Monday, August 20, 2007


Hey Everyone!!!!!!!!
I’m back…..Seriously, seriously, seriously…I have so missed u guys…
I don’t know what I would do without my blog darlings…
Anyways, Egypt was absolutely fantastic….I am soooooo glad that I went.
I think you guys should add it to your list of places to visit.
One of my best moments was horseriding around the pyramids at sunset, soooo beautiful. Its just one of those moments I’ll remember forever.
I had such a fabulous time! Although I was there for work, I took an extra day to do all the touristy things like visit the Pyramids during the day etc…
The country is hard to describe but it reminds me a lot of Nigeria…
My hotel was in New-Cairo which is like in the outskirts of Cairo, very serene, clean and generally gorgeous.
Old-Cairo (where the pyramids are) is just something else….the majority of it looks like a slum, very rowdy, dirty etc…
The people were very warm and genuinely friendly…
I was really impressed with the Egyptian women, very beautiful, intelligent and full of attitude….but in a good way…U can tell that they can’t be pushed around! I was very proud really…
The guys were not bad as well…I can describe some of them as ‘beautiful’ LOL….with some luscious lips and stuvves…LOL…ok let me stop!

So I get back to my house on Saturday expecting to see my internet installed and guess what? I still have no freaking internet as home….arhhh…its so so annoying! I am praying that it gets resolved this week ‘cause I’m about to go ballistic.
Anyways, so what have u guys been up to?
What have I missed?

New Cairo - The view from my room

Pyramids at Sunset + During the Day

Deola Sagoe presented a mini-collection at the Positive+ Show during the Cape Town Fashion Week.

Made Magazine is out with their 2nd edition.

I see they are hitting the African GQ stance harder...
They did a profile interview on the Okunoren Twins - The Young Men who are dominating the menswear game in Nigeria. They are rockin' their own designs in the shoot below.

That's it!
Have a fab day...
Back to work for me :(

Friday, August 10, 2007


Hey Everyone!
I know its been a while since I've done Weekend Luv...
Dont worry as soon as I am settled, I am going to be bringing it on bellanaija...
So how was your week? I still havent gotten my internet installed so right now I am doing this somewhere I shouldnt be...shhhhhhhhhh
Anyways, I am going to Egypt this weekend!! I am excited...I think...I hope I get to do some tourist-y stuff as well as my work...
I have been informed that I have 'internet' in my hotel room....hmm....I hope its not the 'Nigerian-type' internet....fingers crossed....

So I was talking to one of my guy friends and he was telling me that he has advised all his sisters to date non-Nigerian guys....he gave all sorts of reasons that I cannot even print and said he and his friends do it all so he knows what he is talking about...

So ladies, have you tried 'Something New'? Would you date/marry a non-Nigerian guy? From other African countries? Caribbean? White? Asian?
Let us know...
Have a great weekend.....See ya in Egypt....ciao!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


The Nigerian Entertainment Awards were a couple of weeks ago and for some reason, I keep forgetting to blog about it. So here goes, for an in-depth account of the event, visit the fab Ladybrille's Blog.

Supermodel Oluchi

L-R: Super Model Oluchi & Former Miss World Agbani Darego.

L-R: Iceberg Slim, Alache, Blak Jesus presenting at the Award.

R&B Recording Artist Tolumide Presenting at the 2007 NEA Awards.

L-R: Julius Agwu, Sammy Okposo and Mike Aremu at the Night Gala event. Julius Agwu won Funniest Comedian of the Year Award and Sammy won the Gospel Artist of the Year. All performed at the event with Julius hosting

Julius Agwu on the Red Carpet with Sammy next to him

Sammy Okposo

L-R: Steve Sugunro, Tosin Ola and Alfred Ali of Atlanta based We3 Entertainment, which was nominated for U.S. Based Entertainment Promoter of the Year.

L-R: Producers Kid Connect & Mic Tunes. Both were nominated for Best International Producers of the Year. Mic Tune won the category.

Bola of Ariya Entertainment. Nominated for U.S. Based Entertainmentt Promoter of the Year.

R&B Recording Artist Tolumide Performing at the 2007 NEA Awards. Tolumide was the 2006 NEA's R&B Female Artist of the Year.

R&B Recording Artist Banky W performing at the 2007 NEA Awards.

CNN Entertainment Reporter Lola Ogunnaike at the Night Gala event.

Thanks to Mimi Mag for the pics!

My new internet connection is being setup this week so I have no internet at home but I shall still try to blog....Hope your week is going very well.
Oluchi, Agbani and Lola look stunning....The dudes look dapper...
Have a fab day...

