Wednesday, July 05, 2006

MY NAIJA GUY – Introducing Angelica

I just heard this song yesterday and had to blog about it
Angelica is a new Nigerian musician who has been building some buzz recently….
She has a song and video out called “My Naija Guy”.
She basically talks about how naija guys are underappreciated, deserve praise and have to be celebrated…..
I like the song and it promotes a unique sentiment….
Here is a pic of Angelica, I have to say that her weave is ‘interesting’……in fact, this is not just a weave, it’s what u call ‘weave-oooonnnn'
You can see other pics on her WEBPAGE

Click HERE to download Angelica’s “My Naija Guy”
Here is a LINK to a video she did for the song “Na Wetin” with Sir K, Ramsey Noah and Segun Arinze (The song/video is hella funny)
Here is another link to an INTERVIEW that she gave recently
I’ll be buying her album when it gets released…there are so few female naija musicians so gotta support the babe…
Anyways, I am also looking for her song called “Shake Body” Feat BigLo so if anyone has it please send it to Thanks!

What do you think bout the song? Angelica’s weave-oooonnnn? Finally, r “our naija guys” unfairly misrepresented and underappreciated?


Anonymous said...

the hair is a HOT MESS!

Anonymous said...

good shit. good lookin

Kush said...

For sure Naija guys are underappreciated. Much respect to Angelica, I wish her all the best.

Olówó said...

LMAO, bella you are not lying o. Na serious Weaveonnnnnnnn.
I didn't realise she was on "Na Wetin". That song is funny. Styl Plus' "Iya Basira" is in the same vein.
Abeg, everybody is underappreciated, be they men or women. Lemme go and listen to the song and I'll be back to tell you what I think.

BeautyinBaltimore said...

blond hair is not meant for black women.

Olówó said...

Ehen, I've listened to the song...the girl try sha. I would have preferred a diff beat cos it seems like it's been recycled quite a bit. In the verses, the responses reminded me of TLC back in the day.I love how she called out naija guys names.

[signing]My Naija Guyyyyyy, thinking of you blows my min and makes me highhhhhhhhh, Awuolamo[/singing]

I love my Naija guys, none can compare.

Anonymous said...

Catchy tune..Naija Guy..hmmm. felt like was listening to a bit of Carlos Santana there on guitar! The honey blonde wig has to go! Lets leave that to Beyonce. For once, I'd like to see a beautiful Nigerian Singer with braided hair, threading or some serious Ghana weaving! Its nice that we insert pidgin and mention Yoruba names in our songs, but, how about looking the part? Thanks fo sharing the Song!

Anonymous said...

Ur doing a great job with ur blog. I was wonderin if you have heard of the new artist clench. I love his song mase binu. Do u know anyplace where I can get the song? Thanks and keep up the good work.

Bella Naija said...

you can watch the clench video here...

I'll look for the song for u and post it one of these days... cheers

Anonymous said...

I concur ojare, Bella. There isn't enough mainstream female singers in 9ja. I don tire of hearing all these guys rapping razz. I can count d # of females there at da moment making it big. There's Ara, Sasha, Zeal, Stella Damasus otan. And yes dat weave onnnnn has to go to d trash can man. C'mon man. I love dat Angelica song and d video too. Ma boo, Nonso Diobi dey insai dey shake dat booty too.

Anonymous said...

that download link is expired, and i was wondering if you knew how to download it from elsewhere.
naija-indy chick