Friday, July 14, 2006

LOVE – Sweet, Saucy, Sour

Forgive me, I am going off topic today; My head is in the clouds right now, I just spoke to my sweetie and it got me thinking bout LOVE……
I was also inspired my Mona’s blog, she’s had this forum running all week and the subject is related to love and relationships…’s a really interesting read. For more details, CLICK HERE
Anyway, back to the love issue, I have discovered that the ultimate love is lovin’ God and lovin' yourself unconditionally….
Once that’s done, u shine!!!!!
Well, here are some naija songs that fit this theme….
They are some of my favourite songs! Make sure u give them a listen and leave some comments bout the songs or maybe bout love – sweet, saucy or sour…..

Paul Play Dairo – Angel of My LifeVideo (The Video is really nice)
Tosin Martins – Olo Mi

2 Shotz Feat BigLo – Delicious

Djinee – Ego (I LOVE THIS SONG)
P Square – Omoge Mi

My first week of work was amazing!
Waking up at 6AM isn’t fun but I have my own office! When my manager showed me around, she was like “here is ur office”….I literally exclaimed “ehhhhh???”……Anyway, life is crazy and unexpected!
Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Love the olo mi song, I have been playing it everyday

Biodun said...

I love the Tosin Martin song, am also feeling Lagbaja's "Never Far away"....congrats on the office space!

Errata said...

I have discovered that the ultimate love is lovin’ God and lovin' yourself unconditionally….
Once that’s done, u SHINE!!!!!

The realest shyt you ever wrote.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving your blog. Helps me deal with my homesickness (I'm in NY, and miss Nigeria like crazy). COuld you possibly get the P Square sond "Bizzy Body". I can't find it anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Hello Bella,

Nice blog. Downloaded a couple of songs. Got ur link thru NaijaRyders. U ought to come around n ask for me.

Nna Bros

undressed*polaroid said...

you got rid of ur mags??? NEVER!!! I only get glamour, Uk vogue and french vogue...(US vogue is crap)....u can always borrow back copies of mine...loll..I might just start a library actually

Bella Naija said...

Thanks to everyone for visiting...

@anonymous, i'll do a psquare post this week and put up the song.... rid of almost was soooo painful...I almost couldnt bring myself to do it...
I get UK Glamour for fashion, US Weekly for gossip, True Love West Africa and Genevieve for naija stuvves, Vibe Vixen & Jewel for the african american things....i am a serious addict!

Mona said...

Thanks for the shout out darl~ xxx