Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Here are some of Nigeria's top young ladies who are doing their thing in a variety of professions and businesses. Fab ladies, fab style, fab photoshoot. ENJOY

TV and Radio personality: M-Net's Temptation Nigeria & Studio 53

Broadcaster: Cool FM

Professional Model

Fitness Director: Body Works

Actress: Freelance Inc

Interior Stylist: House to Home


Rap Artiste: Storm Records

Hairdressing Salon Manager/CEO: Strands

Accessories Designer: Azaria

Very proud of these ladies.
True Love Yemi Akerele's fashion spreads are always innovative!
Azaria's accessories are very fab! Kemi is really doing her thing...she totally deserves a True Love cover...
There is also a certain blogger in this photo spread...guess who? lol...its not me
Plus, I think its about time nigerian bloggers got their own True Love fashion spread..Ladies, am I wrong?
Anyways, let us know what u think!
Ciao, have a great day..


naijagal said...

yay first ok let me settle down and read!

Guy Horny said...

hey Bella! I missed the first spot again. I know who the blogger is. Should I spill the beans?


Wow! "Looking good is good business". Emm...emmm...emmmm...these ladies surely looks edible. There is nothing more appetizing than beauty and brains. Loving it!!

Wale said...

continue to be proud of our naija sisters. doing the damn thing. globally even.

thanks for sharing this post.

Mari said...

Who is the blogger? I wanna know. Am too curious, lol.

Big well done to all those ladies doing big things out there.

(ps. who is the Lola chic in your previous post- girl with the p square guy. what is she known for?)

uzo said...

I loved this edition of True Love. Now i am very very curious.....Who is the blogger?

angie said...

These babes look reali good.
Pls who is the blogger??

Bella Naija said...

@naijagal - congrats lol

@guyhorny - shhhhhhhhhh

@nigeriapolitricks - i know right...these ladies r too fab

@wale - no doubt..thanks for the comment!

@mari - my lips r sealed!
about lola, she is a PR/Marketing/Advertising exec in lagos...she is very accomplished in her field for someone so young + she is pretty hence her popularity

@uzo - i cant tell! it was a very good edition

@angie - i would love to spill the beans but i cant tell

PLEASEEEE if u know who the blogger is DONT tell us who...i totally respect her wish for anonymity

Dimples said...

Nice one Bella..informative as ever!!!
Good to see our young professionals having it locked down in their various fields.
Went to school with Caroline..and I’m really proud of her seeing what she has accomplished. Keep the good work up 2 all..and keep the flag flying hair for Naija.

tatafo! said...

See Gbemi working it!! I knew that girl was destined for great things *wiping tears from the corner of my eye*

Anonymous said...

the spread is gorge and im loving your blog,but im sorry,i do not like gbemi's penchant for forging an accent-its not particularly pleasing to my ears in the early ears of the morning.

JJ said...

Goodlooking ladies doing the damn thing! Proud of them. As per who the blogger is, i think it's between Lola, Oby and Gbemi

Anonymous said...

Are all these beautiful professional ladies based in Nigeria or Abroad and if in nigeria are they all based in Lagos? VI or where - specifically the interior designer. Very proud of them. They are all very beautiful

TaureanMinx said...

Bella, Ms 'I'm proud'. If anyone reads the bloggers posts, its quite obvious. Kudos to her.

I want to be in a spread :)

Dammie said...

Ah han....How can u do that kind of thing?..

Who is the blogger DAMMIT!!



ahhh..very nice...and i SOOOO know who the blogger is..hee hee hee..
while we at it the azaria girls look is kinda dated..oh well,maybe i think so cus i just had too much to drink and my sight is doing somehow somehow..but damn im feeling the iyabo girls dress..great job bella..but can u please highlight sexy naija men too who are doing things??sometime?soon?next time?

Jaycee said...

loll...who is d blogger naw? Ahn ahn...suspense. I'm guessing its Gbemi or Buki. Oh well, lets respect their anonymosity! Nice spread...I'm luving naija ladiesssssssssss! Repping well!!! Yayy!

mystoriesmytestimonies said...

beautiful post.....
i need to move back to naija..lol

Icy said...

love Love lovee. Nice post up mama. who's the blogger? ok I so wannan know. SPILL the beans chic! lol!

