Monday, September 18, 2006


Hi!!! How was your weekend? Hope u had fun and all went well!
I promised to stay home all weekend but ended up going out for dinner on Saturday....was really good! Then I went shopping on Sunday! Sooo it was a very fun and relaxing weekend...although Man U lost @ home...soooo sad! :( let me not start!
Anyway, what did u get up to? Fill us in!
So its another week....loads of fun stuff coming up on bellanaija so make sure u drop by again!
Don't forget to leave your comments....they are tres important....thanks for all the support and luv....
Anyway, lets kick off the week!

Mimi Magazine is a fab African lifestyle magazine focused on women, fashion and empowerment. It’s always an entertaining read.
They have selected 21 young people whom they feel represent Africa as it is today. Focused, Vibrant, Driven, Stylish, Passionate, Talented, Original and Successful…
Here are some of my favs....
For the complete list, click HERE
Bella Naija Says:
I like 2face because he sang 'African Queen' + as we've heard he is working very hard to increase Nigeria's population :)
Bella Naija Says:
I luv Liya because she has 2 children + she still looks like this!!!
Ivory Coast
Bella Naija Says:
I luv his hair + his French accent!

UK TV Personality
Bella Naija Says:
I luv that June is unabashedly confident + her squeaky voice
MTV Africa VP/GM
Bella Naija Says:
Alex is humble and intelligent + he's repping Nigerian men in a good way
South Africa
TV Personality
Bella Naija Says:
Noni is FAB! At only 24, she has revolutionized South African perceptions of beauty + She's a Style Icon
Bella Naija Says:
In 2 Words - Driven + Stunning

So what do you think?
Inspiring or 'blah'?
Deserving or overrated?
Let us know....


nee yee said...

or once i am the first to post a comment!!!
bella! u no dey hear word!
wen u suppose dey rest u dey waka
anyways we thank God you are well
Wots wrong with this mimi magazine pple wheres my name and pic in all of their nominations
do not despise the days of humble begininig oh!!!
As per man u!well u guys met the real deal!!be happy it wasn't more than that
have a fab week!!!

mona said...

nice post...i had never heard of one or two of the people before so cheers...the mag is new right? They have a website...its not nigerian at all, I thot it was xxxx

Dammie said...

Ohhhh Gasa is HOT!!!....I think they r all inspiring and not overrated at all!!

.......Yeah it's kind of sad that most of these mags we know about, R not Nigerian....except Genevieve!!

Havee a lovelyy week

Anonymous said...

"although Manu lost at home...."
How is this a bad thing??????

Angie said...

Nice post bella...also nice one on 2face(trying hard to populate niaja-lol). i haven't heard of all this pple..not even abt mimi's mag b4. Were is she from??

Adaure said...

Not a bad list at all....hadn't heard about most of the Ghanian and Rwandan talents. Anyways this list appears to have left the talents in America out. EMEKA OKAFOR is not on this list... I think he should be on it and since there are many tv personalities and entertainers Sal Masakela of E and AKON are also missing. Hmh...Bella are you thinking what I am thinking? Fill in the Mimi Gaps.

mona said...

hey bella how is it that when u hav files on yousendit ppl dont need to be logged in, pls holler back me too im tryin2 upload n share something...thanks babe xxx

zaiprincesa said...

Great post, Bella...hope u r feeling much beta...and the mimi website is superkewl...thnx!

Icy said...

Nice post mama.. I'm a mimimag subscriber.. Nice work... I like the choices.

Parazone Super Bleach said...

That MTV gentleman is very a sight for sore eyes! Yowser!!!

I am just appreciating what the Good Lord has done thats all..LOLhmmm probably has a significant other!

Parazone Super Bleach said...

That MTV gentleman is a sight for sore eyes! Yowser!!!

Correcting the Ibon

naijagal said...

sorry parazone he probably does:)

Bella Naija said...

I didnt want to say this before but i have to confess now...he (the MTV dude)looks sooo much like an Ex tht was y I put him up...ahhh...I've casted myself....

and to all u Gunners funs and Man U haters.....IF I CATCH U EH...tht Adebayor is a very stupid dare he score against am still very bitter!

About the MIMI mag..the lovely ladies tht run it are from all around africa - tz, sa, nig etc.. so u guys should subsribe...its hot!

threeeighteen said...

ok y'all am sorry to say but in my very humble opinion, I think 2face is waaaay overated, not that smart and frankly is not someone I would like to "represent" as a top young African... what he wrote a song ummm okay, its a really nice song but am sure someone else will come along and write another really really cool song... but till he proves otherwise, he is not on my list of Africans to look up to. K'Naan-yes, Liya HELLS yes, 2face-NO!

am sorry and yea I know we are all human and make mistakes and blah blah blah but for the love of J,J&M, rap it up!! dang, he is so not helping the "cause"... aside from other related issues, AIDS is now a black disease and if the so called 'stars' are not letting their light shine in a positive and beneficial way, we are all doomed... don't get me wrong I think he is blessed and very talented but I like talent with brains... a mon avis

btw, very nice post Bella--thanks.

NaijaBloke said...

"Blah" am in with threeeighteen

Parazone Super Bleach said...

HORRROR!!! HE IS NOT MARRIED IS HE? okay...I am calming down..err He isn't married is he?( in a calmer voice) awww heck does it matter, too flippin' far away :(
@ Naija gal don't even dignify me with a response! LOL

@ Bella naija...girl your ex must've been a hottie!

Parazone Super Bleach said...

oh yeah..was so enthralled with Mr. MTV.. Mimi Mag is quite nice. My girlfriend is a contributor and she is one of us( Nigerian) so to piggy back off what Bella said, it's really a great mix of bright minds from Mama Africa!

ABBEY said...

dunno a bunch of them, and maybe i'm just hating, but i'm getting tired of seeing genevieve everywhere...maybe i'm type casting, never really heard an interview or anything outside the movies about her, so my opinion of her is being clouded by the role she plays in most of her movies. kinda like regina askia from fortunes.

Imoted said...

GO ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

tatafo! said...

Alex Okosi is a real inspiration
I wish Mimi would find out about people who are making waves in other fields besides the entertainment industry.
A job for you Ms. BellaNaija perhaps? :)
And Mona MimiMagazine has been around since 2005, so I wouldn't say it's a new mag

Paris said...

I love Liya also, can't stand June. Most annoying creature on the earth.

Thankx for your comment on my blog.

utchay said...

pls for God's sake,Genevieve's pix has no place there,simple.

bouqie said...

rl and she should keep doing her thang
its not every one that wou;d say sumthing postive about u so

Anonymous said...

RE Bouquie:

Yeah girl ur right! Not everyone would say something positive about you, but nothing is more painful when what is said is true!
Ladies be true to urselves. ALWAYS.

Simi said...

What in da world is Samantha Mumbojambo? doing in dat list. Yeah, she made it in d late 90s but so what after dat, nothing more. Apart from featuring in a few music videos for Jagged Edge and a few other artistes. Pshewww

Anonymous said...

South Africans are hot!!! Makes me proud to be one.