Monday, August 06, 2007


Big Brother Africa is back!!!!!!!!!!!!
Need I say more?
Hope this is as interesting as the BBA1 and BBN.
The Nigerian housemate is female and her name is Ofunnekama

An interesting fact is that there is going to be ‘shower hour’
‘Shower Hour’ is a BBA ‘tradition’, where they show the housemates when they are taking showers….I am talking about the full monty!
I kind of feel bad for the Nigerian babe ‘cause I suspect that the moral police in Nigeria will eat her for lunch because of shower hour….lets see how it goes….
I will be watching!

Here are the contestants/housemates
Click here for the BBA website
Ofunnekama Molokwu
Video Profile
Q & A
Age: 29
Birthday: August 9
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Jos, Plateau
Height: 1.6m
Occupation: Personal Assistant to Medical Director
Nigerian Big Brother Africa 2 housemate Ofunnekama is a 29-year-old Lagos resident who holds a BSC degree in Chemistry. The straight talking Ofunnekama says that the event that changed her life was the recent end of a relationship which she describes as “an eye opening experience.” She would love to travel to Rome and to visit the Vatican to see the Pope.
Asked to name her best achievement so far, Ofunnekama says that it was when she was named Staff of the Year just six months into her new job. “This showed me that with God by my side, hard work and determination, I am destined for greatness and my colleagues and my boss saw this too.” She’s also very clear about why she entered Big Brother Africa saying that she wanted to participate “for the exposure, to sell my talents to the whole of Africa, and explore opportunities beyond the shores of my country.” A fan of reading, cooking and listening to music (“all at once”), Ofunnekama believes that “the sky is just the beginning”.

AGE: 24
LOCATION: Tanzania
HOMETOWN: Dar es Salaam
DESCRIPTION: A multi- purpose gadget that's funny, flexible and makes a wonderful addition to any home.

GENDER: Female
AGE: 26
OCCUPATION: Actress/model
DESCRIPTION: I am a fun- loving and adventurous person with a sparkling personality, willing to take the lead in any situation.

GENDER: Female
AGE: 23
LOCATION: Gauteng, South Africa
OCCUPATION: Events co-ordinator
DESCRIPTION: Single, out going, fun, curvy Nubian princess, well read and experienced shopper.

GENDER: Female
AGE: 21
HOMETOWN: Windhoek
OCCUPATION: PA/Receptionist
DESCRIPTION: I am a fun- loving, positive person who loves a challenge.

GENDER: Female
AGE: 27
OCCUPATION: Fashion Designer
DESCRIPTION: Tall, slender, chocolate brown skin with a very big smile.

AGE: 26
OCCUPATION: Call Centre Operator DESCRIPTION: Tall, well built, light in complexion, candy eyes.

GENDER: Female
AGE: 28
LOCATION: Zimbabwe
OCCUPATION: Lawyer/ Public Relations and Communication Consultant
DESCRIPTION: Uniquely beautiful with striking dark eyes, In shape and definitely an African woman.

AGE: 31
HOMETOWN: Blantyre
OCCUPATION: Broadcaster/ DJ
DESCRIPTION: Friendly guy with a sense of humour, loves music, poetry who enjoys good food and mingling.

AGE: 23
OCCUPATION: Novelist, mushroom consultant, entreprenuer and marketer
DESCRIPTION: I am a confident, creative individual with a passion for life and sport and a belief that I can achieve anything.

AGE: 23
LOCATION: Botswana
OCCUPATION: Freelance Journalist/Student
DESCRIPTION: I’m cute, beefy and tiny.

AGE: 30
OCCUPATION: Entrepreneur
DESCRIPTION: Evenly well built, average height, handsome and ebony complexion.

Tht's it! Let us know what you think about the housemates...Hot or Not? What do you think of all these reality shows? Waste of time and resources or fun distraction? How about shower hour? Would you do it? Soooo many questions...LOL...Speak your mind...Ciao
Also check out the new post on Nigerian 'celeb' babies HERE

Sunday, August 05, 2007


Hey Everyone!
LOL! All the comments from the previous post were just so funny! I cant believe that I forgot some classics like clogs, bodysuits etc….Love it!
So how was your weekend? Mine was really nice! ~Thanks babes~
I got to meet some bloggers, such a trip….Love it!
So what did you get up to this weekend? Let us know…

There are so many Nigerian designers both at home and in Diaspora and I think that is such a great development.
Just goes to show that we are tres fabulous and very talented.
Buki Peters is a Nigerian jewellery designer as well as a fashion stylist.
She was born in Nigeria and moved to the US when she was 11. She enrolled in New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology in 2002 and has been working in ever since!
Check out Buki’s website – HERE
And a recent interview - HERE
Check out some of Buki’s pieces below

Entertainment Bits:
The ban of Nollywood actress and True Love West Africa covergirl, Ini Edo has been lifted. I don’t really watch Nollywood movies as much as I used to (I confess that I was an addict!) but I actually like Ini Edo despite all her overacting and incessant eye-rolling lol…Glad she’s back.

