Sunday, July 23, 2006


Hey everyone!!!
Hope ur weekend is going great!! Mine is going really well although I’ve been feelin’ kinda ill but I still found some energy to go SHOPPING!
Anyway, just wanted to thank everyone for visiting the blog….this is the third week and we are hitting about a thousand unique visitors to the blog per week! Thanks so much! Kisses!
Some people have been asking me to re-upload some songs that I have posted before….I’ll do this today along with some new ones……
Next week is goin’ to be hella exciting so make sure you stop by the blog, don’t forget to tell ur friends about it and bookmark it……Pleaseeeeee leave your comments, I really luv reading them…..that’s what makes it all worth it!
Have a fab week…..Ciao bellezze

Ruff, Rugged & Raw – Wetin Dey – Download this!!! LUV IT!
Tosin Martins – Olo Mi
Djinee – Ego
Dare – Fuji
Dare – Escalade Part 2 – The Remix View Video
Angelica – My Naija Guy
Omotola – Dance
Paul Play Dairo – Angel of My Life
Paul Play Dairo - Forever


Parazone Super Bleach said...

2 words - YOU ROCK!!

Thanks for the music! Planning a friends wedding and needed the song, "Olomi" I found it here!

Onada said...

thanks for the songs!!!!

Sola Baale said...

superb stuff...cheers!

Anonymous said...

Olo mi by Tosin is awesome, it presently rocks most weddings in Europe...Tunde Ojay

Anonymous said...

I am liking that Escalade Song by Dare Alade!

Yetty said...

I looovee readign your blog.. You have another huge fan.. rawk on mami.. Keep doing it jare..


ola said...

pls can u send the olo mi song it soo much and i dnt have it...thnk u

djmtn said...

is there any chamce you can uplaod the songs again plz..
specially the :

wetin day
angel of my life

whaiting for reply as soon as possible thanx alot....