Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I can't believe its been 4 years but one of my fav mags - Betty Irabor's Genevieve Magazine is 4 Years Old.
I thought it was a good idea to take a little walk down memory lane by viewing all their previous covers.
My fav issue was the Nike Osinowo issue. I just loved it.

The rest of the covers

Modupe Ozolua ~ KUSH ~ Femi Oke

Genevieve Nnaji ~ Hafsat Abiola ~ Nwando Okwuosa, Celia Ohumotu Bissong, Nkem Ituludiegwu

Funke Kuti ~ Joke Silva ~ Adesuwa Onyenokwe

Sylvia Edem ~ Funmi Iyanda ~ Patricia Leon

Abike Dabiri ~ Omotola Ekeinde ~ Aisha Babangida Mohammed

Bimbo Odukoya (RIP) ~ Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie ~ Kehinde Gbelee

The Pink Ball ~ Ndidi Okonkwo Nwuneli ~ Ara

Marita & Maria Ayodele ~ Funke Adedoyin ~ Nike Osinowo

Chris Anyanwu ~ Mary Onyali ~ Mo Abudu

Joke Silva, Omonor Imobhio, Iyabo Amoke & Ireti Doyle ~ Michelle Dede ~ Eme Akenzua

Dora Akunyili ~ Stella Damasus Aboderin ~ Nike Ogunlesi

Click HERE for their website and here is a recent newspaper feature on the Editor, Betty Irabor.

Oh by the way, here are some more auditions from my new obsession - Idols West Africa.
This show is CLASSIC!
The Exellent
The Awful
The WTF?
If you missed it, Check out my Idols West Africa post from yesterday - HERE

Let us know what you think about Genevieve Mag.
Hot or Not? Which is your fav cover? Let us know!

UPDATE: Hey People - I forgot my laptop charger at home, that's y I havent been able to blog.
I'll work on looking for a new charger this weekend and will be back to blogging on Monday.
Much Luv...
P.S - Wooooot! I am having so much fun..its shocking! lol. Ciao


temmy tayo said...

1st time lucky!

Being first on most blogs today. Am I jobless?? lol

Well, I love the magazine or maybe it is Betty I actually like. I actually like the one on Joke Silva.

Genevieve is one of teh mags in Naija that you cant term as piece of crap.

boab said...


boab said...

ahhhhh, temmytayo beat me to it! hahaha. i sooo knew that would happen :) need to go back to bed. brb!

Calabar Gal said...

I love Genevieve. Wow!! 4 years already. Time does fly fast when you're having fun.

Dammie said...

Ohhhhhh I love Betty Irabor, and I loveee the magazine and the fact it focuses on inspirational women!!!

Congratulations Genevieve!!!

Noni Moss said...

I've never read but purely on aesthetics, I love the Nike Ogunlesi cover

temmy tayo said...

@boab: sorry!

Sleep tight tho

BGT said...

LOL @ Do you want to be the BUTCHER OF ABUJA...

OGBE!!! lol.

This Idol thing is insane. Loving it!

Meanwhile the magazines are great...i love the cover with Stella Damasus on there....great stuff.

naijagal said...

nice one Bella! she is ma aunty as they say in NAIJA truly an inspiration;)

keep up the good work

Icy said...

It's funny but not until last week did I realize Genevive Nnaji was NOT the owner of Genevieve. Nice covers. I'm so pwwwouudd of my peeps mehn I mean damn women are jes doing it up everywhere.. All awa men have to step up their game o for real. And bella so.. wait ya in London and you can blog but in Canada u will be keeping somebori waiting hmm I WONDER o lol RAWK ON BABZ!

koketso said...

One day someone will be blogging about your own mag Bella. You are on your way!

Dimples said...

Love Genevieve mag!!!Congrats Mrs Irabor and the rest of the crew.

One of the nice stuff 2 come out of Naija.

Anonymous said...

The pink ball issue was on point!!!Funmi Iyanda's issue was really good as well. I'll hold off on th wack ones, don't wanna hurt anyone's pics!

ceecy29 said...

Happy 4th birthday, Genevieve!!! I (well I made my mama) bought all the issues that were out until I left Nigeria. I even brought them with me to Yankee, because "I knew it was the shit, and I'd have a fun time showing it off to my non-naija friends", I told myself. And true to my speculations, I did. They are all missing now, 'cos my naija friends took them to show off too. No name calling, lol!!!