Here is an interview with Weird MC, she ‘explains’ why she is not married. Why do Nigerian women have to ‘explain’ why they are not married? I don’t even know why these ‘celebs’ bother answering some daft patronizing questions sometimes. I like Weird MC, she’s very individual and seems like she is definitely being herself. To hear her new single, click HERE

Baby News!!!!
Yes, I know some of these people had their babies months ago and I previously blogged about all the Nigerian celeb babies, wanted to do an update with the baby names etc...
All Courtesy of The Tide Newspaper
“Top female actress, Caroline Ekanem is having the time of her life right now as her hubby is spoiling her silly as a result of having a baby boy for him.
The super rich big boy, Musa Danjuma, is the younger brother of board room guru and former Defence Minister, General Theophilus Danjuma.
Ever since Caroline met Musa Danjuma, a director in Southern Petroleum (a crude oil exploring company) her life has changed for the better.
The University of Calabar Diploma holder who used to live with her grandmother in Oke-Ira area of Ogba in Ikeja now leaves in affluence.
The actress, who had a quiet traditional engagement with Musa, a divorcee in Eket Akwa Ibom State last year has moved into her Duplex in Omole Estate, Ikeja, bought for her and the child when she delivered the baby boy for Musa.
The duplex which is said to be tastefully furnished with furniture from Italy has all the trappings of a king’s mansions (really?! LOL). The house gift came shortly after she delivered the baby.
It was gathered that the house has a small art gallery because Musa is a Commissioner of Art. He did not only buy Caroline a house, he also bought her two cars, Honda Accord and Mercedes Benz jeep.
It was also disclosed that very soon, Caroline will return big time to film production, as a studio would soon be put in place for her by her Musa. This would enable her do a lot of television production including documentaries, adverts and editing jobs.
According to a source, Caroline has moved in with her grand mother who helps wth the care of the baby . She also has two female househelps.”
LMAO! I am happy for Caroline’s marriage but Nigerian newspapers made LAWLLLLLLL! What is our business if she has 2 househelps LOL…OMG Only in Nigeria

Ex-Miss Nigeria, Sylvia Edem, who last year April in lagos got married to UK-based Chris Emechete, has joined the club of new mums.
The light skinned ex-queen delivered of her first baby, a girl on the 13th of July 2007 in a London hospital. The baby has since been named Chanelle Ada Emechete, and both mother and child are said to be doing well.

Desmond Elliot: This handsome top Nollywood star is probably the happiest man on earth today as his marriage of many years recently produced a set of twins, both boys.
The boys were named Denzel and Desmond at the dedication ceremony which took place in Ilupeju Bypass Lagos. (Denzel…for real? LOL)

Oge Okoye: This screen diva’s baby dedication came shortly after that of the Desmonds. It was held at St. Leo’s Catholic Church Ikeja, while the party was held at Do It All on Opebi. Her boy’s name is Chibuike. The Threatre Arts graduate of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka is married to Stanley Duru, from Awomama in Imo State. The Holland based international businessman is said to be so generous that he presented Oge with a breath taking Jaguar jeep as a wedding gift (reallly??? lol).
“My lovely husband was so bowled over by my loving, romantic and charming nature that he immediately proposed. I exude the sort of charms that many girls lack and that is why my husband wasted no time in marrying me. Romance was the major weapon I used in clinching my Guy”, Oge disclosed.

Georginia Onuoha: She is one of the Nollywood’s sweetest and most adored actresses. The beautiful lady and her wonderful husband, Dr. Charles Igwegbe dedicated their baby girl, Maryann a week after Oge’s. Their families and friends were hosted at the couple’s magnificient home in Omole.

Chioma Chukwuka-Akpotha: The beautiful down to earth talented actress also had her baby boy in April shortly after that of Georginia. She and the husband also hosted families and friends and looks exceedingy happy and grateful to God.

On the international scene, here are new photos of Kim Porter and Diddy’s twin girls, D’Lilah Star and Jesse James. They are cute but they look nothing like Diddy!

Tht's it for today!
Have a great week!!!
Those of you on holiday.....I hate y'all! LOL
Those of you working, we shall survive!