Monday, July 31, 2006


Adebayo Jones is a London-Based Nigerian designer, his focus is primarily occasion/formal wear and wedding dresses. I like to think of Adebayo as a bespoke dressmaker. His designs are all about clean lines, expert tailoring and precision finishing. I luv his work and admire his resilience as he was one of the pioneering African designers in Europe. This fashion spread is from my fav magazine, True Love West Africa. ENJOY.

Clothes - Adebayo Jones
Model – Felicia Ogunkoya
Hair – Bobby @ Bobby’s Signature
Make-up – Bayo Haastrup @ Ijade Egbin
Photography – Ben Ingoldby @ Exposure Studios
Stylist – Omoyemi Akerele @ Executive Styling & Image Consultants
Location - My mechanic, Oga Basir's workshop....LOL...Just Kidding!

Luv the red dress! I have to say that Yemi Akerele is a fantastic stylist....the location adds an unexpected element to the spread....I also luv the rusty, earthy tones and lights that the photgrapher used.......U know I luv to hear ur opinions! so what do u guys think?


I know y'all luv gist...dont even here is some random gist that I stumbled upon this weekend…..

Diary of a Mistress – Blog by Nigerian lady (Sisi Baby) based in Lagos, supposedly based on her salacious adventures and affair with a married man. I do not believe a word of it! But it’s a fun read.

Cool FM Presenter, Dan Foster and Lagos-based model, Linda Ikeji….Drama

Charmillionaire – Rapper of the popular song ‘Ridin’ is Nigerian?

Do u believe Sisi Baby? Why is Dan Foster trying to be a player? Is Charmillionaire really Nigerian?

Saturday, July 29, 2006


I absolutely luv Amplifyd!!! I heard their song “Shakara” on the radio in naija last xmas and I went ballistic trying to find out who they were…… I know those of u in the states r probably very familiar with them but for those who don’t know, they are B-Eazy (Biola), Myth (Muyiwa), Titi along with DJ TNT and managed by Young-Exec (Bode)……
I like to think of Amplifyd as Nigeria’s Black Eyed Peas…..Their music is fun and eclectic with a strong hip-hop and naija influence….
Here are some promo shots (luv them!!!!) and some of their songs….I really hope that Amplifyd stays on the musical grind…..cause they are fab!

Shakara - Download Audio
Ju Idi (Whisper Song) – Download Audio
Tell Dem – Download Audio
Best Friend – Download Audio
Click HERE are their website and HERE for their myspace page.

Have a great weekend everyone! I shall be sleeping and shopping all weekend! I wish I could do both at the same time but…….lol…….anyway, much luv! Thanks for the birthday luv on Wednesday! Ciao!

Friday, July 28, 2006


Ishioma Onyebo is now the lone Nigerian in the Nokia Face of Africa 2006 competition since Aisha Danjuma was eliminated after the last round. Here are some of her recent pictures …….hmmmmm…….My mum says “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything” so…….my lips are sealed! I'm not hating though.....I have to support our naija sista so ...I hope she wins.......
Here are some pics of the other top 10 finalists.....
For the Face of Africa Website click HERE
The 2006 Nokia Face of Africa will be announced at a glittering Finale, live on M-Net from Sun City on 13 August. The winner of the 2006 competition will receive a 3 year, US$150,000 modelling contract from Elite Model Management New York. All the best to all the girls!!!
Who is ur fav? Do u think Ishioma will win? Is the competition a good idea? Thoughts.....

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Africa’s foremost fashion week, the Nokia Cape Town Fashion Week took place from the 11th to 15th of July in Cape Town, South Africa.Nigerian designers - Deola Sagoe, Folake Folarin-Coker for Tiffany Amber, Teddy Legbedion and Patrick Osaghae for Blokes ‘n' Divas, Ade Bakare and SA-Based, Fred Eboka participated.I’m sooo proud of them….Nigerian designers are really doing it big! Folake, Deola and Ade are actually my fav nigerian designers.....that said, for the first time in a while, to be very honest, I am not tht excited by the collections they showcased…..You can check out the pictures here:


It’s my birthday today!!!!I’m so excited!!!Anyway, everybody have a lovely day……I’m going to work but I’ve got lots of fun stuff planned after that….so it should be fantastic!!!!! Thanks to my friends for the gifts, those who didnt get me anything....I've xed u guys
Birthday wishes to my fellow July babies, Mari and Adunni !!! Happy Birthday girls!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Michelle Dede and Olisa Adibua were presenters of my favourite TV reality show EVER, Big Brother Nigeria. I swear I was addicted to that show, Thank God, I had finished my finals when it started unless I would have simply failed…..Anyway, I think Michelle did a really great job, she seemed very bubbly but humble at the same time…… Some of my friends who know her were telling me that Michelle used to be really wild and crazy back in the day but from her interview, it seems as though she has found herself……good for her……Anyway, here is her interview and photo spread from the official Big Brother Nigeria Magazine. The poses are really cheesy and goofy but I think that’s what they were going for. I know thunder and lightening are going to strike me for this but I think Olisa looks kinda cute here……I need help….lol
I luv that Jewel by Lisa Folawiyo green ankara kimono top...very hot!