I love it mehn! I so remember the Modupe Ozolua issue. I think there's a cover missing self! The one with that actress from checkmate, Ego Boyo? Mayhaps! I don't even know if it was your intent to put up all the past covers, but I loves it and Mrs I and her style!!!

Great blog!

bimbylads said...

Bella love ur blog babe!
i actually thot genevieve owned it too o!
fav cover has to be the one with joke silva in it..

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

bwahahahahahah sorry I had to release that laugh - what was the onyeka dude doing - how could he murder it so!!!!!!!!it was hilarious.

a refreshing magazine for a chnage. More greeze to her elbows.

chicka said...

d idols thngy is killin lafin so hard it hurts. d onyeka guy had me rollin. good job wit ur posts gurl, im luvin 'em. as 4 d mag, it seems pretty cool, but i really dunno anythng abt it.. just lyk d oda 2 comments read, i thot it was geneveive nnaji's mag or mayb a mag abt her or sumtn lyk dat

chicka said...

wtf is up wit d simon wanna-be??is he a singer or sumtn?? y is he bein or tryin 2 be uneccessarily harsh

Anonymous said...

I know the Genevieve mag is not owned by Genevieve but was it named after her?
Just wondering if she has any rights to the 'name'.

Funmi said...

i love genevieve....the cover with nike osinowo was my first read and i got hooked on it. betty irabor has really put in alot into that mag. i used to enjoy reading the piece done by the 'married person still seeking a child' is to many more years of quality work.

Mona said...

Aunty Betty and I go way back, I was on the cover of one of their magazines in the 80s, me, my sisters n my dad (abt fatherly love) think it was called Hints...didnt really take off...Very well done to her and her husband. She's gorgeous too xxx

tatafo said...

Ahh my fave covers are Joke Silva, Chimamanda Adichie's and Mary Onyali...who looks really great!
Bella if you have a copy of the Mary Onyali issue could you share please?

Simi said...

My top 5 covers r:

1. Joke Silva - Irresistable smile
2. Stella Damasus - Radiant & elegant
3. The Pink Ball cover
4. Dora Akunyili - Simply da best
5. Omo T - what more can i say

As for d West Africa idols, what da....upon how fine d Onyeka bobo is, he just murdered d fine song like dat.

Nilla said...

I like the cover with Mary Onyali.

Syntyche's voice is really nice.

Dami K said...

nice covers...............congrats!!!

am crackin up on the Idols vid! nice looks so professional, they go!!!! am crackin up with O's performance took me a while to realize what he was singing lol

Nony. A. Mous said...

i think genevieve is her kids name or sumn

Anonymous said...

What??? u liked nike oshinowo's issue?? are u serious? there were almost 5 pages of her whining about menstrual pain! Puhhlleeeesssse!

JudithAdeola said...

sorry o
i have to second the above post- the Nike Oshinowo cover was the WORST in terms of content- warramess!
i consider myself an authority on naija mags cos i've read evertything from the first cover with Genevieve Nnaji till when i i left naija recently.
No longer read genevieve-True Love is the way to go! Willing to put up the Feb. edition with Sasha on the cover if anyone wants to compare. I used to send Genevieve to my three sisters in america(yup three copies every month) buts stopped when i started reading tru Love- a naija mag with better content,layout and geared towards the 18-35 market demographic.
i know this is a long post but i'm putting up my real name cos i aint tryn to advertise 4 tru love. Having said that,kudos to Genevieve- they are trail blazers
Damilola Odugbesan

Anonymous said...

Genevieve Nnaji my favourite nollywood actress looks fantastic.. i m gonna watch the clips later but thinking back to ysteday.. they should replace the simon cowell man.. hes freakin annoyin!!! and his teeth suck!!

Anonymous said...

Dami congrats on your wedding! yep yep we sure would love the True Love with Sasha on it. Thanks! :)

Araceli said...

(And in addition to what anonymous (8:11AM) and judithadeola said): Nike Osinowo said in the mag that "we are ALL victims of circumstances." I think she should speak only for herself. We are NOT all victims of circumstances.

What makes her think that we are all victims?

Uzo said...