Icy said...

hahah oh my gwad NEVER MIND O I ssssssssssssoo know who it is. I had to go look again hahah. good looking out babz. I love your blog. IT LIKE RAWWKSS! And you look Absolutely FABULOUS

Naija Vixen said...

that Oyinkansola Talabi chick has a fab body,guud to always see 9ja pple doing big things,and see Sasha luukn all ladylyk and sturvs!I knw who d blogger is too!Luvvn the post Bella,luvvn it!

omoge said...

hey bella, wats up? again nice one!

i must let you know that there is a cult following amongst a few people i know for your blogs. well done girl. i blow kisses xxx

meanwhile i know you're always in the know, but there is this naija group called FOURKORNEZ that are on myspace. please have a lookee, they're absolutely fab.

Guy Horny said...

Every true blogger knows who the blogger lady on this list is. If you read her blogs regularly you will know who she is. It's that easy.

Oyinkansola is got a great body, Gbemi will be great fun to talk to in person, But it is Sasha I want. That gurl is stunning in her outfit. Iyabo? mot for me. LOL

Elle Woods said...

Wow......Oyinkansola Talabi..i will remember that girl and her voice anywhere meyn. Was my senior in high school.Looking muy hot!!

Mona said...

Okayyyyyyyyy who do I know on this list -

Heard of Kemi - and read of her even, thanks to Bella ;o)
Heard of Oby.
Seen Iyabo Amoke at a play.
Seen/met Sasha a couple of times we have mutual friends, even saw her at bacchus.

Nice one BN, these ladies are trying oh xxxxx

yankeenaijachick said...

Now that's what am talking about .............real fashion chick. Bella good job. U rock blog world.

threeeighteen said...

Hawt Dayumn!! I sooo want Iyabo's dress... omo, the chica is maintaining O. what type of acting does she do? theatre? movies? tv? haven't heard of her.

Hmmn the Buki chick aka Azaria looks pissed as hell. But hey do your thing mami!

totally know who the blogger is... nice one!

Favoured Girl said...

Great post Bella! Nice to see our Nigerian ladies out there doing their thing, and looking fyyyne too! Excellent!

Nilla said...

Nice post!!!!!!

angie said...

had to go look thru the pics again. I now definitely know the blogger(lovely blog!!)....phew, hated to be the only one not knowing....lol

Vera Ezimora said...

Bella Naija, ur posts always make me wanna buy a ticket and fly down to Naija ASAP.

Speakin of fashion, my aunt just went 2 Naija, so tell me, what should I ask her to get me? I mean, what's hot in terms of fashion & accesories? beads? ankara? btw, is there a type of ankara that is the best? Abi any1 is good?

angie said...

@Vera. tell ur aunt to get u some woodin prints, they r actually rom ghana and some other african countries. these ankara are really lovely u can use to to sew any style imaginable. some sew baby doll dresses etc with them. someone i know even made a matching purse with her ankara!

JJ said...

I finally know who the blogger is! Twas hard but now that i know it's mucho obvious

s said...

Is it just me or are all these girls hawt? Oh well..who the hells is da blogger

Anonymous said...

LOlade was my class mate, nice 2 c shis doing well

Ms zee said...

Can you give me the link to the magazine online, I would like to subscribe to it. Ihave searched and searched but to no avail...


Ceecy said...

Guy horny already casted the person ont the person's blog...lol...way to code...but thn again it was too obvious...LOL

Trish said...

Nice to see our ladies doing wonderful things, I wish they had websites, especially designers and magazines so peeps who don't live in naija can order.

temmy tayo said...

I am forever proud of Naija Women. Good work, good spirit.

Bluntremi said...

I am sooo happy to see/hear about the strides that our women are making in Nigeria!!!

Kudos to them and double kudos to you Bella for enlightening bloggers everywhere!

Mucho Gracias:)

Anonymous said...



ZIK said...


my own spot, advertise.

Olawunmi said...

these women are the HOTNESS!! damn. beautiful, sexy and accomplished too, there is much to admire on this page.

glad to see my homegirl up there.

hmmm, now which one is the blogger?