Monday, July 24, 2006


Are Nigerian designers imaginative?.............or do they blindly follow and imitate the likes of Chanel, Valentino and Cavalli who have paved the way?
Well, this weekend, I discovered that Nigerian designers indeed have vivid, wild, crazy, creative and innovative imaginations when I read the premiere edition of a brand new Nigerian Fashion Magazine……HauTe
I absolutely luved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It features the best in Nigerian Fashion – Editorials, Interviews and Features from established and up-and-coming designers such as Modivah, Zingara, Dezhare, Vintique and Hadassah……
HauTe is edited by the very luvly, Dammie……
Make sure you check it out when it hits newsstands and vendors soon……
You can check out the HauTe website HERE
If you are a designer, investor or fashionista interested in being featured or advertising, you can email:
Anyway, check out my fav pictures from some of the features….they are all absolutely gorgeous!!!
I am sooooo impressed cause all of the people involved with the mag are young enterprising Nigerians…..LUV IT

I obviously luv it! I am going to be needing that yellow ankara dress......So what do u guys think?

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Hey everyone!!!
Hope ur weekend is going great!! Mine is going really well although I’ve been feelin’ kinda ill but I still found some energy to go SHOPPING!
Anyway, just wanted to thank everyone for visiting the blog….this is the third week and we are hitting about a thousand unique visitors to the blog per week! Thanks so much! Kisses!
Some people have been asking me to re-upload some songs that I have posted before….I’ll do this today along with some new ones……
Next week is goin’ to be hella exciting so make sure you stop by the blog, don’t forget to tell ur friends about it and bookmark it……Pleaseeeeee leave your comments, I really luv reading them…..that’s what makes it all worth it!
Have a fab week…..Ciao bellezze

Ruff, Rugged & Raw – Wetin Dey – Download this!!! LUV IT!
Tosin Martins – Olo Mi
Djinee – Ego
Dare – Fuji
Dare – Escalade Part 2 – The Remix View Video
Angelica – My Naija Guy
Omotola – Dance
Paul Play Dairo – Angel of My Life
Paul Play Dairo - Forever

Friday, July 21, 2006


Last year, Genevieve Magazine hosted the Pink Ball. This event honoured inspiring Nigerian women and raised funds for breast cancer screening equipment.
I know this is old, but it was a really spectacular event that showcased Nigerian fashion and honoured Nigerian women while contributing to a noble cause…..
Anyway, most of u have probably seen this already but for those who haven’t……ENJOY
This was actually my favourite issue of Genevieve ever! Coincidentally, someone hosted a birthday party for Genevieve (the actress) after the event that night…….
What so u guys think?
All clothes in the feature were specially made by Folake Folarin-Coker for Tiffany Amber

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Tinuola Arowolo is a Nigerian model based in NYC…..she had a very successful commercial modelling career for several years and was featured in magazines such as Essence. She also graduated from the prestigious, Stern School of Business @ NYU and worked for Arthur Anderson for a little while.
She launched a music project some years ago and released an album using the name, T-Naija.
The album actually debuted on the Billboard R&B Charts when it was released in 2003.
Anyway, Tinuola is back with an online store called myuniqueshop. Click HERE to visit the site. The site stocks an array of luxury goods but the item building the most buzz is something called the 'Tinu ShoeBag'. This patented shoe-bag has been featured in various fashion mags and some celebrities have been started totting it…
Here are some pics of Tinuola and the 'Tinu ShoeBag'…what do u guys think? The ultimate fashionista fantasy? Or just plain ugly?

I really like Tinuola, I think she is really stunning and she also seems like a really determined and focused person…..but that ‘shoebag’ is not for me……

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


A friend of mine who is Nigerian but grew up in the states was asking me about places to go in Lagos. So it got me thinking about fun places to go in Lagos…..Ever since I decided I was too old to go partying in Lagos ……..I have been forced to feed my partying urges but reminiscing about all the fun times out in Lagos…

I know some of u r Lagosians like me and some of you haven’t been back in a while… I have decided to fill u in on some of the Lagos hotspots….I cant cover everything today but I’ll try…This list includes restaurants, lounges and just places u can hang out….

Saipan:Lol….my friends will understand the laughter…this is my favourite place in lagos….I have honesty only been there like 6 times but some people (they know themselves) think otherwise….anyways, it’s got a Chinese themed bar/lounge and restaurant ….interior is lovely, crowd is usually pretty decent….just remember to take ur wallet…u r gonna need it

Tanjia:I used to hate this place but they have really stepped their game up….its a Moroccan themed bar/lounge with a restaurant. They have a members only and guest list policy and tend to have quite a number of ‘themed nights’ so there are loads of activities always going down….Really unique interior with a variety of themed rooms……

Terra Kulture :Lovely place…love it…Nigerian themed restaurant, art gallery, multipurpose hall……all round fun place……very classy….have a lovely garden as well….they hold loads of activities and events there……I’m thinking of havin a lil birthday thing there if I am in lagos around my b-day…..dont worry u r invited.

Soul Lounge: New bar/lounge @ the Palms mall…

Bonzai: Japanese restaurant……great interior…really true to the theme…..I luv Japanese food as I’m biased…

Casa del Habano: Also known as La Casa or Cigar Lounge……nice place….better if you take a whole group of friends or wanna host a private party….
Taureanminx shared a recent la casa ‘experience’ on her blog….

Marcopolo: Chinese restaurant……renovated last year I think….great for a lil birthday dinner

Villa Medici: Absolutely stunning interior….its designed ‘venitian style’ with a lil bridge over water inside the restaurant. Its an Italian restaurant….usually pretty quiet so great for a nice romantic dinner or business lunch.
thanks to LagosLive for most of the photos

I’m so sorry that all the places here are in Victoria Island and Ikoyi…….I hear there is this really nice new bar/club in Ikeja called Planet One…..havent been there tho.
So any stories of nights out in Lagos? Which is ur fav lagos hotspot? Any awful experiences?