Tuesday, July 18, 2006


A friend of mine who is Nigerian but grew up in the states was asking me about places to go in Lagos. So it got me thinking about fun places to go in Lagos…..Ever since I decided I was too old to go partying in Lagos ……..I have been forced to feed my partying urges but reminiscing about all the fun times out in Lagos…

I know some of u r Lagosians like me and some of you haven’t been back in a while…..so I have decided to fill u in on some of the Lagos hotspots….I cant cover everything today but I’ll try…This list includes restaurants, lounges and just places u can hang out….

Saipan:Lol….my friends will understand the laughter…this is my favourite place in lagos….I have honesty only been there like 6 times but some people (they know themselves) think otherwise….anyways, it’s got a Chinese themed bar/lounge and restaurant ….interior is lovely, crowd is usually pretty decent….just remember to take ur wallet…u r gonna need it

Tanjia:I used to hate this place but they have really stepped their game up….its a Moroccan themed bar/lounge with a restaurant. They have a members only and guest list policy and tend to have quite a number of ‘themed nights’ so there are loads of activities always going down….Really unique interior with a variety of themed rooms……

Terra Kulture :Lovely place…love it…Nigerian themed restaurant, art gallery, multipurpose hall……all round fun place……very classy….have a lovely garden as well….they hold loads of activities and events there……I’m thinking of havin a lil birthday thing there if I am in lagos around my b-day…..dont worry u r invited.

Soul Lounge: New bar/lounge @ the Palms mall…..hot

Bonzai: Japanese restaurant……great interior…really true to the theme…..I luv Japanese food as I’m biased…

Casa del Habano: Also known as La Casa or Cigar Lounge……nice place….better if you take a whole group of friends or wanna host a private party….
Taureanminx shared a recent la casa ‘experience’ on her blog….

Marcopolo: Chinese restaurant……renovated last year I think….great for a lil birthday dinner

Villa Medici: Absolutely stunning interior….its designed ‘venitian style’ with a lil bridge over water inside the restaurant. Its an Italian restaurant….usually pretty quiet so great for a nice romantic dinner or business lunch.
thanks to LagosLive for most of the photos

I’m so sorry that all the places here are in Victoria Island and Ikoyi…….I hear there is this really nice new bar/club in Ikeja called Planet One…..havent been there tho.
So any stories of nights out in Lagos? Which is ur fav lagos hotspot? Any awful experiences?


Nike said...

wow, naija has really stepped up their game o.. im really impressed, havent been back in a while bt looks like imma have to check out some of these hot spots when i go back..!!

Dammie said...

Nigeria is so hott!!!!!!....@ Nike you should, and if you need more insights on where to go in lagos. There is this fab website that tells you everything


Dimples said...

With places like that in Naija...really and truly what am I still doing in Jand???

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Bella Baby,
That was a perfect post.
Well written and well illustrated too.

You can even make a brochure of it for tourism.

God bless.

Onada said...

thanks for keeping us in the loop

Mona said...

nice, nice :o)

i've been to half of them and the rest in my mind (since i'm not in naija in body, i'm three in spirit) heheh

Anonymous said...

Nice one! Where exactly is Bonzai located? Sushi in Lagos? I must!! You don't have Churrasco on there-- Brazilian grill neither do you have Coconut Grove... News Cafe is right next to Soul Lounge at the Palms. Again, nice one--its a much needed post!

Anonymous said...

And what about Volar, thats like the only decent club in Nigeria?!