Monday, February 26, 2007


If there's anything in this world I love it's FASHION, and if there's anything I believe in, It's Charity. When these 2 things come together, I am always overwhelmed with pride and joy.

Here are TWO of the Charity organizations that participated in this phenomenon during XMAS of '06.

AIPA (Against Illiteracy Poverty and AIDS) is non-governmental organization formed by four college students in the United States of America Gozie Coker (Baylor University) , Isioma Coker (Baylor University) & Ify Egbunike (Howard University), Fona Osunloye (Farleigh Dickinson University) driven to make a change in their society.

The first event they had was called FUSION - showcased up and coming fashion designers, musicians, dancers and the current headliner in Nigerian music and comedy. It was targeted at the youth in an attempt to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and to give everyone an opportunity to give back in their own way. FUSION was a great success, they raised over two and a half million naira from just ticket sales, and the money donated a million naira to the Women’s Health, Education and Development Organization (WHED)

Some designers Featured at the show are:

Amaka Osakwe

Motara Thomas

DSPN (Do Sumthing Positive Nigeria) is a non governmental body set out to encourage youths to make positive changes in Nigeria, with a focus on bad roads. It is founded by, Dumebi Agbakoba who was recently featured in Sons and Daughter of Thisday by Chude

DSPN thought it would be nice gesture to host their event at the Friends of the Disabled Charity, Lagos Island, Nigeria bringing Christmas to them because they are not as fortunate as us to have presents. The event featured a noon of fun, dance, drama and top notch entertainment coupled with a fashion show which will showcase the designs of young fashion designers.

DSPN website HERE

Young fashion designers include:

Dakou Collection

Steve Ray

On September 15, 2007 RUNWAY AFRICA is scheduled to hold, it works to highlight and support the creativity and highly marketable lines of African fashion designers while generating greater awareness of Africa’s booming fashion industry in international circles. This year Runway africa supports Keep a child alive

Designers to be featured are:
Blokes 'n' Divas and Ruby for the show Harriet's Alter Ego, bebenoir and some more!!

Featured Model: Angela Asare, the 6”2’ Ghanaian contestant at Miss Universe 2006 and winner of Miss Congeniality.

The Model in the red ribbon dress is Adeola Ariyo, Finalist of Nokia face of africa 2005, She is wearing an AIDS inspired dress by Amaka Osakwe. She is signed to Faith Model Agency to see her portfolio click HERE

So what do you think of this phenomenon, are fashion shows becoming overrated?

I'm also sorry for not being able to do my regular weekend luv, I forgot my charger!...but it'll be back this weekend!!

Much Love



Anonymous said...

I have to say I'm madly proud of my sisters, Fusion was a lot of work and they pulled it off for a good cause. I love it when young people actually do something positive!

Dumebi rocks as well, she is really passionate about her organisation.

Rock on Chicas!!!

Dammie said...

This is too fabulous!!!

Come back homeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Anonymous said...

i'm glad runway africa is sponsoring keep a child alive. that's an org that's close to my heart. methinks i might do something along the lines of a fashion show or host a party for them.

Anonymous said...

loving tha dakou and steve ray collections.....too fab!
and noooooo! fashion shows for a cause can never be over done for as long as they're for a cause.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

The clothes are very chic and very current. Can also be worn and not just for catwalk purpose - Throughly loving the outfits and the cause. Keeps us very aware and reminds us that there are somethings we can do to help. Have a blessed week.

Anonymous said...

the girl under the title pic "steve ray" with white tank top and blue leggings...who is she bella? i saw in with her boyfriend (i tink) at the val's day thingy...and they looked so damn young......who let them outta d house? or does she just have a baby face?

Remi Fagbohun said...

I really do not think that fashion shows are overrated. We see more and more movies, award shows , broadway shows etc all in support of one thing or another.
When done right, they are just as fun.

Welcome back Bella!!

Anonymous said...

Big ups to this young ladies even tho i was kinda skeptical about the whole fashion show for charity purposes...and still am but its a way forward so.......

Confused Naija Girl said...

dittto for what bhookey 84 said. the fusio thing happened last xmas right? saw pictures, i was impressed overall but not to much with amaka osakwe's collection

Anonymous said...

I think it is a great thing these young Nigerians are doing. I was at the Fusion show myself, and it was amazing seeing all that talent showcased, and all for the cause.

@ bhookey... why r u skeptical?

@ confusedgirl..ooohhh... that's a first. can i ask why u did not enjoy the collection. i was very impressed with it.

@ bella... Happy you are back:)

Uzo said...

Had no idea these events happened over the holidays...I rely on you Bella to keep me up to date BEFORE the events...LOL. Anyway, i am very impressed that the young ones seem to be very interesting in driving change. Kudos

zaiprincesa said...

Im impressed!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Big ups to these young gurls.....hope they continue with this good work..

Mimi said...

Hi Bellanaija, just to say good work! I have been reading your blog for quite sometime and i have found it very interesting and informative.
whenever I want to get quick new updates on good ol' naija, its here i come.

Favoured Girl said...

These people are doing a good job! And since it's for good causes, there is no reason why their efforts shouldn't be appreciated and commended. It takes passion, guts and commitment to turn a vision into a reality. Well done Bella for showcasing positive change makers.

suburbannaijamom said...

hey bella, loved ur designer and a muse blog. i know its been a while. would u by any chance have acess to contact info for soem of the designers u featured. particulary i think it was oladuni of o imporium or something like that?

thanks snm

Anonymous said...

yaaaaaaay, my little cousin Fona doing good...doing really good.....

whats your voice if you cant use it??

Unknown said...

Adeola Ariyo is looking good in her portfolio. Im glad she is doing well. I was surprised since i never followed Face of Africa that she was a contender since we went to primary school together. Big things are happening. And for those that laughed at her complexion, height and body frame in school, slap in the face. lol

Anonymous said...

About that Adeola girl, she looks good. I luv to here stories of chics who overcame adversity and are doing big things. I can't believe people knocked her down for her height, color, etc. Nigerian are sooo colonized when it comes to their evaluation of what is beautiful. Have these ignoramuses ever stopped to wonder how only the dark and lovely sistahs are the one cleaning up at the Face of Africa competition. Nuf' said.

SET said...

Thank BellaNaija, I am on your site daily. I am so amazed by the news you get and how we Africans do so much. Keep the news coming