Friday, March 02, 2007


Hey Everyone,
I’m sooo glad to be back - to blogging….not work :(
So how was your week? Did you get up to anything interesting?
We would love to hear about your adventures….
Lets get right into it! This is Weekend Luv – The Rebound Edition

The Blogs
Bitchy In The City
I just discovered this blog yesterday. I like it! Strong opinions presented in a witty way….

Yellow Paw Paw **Explicit** **Not Safe For Work**
So my friend calls me while I’m on holiday and says I HAVE TO read this new blog….I read it and honestly its not really my type of thing…but people are talking about it tho…I say check on it. Supposedly the life and times of some ‘mixed race Nigerian girls’.

The Jump-Off
Ruggedman’s Album Release Party @ Planet One

Vagina Monologues presented for the 2nd year running – Joke Silva, Kate Henshaw-Nuttel and Rita Dominic are part of the cast

Laspapi’s new play ‘Anatomy of A Woman’ featuring Stella Damasus-Aboderin – I’m sure it will be fab!

Hot Off The Press
Nigeria’s numero uno rapper Sasha is interviewed by NaijavixenHERE
Whatever happened to Jay-Z’s UN Water For Life Campaign? Was it just a publicity stunt? – HERE
Aramide’s Blog is 1! Congrats Girl! I am still waiting for my mojito and party pack!– HERE
Dare Art-Alade is married to Deola Ayeni! Congrats Dare and Deola…Dare, Deola is a fab woman…u r lucky to have her. Deola u stole my crush! LOL I wish them a very happy and blessed marriage – HERE
Diana Ross throws a strop at the ThisDay Awards - HERE
Model, Ifeoma Jones gets signed to Ford Model Management New York - HERE
London ‘Black Cabs’ have arrived in Abuja

Nigeria’s New Legal Tender HERE
Not Bad….LMAO @ the pic of the Central Bank VP flashing the cash like he’s in a rap video…

On the other hand, this baby boy is sooo cute…is he wearing lipstick?

This is sooo cute! In Indonesia, a pair of four-week-old Sumatran tiger cubs have become best friends with some baby orang-utans while sharing a room at an Indonesian zoo. They were rejected by their respective mothers...aww :( In a couple of months, when the Tigers start eating meat, I guess the friendship will be over.

The Hits
2Face – See Me So
I like this song from 2Face’s new album, Grass 2 Grace. His new album is hot and has a wide range of songs….u should buy it!

Sound Sultan – Area
I got this song from Uzo and absolutely fell in love with it. I love the melody and the message. Kudos to Sound Sultan!

Daddy Showkey – Diana
This one is from the vaults! Old song but AJ boy Daddy Showkey….I love the message behind it!

Bonus Download: Beyonce & Shakira - Beautiful Liar
I luv the song....kinda different flava from the usual Beyonce stuff but still very hot. The vid is hot too.

That’s it folks! Enjoy!
I’m so glad y’all r back! Leave your comments and let me know what is going on and what you think!
What is the first thing that pops in your head when u see the pic of the Central bank guy 'flashing the cash'...LOL...let us know
I haven’t had a chance to check my email so if you emailed me, I’ll reply you today…
You can hola @ me anytime at
I will go and investigate Synteche’s disappearance from Idols West Africa ASAP.




Nyemoni said...

Liked that song by Showkey... Diana, it was such a hit then!

Anonymous said...

i come unto your blog to read interesting stuff.NOT MENTALLY RETARDED THINGS LIKE "YELLOW PAWPAW"
infact i feel violated that you could SHOUT OUT this obvious liars and fantasists on your blog.
it is even irritating.LIKE AN INSULT TO our collective intelligence.
a bunch of razz wannabes claiming nonsense...ish men.
abeg take ya time oh bella

Dammie said...

Ohhhhhhhhh so glad to have you backkk. LoL

ERM, Investigate that Sync? chic o...what happened?..I want to find out...LoL

I love Bitchy's blogg....The yellow paw paw blog is funny, and a good it true or false, it's a good laugh

Ohhh Black cabs in Abuja. YaY!!!...

Congrats to Ifeoma oo, that's nice.

As for Ms Diana Ross, Yesss...She has to put them in their place.....LoL

XxHave a great weekendxX

Bella Naija said...

@nyemoni - i know was a big hit. have a great weekend

@anonymous - lol...I wish u could have had the convo I heard with my friend yesterday - honestly the blog is def not my cuppa tea but one man's meat is another man's poison

@dammie - lolz...ohhh Synteche didnt make the top 24 - people r shocked and asking y?

LondonBuki said...

Shakira and Beyonce look so alike.. it's so weird to see them in the same video.

Enjoy your weekend :-)

Kpakpando said...

granted our naira is worthless in the grand scheme of things, but does it have to look like monopoly money?

why is anyone surprised at Diana's antic, y'all know she's crazy, look at her eyes, its like crase don enter am.

Black cabs in Abuja...thats what we really need abi? naija's priorities sha.

anonymous, biri kambiri. If u no like the blog, don't go back and read. Though I doubt that you'll do that

Vera Ezimora said...