Oh dear. I cannot stand this magazine at all. I dont know what it is about it but it just annoys me. I love True Love. I guess, there is something self righteous about Genevieve that i cant stand - plus it never has anything that i can relate to. It seems to be targeted to older women....

JudithAdeola said...

@annonymous: i uploaded True Love on Kodak Gallery and sent the Link to bellanaija cos its her blog. I can send u the kodak invitation if u send me an email-
hope u get to see the mag cos i put up about 30 pages of it.
ltr & thanx 4 the gd wishes!

Anonymous said...

Nonsence, True Love is full of colonialist crab fed to us by South Africans. At least Genevieve is by Nigerians for Nigerians. Meanwhile Ego Boyo was on the first issue not Genevieve Nnaji. Tells you you dont really know the mag like that. Nonsence and brown beans

divali said...

i'm sorry, @last annonymous,brown ewa right back at you! big deal, ego boyo was the first-we all dont need to love genevieve. real sorry if you have a problem with True Love West Africa or if the designers shown,makeup artists used or photos taken are by nigerians.Guess u dont watch DSTV too cos what"its nonsense fed to us by south africans" Dont hate.....not like any of the mags are paying anyone on this blog.keep ur peace,okaay?eye roll

JudithAdeola said...

thanks divali!
didnt know if cosmopolitan was in nigeria edited by a nigerian with naija stylists and models, it wld be colonial crap- interesting/sounds real funny to me.
and true love is still the stuff-testify

Dami said...

Nice blog

the magazine looks like oldies 40+
seems you have to be old to make wave in nigeria.

thanx for update thing the idol thingy

Tutsy said...

Congratulations to Betty Irabor!!! Looks like homegirl has the entire industry eating out of her palm. More grease to your elbow o jare....But to more important things,Bella na when you do launch your own magazine now????? Abeg make you no forget me when the thing land are so hiring me to be your Business analyst/ you ain't gotta worry about my fees, i'll go easy on you, as long as you promise me free subscription all through the

On another note, congratulation to the "newest" couple about to get was uber fabulous!!! Thier stories had me rolling on the floor

AbujaBabe said...

I love Genevieve when my mummy first bought it from Naija i was really realy impressed and i was like about time too.. Nigeria needed A quality Nigerian Female magazine.... I must say it's the only thing i request for when my mummy is coming from Naija.. I also love True Love magazine as well very nice..
Happy Birthday Genevieve.. i hope many more birthdays to come.

Anonymous said...

First of all ya all are trippng. True Love and Genevieve are clearly different. True Love is fr the upwordly mobile female while genevieve is for geriatrics.Sp pick one or read both we all read Vogue and Bazaar and Instyle and Marie Claire. Its ok peops

Anonymous said...

I agree with you but Genevieve is dry oh! I used to read it a lot before True Love and i noticed that since True Love's inception, Genevieve is beginning more than ever before to copy True Love. Fashion pages with proper stylist,fashion stories not just (tye and dye) - and check out the credit page, they now have a food page as well as career pages all this was non existent before so i guess the competition is healthy. Keep it up Genevieve and Keep the trail blazing True Love

Anonymous said...

The Nike Oshinowo cover is fab because it was fresh. It was styled by some Bola Balogun. Content might be empty but for aesthetics, it is hands down the best. The other covers just look like things were thrown together and i guess it helps that Nike Oshhinowo (OOPS! MRS NIKE TUNDE SOLEYE)is a pretty woman whether or not we like her.

mystoriesmytestimonies said...

just got the one with stella damascus....
i love genevieve magazine....
congratulations to BETTY IRABOR...
keep up the good work...

Anonymous said...

what? Nike Ogunlesi cover was not bad. Its one of the best expressions of Adebayo Jones's clothes on the real woman that i have seen. Sorry i am just focusing on the aesthetics but nothing beats the True Love magazine covers. They rock!

tatafo! said...

are we still on this tip? sunday is almost over, no weekend luv?

frenchsilk said... osinowo! thats all i have to say

Anonymous said...

Betty Irabor... She is too much!

That is what i would refer to as a classic woman. Way to go, Betty.

More to you and everyone else like you!

tara douglas said...

my favorite was the cover with Bola Atta.
i love writing so reading her interview was pure euphoria.
i was in the 9th heavens.

i have to just say that she is the best.