its been a long journey!

I'm sorry I've been on here as condition

truth said...

Totally love the bisi and ofon hype...thanks to Calabargal for the earlier update. It'll probably take me 3 days to read all the linked info in this post(apparently my life has to still go on you know), ahah, slow down blogger!

Hmm, look-alike *wink* Allow me exercise my

You need all the luck in my irish coin while juggling your comment moderator duties and your 9 to 5 job.

Favoured Girl said...

Well done Bella! You delivered another well-put-together post! I'm off to look at those wedding websites again. LOL. Genevieve looks hot, the look is simple yet effective. Have a great weekend Bella ;-)

Miss E said...

Wow! Genevieve looks so nice...lurving the whole outfit

Ok haven't really read much but just thot to comment on ur being my maid of honour:)'s an honour too to have u girl as part of my wedding party...u r such a wonderful friend, thx 4 everything and well, next yr shd b fun...hehe..
Have a great weekend everyone:)

bibi said...

genevieve looks GREAT.,,

mii said...

gud blog

shop liquorice said...

genevieve looks elegant. i like :)

Me...O...E said...

bella where r u ...just called ur hse eh?where ve u carried ur legs to on dis fri eh??better give a sis a call...obviously not expectin u to approve this...hehe...just d quickest way to get to hoo to comment moderation...abeg byebye to jati jati...take care babes...enjoy ur wkend ok...dont milz

Abi said...

Ok finally read thru everything ok most of
Hmm..abt that naija woman,dats really sad o.It's only God dat keeps up.May God be with her family.
As for Beyonce....well,what can a sister say?? yes the gym we go:)
Lovely wedding pics there(Bisi and Ofon)...just a joy to look at them.May God bless their marriage.
I am one of those pple that dislike that "you may kiss the bride" song..ah no its too razz abeg..and well I'm quite mad so for me to say a song is razz..hehe:)
Great Post Bella as always...Yippeee for comment moderation.
Enjoy your weekend

classybabe said...

Genevieve looks lovely in that outfit.I love that you may kiss the bride song,i actually find myself humming it sometimes.
May Mrs Adedeji rest in peace!

Anonymous said...

luvly post as usuasl!
i want to ask a lil favour, could u pls send some links to those naija hits(tuface and co) to Tried getting them from ur old posts but they'r expired. Thanks.

Adaure said...

yippie new post ..theabsence was menacing. Genny looks nice in that dress. By the way babes i am relying on u to hook us up with NMA pix...find am abeg. Lol. Larers


Idemili said...

Gen is hot! Great bod, dresses well, is photogenic, flawless skin, great acting skills. Amazing.

BOBBY said...

Gen looks great...she is stepping up and hopefully the other nollywood actresses follow her lead.

Ope and Efe's wedding website is the best one i have seen so far...LOVE IT!

God bless Naira...

And Bella you truly know how to deliver...ah ahhhn!

beautyinbaltimore said...

Genevieve Nnaji is one of the most beautiful women of all times in my book. I seriously think that she can step to Hallie Berry and Jessica White in the beauty department. I remeber when I saw her in her first movie(boat and sailor) and she was just a twig of a girl.

I'm so happy that she has made it in the Naija movie industry where chocalte girls are hard to come by.

Thanks for that photo Bella

Ugo Daniels said...

Hi Bella, just thought you shold know, The Nigerian Bloggers are doing a chain sumthn on the 29th on the just concluded and recent political events in 9ja.

Please, go to The Nigerian Proclamation to get more info.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

love genny's black no

Linda Ikeji said...

Bella darling me I love ur blog so much...such an inspiration!

Genny's dress is simple but classy.She's stepped up her game in the dressing department

dont know this naija person...may her soul rest in peace.

ure 'it' bella...kisses!

Anonymous said...

bella naijaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

how far for wetin i ask u?
i am getting stink mail for funmi iyanda meant for ur blog,i dnt know how it comes to me.

bella naijaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,u ROCK!!!

Anonymous said...

omigod i went to school with tutu dada hahah

as for baba iyabo, they chose nice fabrics for the BDAY but i wonder which one babaalaye is!

shokoloko said...

Great wedding site

Imade said...

luv your blog. Nice to see Genevieve is still happing despite the strike. bisiandofon wedding pic are beautiful! More wedding sites for your pleasure


Tutsy said...

I am so loving Genny's outfit, that chick is stunning and her Chocolate skin is to die for... Maybe naija women would see her and realize you don't have to be "lightskinned" courtsey of Tura and Demovate before you are deemed beautiful.

Glad you took down the whole comment section on Funmi Iyanda, some of those comments were just pure vicious. I almost started shedding tears for the poor chick...quite stunned at how mean people could be atimes. I'm definately Pro censorship on this blog.....Some s##t are better left unseen.

Anonymous said...

Thank you bella.

Bitchy said...

Genevieve looks incredible! Wonder if she has a stylist now

Mona said...

there is a lot of hating going on oh didnt back sha nice post xx

Kpakpando said...

Genny upgraded thank goodness. She must've changed her weavologist too.

The comment from dbanj just proves how big of a razzoid he is... but why do I like him still?

Lola said...

uhm, so the twin brother Ini is single shey? Uhm, Bella girl wassup now? lol!

Anonymous said...

Kpakpando what if i may ask is a razzoid? D'Banj is cool ... if u ask me. His language comes wiih the game ... you know ... mus - ic.

Genevieve so far has shown likewise that dark is beautiful not leaving out Nike Oshinowo. Classy chick she is, that is Genevieve.