Bella, I'm sleepy right now. No, no, actually, I'm hungry! I need 2 go eat, so I can collect my thoughts. I'll check out all ur links as usual, but right now, I am farmished!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the yellow paw paw blog. Very nice. I'm glad you gave it a shout out. I think we should learn to appreciate that we all have different realities.

Anonymous said...

i read the yellow paw paw blog and could not help feel bad for them and just goes to show that the grass is not always greener. all that fun in the sun hides a lot of pain, simply a defense mechanism. and even those of us that are not half caste thanks to this rubbish oyinbo is good and pure ad campaign, feel somehow when our men start lusting after fair long haired babes. we are all victims and just as it is not my fault that im black like so, it is not their fault that their parents decided to hook up and it is not thier fault some unenlightened men chose not to commot their eyes.

really sad sha, i hope we can redefine what it means to be beautiful and loose these shackles of massa mentality

chicka said...

i lykd d yellow paw paw blog. its gonna be on my fave list 4 a while. just cos of d fact dat it's sumtn different doesn't mean its unrealistic. trust i have a lotta mixed gurls as friends nd 99% of em go thru d same bullshit. deres dis 1 chick i used 2 always stand up 4 cos she was always pick'd on...wen u thnk of it, its either jealousy or just plain studpidty 4 pple 2 thnk a lyt skinned chick is pretty only cos of her color.

Aimie said...

The song Area has been on heavy rotation in my home for the past week. I think it is the best song ever!!!

Aimie said...

I think those yellow paw paw girls are jokers!!

I see Beyonce the sex kitten has teamed up with Shakira. I kind of like Shakira better 'cause she comes across as quite intelligent

AbujaBabe said...

I was soo impressed with Abuja Taxis last year when i was home.. they come in handy those nights you dont want to drive out or your driver has just gone AWOL when left in wuse market under the scorching heat! BUT BLACK CABS!! WICKED!!...:)

Thats why i love ABJ!..

Yellow Paw Paw are ok they are also dealing with some real Issues Believe just becuase they are explicit does not make it's trash!
why must they be called fantacist! things like that dooo happen in the Nigeria I know.. in life in general

Everyone Bloggs for their own reason be it joy, pleasure, pain or just plain random must you be an aspiring writer to want to Blogg!!??..
Leave people to do their thing..
So in Blog Land again theres also bullies Haba!!

Live and let live if you dont like it dont read it..
As Bella said it is not her own cup of tea but being diplomatic she posted a link on her site for others to make there own choice..

Have a Nice Weekend To all..
Ciao Huns...xx

tatafo! said...

Chei! that Daddy Showkey joint took me waaaaaaaaaaay back! thanks lady :)

Angela said...

Welcome back bella. Hope all is well?
what's the hoopla about the yellow paw paw blog sef?i swear i've been to that blog 3 differnt times and couldn't concentrate on reading it because comma, no period, poor indentation. Everything jus runs was so hard for me to read it. but with this noise, i think after a martini, i will gain the focus to focus on the blog.

hmm beyonce and shakira are weird sha. it's not like they look alike because if you spot them apart, beyonce doens't really remind me of shakira and vice versa. but brining them upclose, they do blend in sha. They become similiar (heheh naija vocabulary there)

Angela said...

ok just read some of yellow paw paw's blog and yeah there is some element of truth to the blog BUT of course with few embellishments.i find it hard to believe a bunch of friends will share the same blog just to share identical stories about how "they were hated because they were threatenly beautiful. What poimt r we trying to prove here?

beautyinbaltimore said...

I happy that Ifeoma got a contract with Ford. Ford is one of the top agencies in the world.
As far as the yellow paw paw blog, you know I like dirt so of course I am going to read it.

Favoured Girl said...

Hey welcome back Bella. Nice post as usual. I'm not sure if I see the point of changing our currency. Would that make it appreciate?
Anyways, thanks for the music. Hope you are having a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Aimie, those Yellow Paw Paw are clowns

bibi said...

i read the yellow paw-paw..well i schemed through it....who has time reading abt some young girls sex-acapades or fantaises....

i think its a fake blog tho...some of their stories dont add up ...maybe its just me sha..but its all entertainment

Adaa said...

My goodness, how time flies! I've missed the blog world for more than 2 weeks now. hmm, i really like that hit by 2face- i think the base line is really cool.

Anyway, welcome back Bella. Narrowly missed u ova hia. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

welcome back
well the yellowpawpaw blog is like reading zane book for me sha, i wouldnt be surprised if its all fiction jare
anyhooos i turned 23, pics on my blog, lol

reen said...

thats the only tuface song i like off his new album the rest arent so hot and i hate how he uses the n word

the baby is too too cute and yeah it looks like they put lipstick on him

Omolabake said...

For the wedding website lovers....
I found this wedding website on Bhookey84's blog.....

By the way....nice pics Bhookey and happy birthday.

Mona said...

Thanks for the info girlie....actually was goin2 blog abt that crazy bee/shakira video tomorrow...i'll still do it anyway kai im jealous.

Na wa for black cabs in ABJ oh...saw pics of Dare's word hmmm

p.s. loving the fashion